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Ever heard the expression bigger than Texas? It applies here. You could fit Texas into Western Australia (WA) and still have room for New Zealand. East-coast Australians who have visited speak of the west with a kind of reverence. They tell of wondrous weather and white wine. And surfing (the waves and the menu).

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Perth is a vibrant and modern city nestled between the Indian Ocean and the ancient Darling Ranges. It claims to be the sunniest state capital in Australia, though more striking is its isolation from the rest of the country - Perth is over 2,750 miles (4,400km) from Sydney by road. The recent resources boom has seen Perth blossom into a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city with bars, restaurants, cultural activities and myriad things to do …

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Although a mere pinprick on the colossal north Western Australian coast, Broome looms large in the Australian psyche. Broome is synonymous with exotic, tropical beaches and the outdoors. Western Australia's isolation has served it well in the case of the north's largest town, helping to preserve Broome's frontier feel despite a well-developed local tourist industry …

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Destination  Australia

Travelers in Western Australia can find themselves traversing infinite roads through forest, mulga scrub or desert. They can explore the kind of red, sweeping outback that Australia is so famous for  where all that glitters was once gold.


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Western Australia is Australia's largest state in area, covering the western third of the mainland, and is bordered by South Australia and the Northern Territory. The capital city, Perth, is the most isolated city of over one million people in the world, being more than 2,000 km from Adelaide.

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