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Salzburg is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the setting for parts of the musical and film The Sound of Music, which features famous landmarks in Austria, but focuses mainly on Salzburg. Salzburg is on the banks of the Salzach river, at the northern boundary of the Alps.

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» Alter Markt

Alter Markt Salzburg

Salzburg’s Old Market Square (or Alter Markt) dates way back to 1280. The medieval buildings have long since gone, replaced by grand Baroque townhouses that line the square. Take a seat at an outdoor cafe, or pick up some handmade chocolate Mozartkugeln balls at Fürst chocolatiers. You’ll want to take a photo of one of the buildings lining the square at number 10a; you might miss it as it’s the smallest house in Salzburg …

» Austrian Lake District

Austrian Lake District

Affectionately known as the Austrian Lake District, Salzkammergut is one of Austria's premiere holiday destinations, featuring crystal clear lakes, picturesque hillsides, and quaint yet fantastic villages. Those travelers with a penchant for athleticism best utilize these majestic grounds—with seemingly endless opportunities at every turn—including mountain biking or hiking on one of many trails, swimming, skiing, the list doesn't end …

» Baroque Museum

Baroque Museum (Salzburger Barockmuseum)

Set in the lovely Orangery of Mirabell Palace, Salzburg’s Baroque Museum hosts an unusual and rare collection of sketches by legendary artists of the Baroque era. The only museum to focus solely on preliminary artworks, the collection includes drawings and studies by Rubens, Tiepolo, Guardi and Fragonard. The sketches provide insights into the artists’ creative processes, and a rare glimpse into the birth of a work of art …

» Berchtesgaden & Eagle's Nest

Berchtesgaden & Eagle's Nest, Salzburg

Journey through the fairytale scenery of the Bavarian Alps and explore Berchtesgaden, Hitler's mountain retreat and Eagle's Nest, the southern headquarters of the Nazi party. Located on top of Mt Kehlstein, the lodge has some of Germany's most amazing views of the snow-capped Alps mountain range. See the hunting castle Hellbrunn, and the Konigsee River Valley along the way to Obersalzberg where a brass elevator ascends to Eagle's Nest …

» Eisriesenwelt

Eisriesenwelt  Salzburg

The world’s largest ice caves wend 19 miles (30 km) under the Tennengebirge Mountains in the Salzach district of the Austrian Alps; they were discovered in 1879 and a mystical subterranean underworld was unveiled to the world. Pick a clear, sunny day as your visit to Eisriesenwelt starts with a spectacular twisting drive up through the scenic Salzach Valley, followed by a 20-minute uphill hike and then a breath-taking cable-car ride over sheer mountainsides …

» Festung Hohensalzburg

Festung Hohensalzburg Salzburg

Perched on its craggy mountain lookout, Salzburg’s famous castle, Festung Hohensalzburg, dominates the city and its Old Town. Surrounded by walls and dotted with towers and battlements, Festung Hohensalzburg is one of the largest and best preserved castles in Europe. The fortified castle was built in 1077, from its lofty position protecting Salzburg, with cracking views of the surrounding countryside …

» Getreidegasse

Getreidegasse Salzburg

Lose yourself in medieval-era Salzburg on a stroll through Getreidegasse. The atmospheric laneway is lined with upmarket boutiques and shops. Getreidegasse is as historic as it is pretty. Harking back to Roman days, the thoroughfare has always been the city’s high street, connecting Salzburg to Bavaria. The street is lined with beautiful medieval and Baroque buildings, built by rich merchants over the centuries. It was in one of these buildings that Mozart was born in 1756 …

» Hellbrunn Castle

Hellbrunn Castle (Schloss Hellbrun)

Fun fountains and Baroque style are the attraction at Hellbrunn Castle, or Schloss Hellbrun, on Salzburg’s doorstep. The palace was built in 1619 as a summer residence for Salzburg’s Archbishop, and the gardens are filled with ingenious landscaping, featuring trick waterworks. Visit on a warm day when you don’t mind getting wet! Highlights of the water park include the outdoor dining table with jets of water shooting from diners’ seats, a water-operated theater, Gothic grottoes, splendid statues and colonnaded promenades …

» Hohenwerfen Fortress

Hohenwerfen Fortress

The 900-year-old Hohenwerfen Fortress squats 510 ft (155 m) up on a rocky hilltop, surrounded by swathes of pine trees and the harsh peaks of the Tennengebirge Mountains. From its lofty position the castle dominates the village of Werfen in the Salzach Valley region of the Austrian Alps. Accessed by either steep climb or funicular from the car parks, Hohenwerfen Fortress has its beginnings in the 11th century; it was built in tandem with the Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg …

» Konigssee (King’s Lake)

Konigssee (King’s Lake)

The Königssee Valley lies in the Bavarian Alps and its lake forms part of the Berchtesgaden National Park. At five miles (7.5 km) long and just 1.5 miles (1.7 km) wide wide, the serene, crystal-clear waters of the lake are the deepest in Germany. Königssee is encircled by lush Alpine valleys and snow-capped mountains – the highest of these is Mount Watzmann, which towers over the lake at 5,900 ft (1,800 m). The picture-perfect Alpine village of Schönau am Königssee sits at the head of the lake and in summer hundreds of day trippers pour in daily …

» Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Mirabell Palace and Gardens (Mirabellschloss und garten)

Mirabell Palace is a fine example of high Baroque architecture, surrounded by formal gardens, statues, flower beds and grand walkways. The palace was built and remodeled in the 18th and early 19th centuries, and today it houses the city’s administrative offices. Decorated with marble angels, frescoes and gilt, the palace’s Marble Hall makes a pretty grand backdrop for civic meetings and regular evening concerts of Mozart …

» Mozart Gerburtshaus (Mozart's Birthplace)

Mozart Gerburtshaus (Mozart's Birthplace) Salzburg

Two museums in Salzburg celebrate the life of genius composer and child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born in the city on January 27, 1756, he grew up in two different houses before turning his back on the city in preference for the bright lights of Vienna and beyond. Both are now museums. The Mozart Geburtshaus (Mozart’s Birthplace) is located on Getreidegasse, the smartest street in Salzburg’s enticing Aldstadt. The massive townhouse itself dates from the 12th century …

» Mozartplatz

Mozartplatz Salzburg

Salzburg is immensely proud of its most famous son, and Mozartplatz is just one of the city’s many tributes. The square, with its elegant statue of a youthful Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, dates back to 1842 and was partly funded by Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria, who was a big fan. One of Salzburg’s most famous squares, it is a popular spot for a photo stop and a stroll …

» Salzburg Cathedral (Dom)

Salzburg Cathedral (Dom)

Salzburg’s Cathedral, or Dom, is a restrained exercise in classic Italian Baroque, topped with green bronze domes. Mozart was baptized here, and the building was completed in 1628. Highlights include the light-filled atrium and dome, the crypt with its Romanesque foundations and tombs, and the statues of angels surrounding the altar. The Cathedral Museum tells the history of the Cathedral’s construction and artworks …

» Salzburg Museum

Salzburg Museum

Located in the gloriously ornate Neue Residenz in Mozartplatz, the Salzburg Museum opened in 2007 to great acclaim and won European Museum of the Year two years later. It serves as an informative and educational museum of art and history, scanning aspects of the development of Salzburg as a city. A museum of several parts housed in fine marble apartments, it features temporary art exhibitions, highlights the lives of prominent Salzburg movers and shakers …

» Salzburg Old Town (Aldstadt)

Salzburg Old Town (Aldstadt)

Lovely Salzburg’s enchanting medieval heart lies along the southern bank of the Salzach River; the Aldstadt is an enclave of winding cobbled alleyways, airy piazzas and many fine Baroque churches. The wealth of Salzburg originated in the 14th century when it became an independent principality ruled by powerful prince-bishops, and thanks to its glorious architecture it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 …

» Salzburg Salt Mines (Salzkammergut)

Salzburg Salt Mines (Salzkammergut)

Escape Salzberg through the Alpenstrasse for an authentic mining experience in the Alps! Put on traditional mining clothing and descend into the grottos to experience this magical underground world. You will also get the chance to take a raft sail across the famous salt lake and explore Berchtesgaden on your return trip …

» Salzburg Zoo

Salzburg Zoo

Allow at least three hours to explore Salzburg Zoo, opened in 1962 in a dramatic setting adjacent to the Schloss Hellbrunn estate. While not the biggest zoo in Europe, there’s still a lot to pack in: rare white rhinos, hippos and sleek antelopes in the African Savannah enclosure; great scavenging birds of prey, pink flamingos, brown bears, lynx kittens and mischievous monkeys. There are more than 1,200 animals at the zoo, consisting of some 140 species …

» Schloss Leopoldskron

Schloss Leopoldskron Salzburg

A short stroll from the historic center of Salzburg, the lakeside palace of Schloss Leopoldskron is one of Austria’s most acclaimed works of architecture, built in 1736 by the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg, Leopold Anton Freiherr von Firmian. The masterwork of architect Pater Bernhard Stuart, the Rococo-style palace is renowned for its elaborate stucco works, the handiwork of Johann Kleber, and a series of striking interior paintings, including Andreas Rensi’s Four Seasons …

» St. Peter's Abbey (Stift Sankt Peter)

St. Peter's Abbey (Stift Sankt Peter)

In the heart of Salzburg’s Old Town, St. Peter’s Abbey is known for its cemetery and ancient lineage, dating back to the 800s. The Benedictine monastery’s abbey church has a Romanesque structure and lavish rococo interior. The abbey library is a treasure trove of musical manuscripts, and the abbey also houses a prized collection of artworks, musical instruments and treasures. In the abbey cemetery lie the tombs of Mozart’s beloved sister and the brother of Haydn …


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Grandiose Salzburg's Altstadt (old town), on the south bank of the river, is a Baroque fiesta of churches, plazas, courtyards and fountains, oozing the waves of charm that you would expect from this Mozart mecca. Museums, houses, squares, chocolate bars and liqueurs are all part of one giant homage to Wolfgang. Salzburg was built on mining, of both gold and salt, although salt (the so-called white gold) has always been more important. Salz is German for salt and Salzburg literally means 'Fortress of Salt'. …

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Salzburg is dubbed the 'Rome of the North' because of its many churches. It is a compact town easy to get around on foot. Salzburg is packed with attractions: churches, mansions, museums. The old city offers all of those on a small surface. Its water gardens seen in The Sound of Music are great fun …

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