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Wiltshire is a county in South West England on the English Channel coast. The county is characterised by its high downland and wide valleys. Salisbury Plain is famous as the location of Stonehenge and other ancient landmarks. The city of Salisbury is notable for its cathedral.

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• Salisbury

Salisbury Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Salisbury is a key centre of the art community, with many galleries situated in the city centre. Famous artists such as Bill Toop are locals in the area, and renowned impressionists such as John Constable and Monet have travelled from afar to paint the divine cathedral and the grounds …

• Amesbury

Amesbury Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Amesbury is a town eight miles north of Salisbury. Stonehenge is in the parish of Amesbury. In the Arthurian legend: the convent to which Guinevere retired was said to have been the one at Amesbury. The present village was founded in 979 …

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» Bradford on Avon

Bradford on Avon Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Bradford on Avon is a town in west Wiltshire, England. It is the smallest of the five towns in West Wiltshire. The town's canal, historic buildings, shops, pubs and restaurants make it popular with tourists. The history of the town can be traced back to Roman origins …

» Calne

Calne Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Calne is a town in Wiltshire, situated at the northwestern extremity of the North Wessex Downs, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The town lies on the River Marden, the Wilts & Berks Canal and the A4 road 19 miles east of Bath …

» Castle Combe

Castle Combe Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Castle Combe is a small village in Wiltshire. It is renowned for its attractiveness and tranquillity, and for fine buildings including the medieval church. The fourteenth century Market Cross, erected when the privilege to hold a weekly market in Castle Combe was granted …

» Chippenham

Chippenham Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Chippenham is a market town in Wiltshire, England, some 21 km (13 miles) east of Bath and 163 km (96 miles) west of London. The town was established on a crossing of the River Avon and is believed to have existed as some form of settlement since before Roman times …

» Corsham

Corsham Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Corsham is a small medieval town in northwest Wiltshire, at the southwestern extreme of the Cotswolds, between Bath and Chippenham. Corsham was a centre for the wool industry, and a source for quarrying Bath stone. It includes numerous historic buildings …

» Cricklade

Cricklade Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Cricklade is a small town in north Wiltshire in England, on the River Thames, situated midway between Swindon and Cirencester. There is a large clock, known as the Jubilee clock, which was erected in 1898 in honour of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee the preceding yea …

» Malmesbury

Malmesbury Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Malmesbury is a south Cotswold town and civil parish in south west England in the county of Wiltshire. The town is close to Cirencester, Chippenham and Swindon and surrounded by rivers on three sides. Malmesbury is a hilltop town, shaped by the geography carved by two rivers …

» Marlborough

Marlborough Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Marlborough is a market town on the Old Bath Road, the old main road from London to Bath. The first sign of human habitation is the pre-historic mound in the grounds of Marlborough College. Legend has it that the Mound is the burial site of Merlin …

» Melksham

Melksham Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Melksham is a medium-sized English town, lying on the River Avon. The town of Melksham developed at a ford across the River Avon and the name is presumed to derive from MEOLC, the Old English for milk and from HAM, a village. It was a royal estate at the time of the Norman Conquest …

» Swindon

Swindon Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Swindon is a town in Wiltshire, approximately midway between Bristol and Reading and some 81 miles west of London, all on the main rail line using Swindon station. It was a designated 'Expanded' Town under the Town Development Act 1952, which led to a vast increase in the population …

» Trowbridge

Trowbridge Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Trowbridge is situated on the River Biss in the west of the county, about ten miles south east of Bath. The name of the town comes from a root meaning Tree Bridge, referring to the first bridge over the River Biss. Neighbouring towns and villages include Bradford on Avon, Westbury, Melksham …

» Warminster

Warminster Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Warminster is a town in western Wiltshire near Frome and Westbury. The River Were runs through the town and can be seen running through the middle of the town park. The Minster Church of St Denys sits on the River Were. The name Warminster first occurs in the early 10th century …

» Wootton Bassett

Wootton Bassett Hotels, Wiltshire, England

Wootton Bassett is a small market town located in northern Wiltshire. The year 681AD is usually taken as the starting point for recorded history of Wootton Bassett, then known as Wodeton, it being referred to in that year in a Malmesbury Abbey charter granting land to the Abbot …

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Wiltshire Hotels, England

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Wiltshire Hotels & Accommodation

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One of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries, people have speculated about Stonehenge for centuries, wondering who built it, why, and how. The circle of massive standing stones in the middle of a green field is about 3500 years old, and will perhaps forever remain enshrouded in mystery, making it an even more intriguing place to visit …

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Salisbury is a "city within the country" in the county of Wiltshire. It is most famous for its cathedral - which has the highest spire in all of England - and its proximity to Stonehenge. The Salisbury Cathedral houses an original display of the Magna Carta …

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Some places just have a special feeling and Avebury is one of them. A Neolithic site of three stone circles dating from 2600 BC, Avebury has the largest stone circle in Europe. Avebury is a henge, which means a bank or ditch with stone circles within this ring …

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The Cotswolds is an area of south central England known as much for its rural landscapes as it is for its stone home and villages. Characterized by the historic limestone towns in the area, the Cotswolds was designated an "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty" in 1966 …

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