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  • London Tours, Travel & Activities

    London Tours & Activities

    London has a variety of attractions to offer for your magical journey. Some of the best ways to discover London are from the top of an open-topped doubledecker bus, or cruising the Thames

    From London on a day trip you can visit magical Stonehenge, York, Oxford, the Cotswolds, Liverpool, Leeds Castle, the Lake District, Salisbury, Paris, Brussels and more.

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  • London Hotels & Accommodation

    London Hotels & B&B's

    London is the capital of England, and the largest city in all of Europe. Home to the British monarchs for a thousand years, and center of British government and business, it is an exciting contemporary city full of museums, galleries, shops and entertainment.

    Find the perfect place to stay in London - exactly where you want to be.

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  • Discover London:  A-Z

    Discover London: A-Z

    With the rise of England to first European, then global prominence, London became a great centre of government, industry and culture.

    London's long association with the theatre, for example, can be traced back to the English Renaissance (witness the Rose Theatre and Shakespeare's Globe and great playwrights, like Shakespeare, who made London their home).

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