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Northeast France includes the regions of Alsace, Lorraine, Champagne, Nord Pas-de-Calais and Picardy. Open flat plains are surrounded by the beautiful mountains and forests of the Ardennes. Famous for it's fine wines, the region also offers some of the finest Gothic cathedrals in France.

• Most Popular in Northeast France

» Strasbourg

Strasbourg Hotels, Northeast France

Strasbourg, near Germany, half way between Paris and Prague, is often called the cross-roads of Europe. Waterways with enchanting bridges encircle the old town, and you can take a scenic tour by barge. Be sure to visit the famous cathedrale Notre-Dame and the mills of scenic Petit France …

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» Lille

Lille Hotels, Northeast France

Lille is a city in northern France on the Deule River, and the center of a triangle connecting Paris, London, and Brussels. In 1983, the VAL, the world's first automated subway, was opened. In 1993, a high-speed TGV train line was opened, connecting Paris with Lille in one hour …

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» Reims

Reims Hotels, Northeast France

The City of Coronations in the champagne region of France, Reims is known for some of the finest grandes marques champagnes. Reims is also famous for the magnificent cathedral which has served as the venue for the coronation of every King of France since the 11th century …

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» Colmar

Colmar Hotels, Northeast France

The city of Colmar is 40 miles south-southnortheast of Strasbourg, on the Lauch River. It is connected to the Rhine River by a canal. The town of Colmar was founded in the 9th century. Colmar was granted the status of a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire in 1226 …

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• Regions of Northeast France

» Alsace

Alsace Hotels, Northeast France

Alsace is one of the regions of France, located on the eastern border of France, on the northeast bank of the Upper Rhine, adjacent to Germany and Switzerland. Its capital and largest city is Strasbourg. Alsace, previously a part of the Holy Roman Empire, changed hands between France and Germany several timess …

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» Champagne-Ardenne

Champagne-Ardenne Hotels, Northeast France

Champagne-Ardenne is one of the regions of France. Champagne-Ardenne is in the northeast of France, bordering Belgium. It consists of four departments: Aube, Ardennes, Haute-Marne, and Marne. Its rivers, all of which flow west, include the Seine, the Marne, and the Aisne. Famous for the bubbly…

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» Lorraine

Lorraine Hotels, Northeast France

Lorraine (German: Lothringen) is one of the regions of France. Its two main cities are Metz (administrative capital) and Nancy (historical capital). The region's name is derived from the medieval Lotharingia. Lorraine is the only French region to have borders with three other countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany …

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» Nord-Pas de Calais

Nord-Pas de Calais Hotels, Northeast France

Nord-Pas de Calais is one of the regions of France. It consists of the departments of Nord and Pas-de-Calais, in the north and has a border with Belgium. The region was once part of the Southern Netherlands, within the Low Countries, and permanently became a part of France in 1713 …

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» Picardy

Picardy Hotels, Northeast France

The region of Picardy or Picardie has a strong and proud cultural identity. The Picard cultural heritage includes some of the most extraordinary Gothic churches, distinctive local cuisine, beer and traditional games and sports, such as the longue paume (ancestor of tennis), as well as danses picardes and its own bagpipes, called the pipasso …

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Lively, forward-looking Lille in Northeast France may be France's most underrated major city. Long an industrial centre, Lille's recent history shows how a grimy metropolis, its economy based on declining technologies, can transform itself into a glittering and self-confident cultural hub …


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Having been early and always densely populated, Alsace is famous for its picturesque villages, churches and castles. Visitors often go to Champagne because of its history and its world-famous wine. However, their itineraries diverge when they discover the region's cultural heritage and its cuisine …


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