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The French Riviera coastline was one of the first modern resort areas. It began as a winter health resort for the British upper class at the end of the 18th century. With the arrival of the railway in the mid-19th century, it became the playground and vacation spot of British, Russian, and other aristocrats, such as Queen Victoria and King Edward VII, when he was Prince of Wales.

Discover the magical French Riviera

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Popular Destinations: CannesNice

» Antibes


Sixteenth-century ramparts and winding cobbled streets on the French Riviera-welcome to Antibes! A Mediterranean city with quite the history, Antibes was originally known as Antipolis, founded by the Ancient Greeks in 5 B.C. Then came the Romans, who renamed the city Antiboul and erected a theater big enough for 10,000 people. Barbarians and disrepair came next, until the area's famous ramparts were ordered by Louis XIV, safeguarding Antibes from raiders and pirates who trawled the Mediterranean Sea …

» Cannes Cruise Port

Cannes Cruise Port

Cruise ships dock in the bay and tenders take you to Le Vieux Port (the Old Port) from where you turn right and it is an easy walk to the main promenade along the beachfront and into town, or you can catch a taxi. The train station is also an easy walk. Local buses along the coast are also a good option for day trips as many destinations are reached for only 1 euro. Cannes is a lovely place to spend the day if you like to stroll the beachfront promenade, shop or eat in lovely surroundings …

» Castellane


Known by locals as the Gateway to Verdon Gorge, Castellane is home to four mountain passes and a popular that make it the ideal destination for hikers and wanderers looking to explore scenic trails and take in picturesque views. The steep trek to Chapelle Notre Dame du Roc, which rises more than 900 meters above the Verdon, is one of Castellane's most popular stops and one of the area's most incredible overlooks …

» Château Font du Broc

Château Font du Broc

Built on the Var heights between Esterel and the Gulf of St Tropez, the Château Font du Broc is set amid lush vegetation overlooking the sea. The grounds of this impressive wine farm are sprawled out over 250 acres that encompass vineyards and olive trees - and even an Olympic-sized arena for horses. Producing both wine and olive oil, the owner of Château Font du Broc, Sylvain Massa, insists on organic and traditional farming methods …

» Château St Martin

Château St Martin

Château St Martin is a former 12th-century Knights Templar fortress on the French Riviera that is now a prestigious five-star guest property. This historic building sits amid acres of natural beauty and affords its guests some spectacular views across the Côte d'Azur. The château itself blends perfectly with its environment, with red and green vines clinging to the walls for most of the year. The building was restored by the contemporary architect, Luc Svetchine, and decorated by the property's owner, Maja Oetker …

» Cours Saleya Flower Market

Cours Saleya Flower Market

Only one street back from the seafront, Cours Saleya is a mainly-pedestrianized street/square which hosts a daily market. It is split between its famous flower market selling bucketfuls of blooms in the western half, and a magnificent food market at the eastern end, with long trestle tables displaying exotic spices, shiny fruit and veg, pastries, fruits glacés (glazed or candied fruits such as figs, ginger, tangerine and pears) and more. On Mondays from 6am to 6pm, Cours Saleya also hosts an antiques market …

» Eze


The tiny village of Eze is one of the jewels of the south of France which is probably why it is chosen as a holiday spot by royalty, the rich and the famous. Perched on a rocky hill above the sea, it could not get any prettier. With narrow cobblestone, pedestrian-only streets, wonderful views of the surrounding hills and the azure water below, it is just as it was centuries ago. One of the most famous inhabitants was Frederic Nietzsche who, in the 1880s, used to walk up and down a hill path to the sea thinking up his philosophy …

» Film Festival Palace (Palais des Festivals)

Film Festival Palace (Palais des Festivals)

The Film Festival Palace, or Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, was built in 1982 and houses year-round events in Cannes, most notably, the Cannes Film Festival. The prestigious film festival attracts movie stars and the media from around the world. The festival is one of the most prestigious international film events and overtakes the Cannes luxury establishments for two dizzying weeks in May. The famed palais provides 25,000 square meters for exhibitions as well as many rooms and 18 auditoriums equipped with state of the art sound and lighting …

» Fort du Mont Alban

Fort du Mont Alban

For visitors to Nice, a stroll up to the top of Castle Hill offers extraordinary views of the city from the Old Town straight on to the airport. And with such beautiful weather being the norm, getting a bird's eye view of the Cote d'Azur can be addictive! For those who want to see even more from up high, Fort du Mont Alban is a must. Built in the mid-1500s for military defense, Fort du Mont Alban is located close to Nice in Mont Boron Park, just outside of Col-de-Villefranche …

» Fragonard


Fragonard, one of the most well-known perfume factories, is named after an 18th-century French painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard. The rustic factory, dating back to 1782, is located in the heart of Old Town. A guide will show you the various processes and equipment used to make and package fragrance products. After the tour, you can explore the charming museum, which displays vintage perfume bottles and vases and highlights the acclaimed 3000 year old parfumerie industry …

» Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

For every visitor who rolls their eyes at the newest addition to the Promenade des Anglais, there is an equal number of visitors-and locals - who are thrilled at the recent arrival of a Hard Rock Cafe in Nice. Its exterior blends in quite nicely with the facades along this famous strip, and its location ensures that it will be around for the long haul. Unlike many American-style restaurants in France, this is the real deal; there are no French concessions to the American palate …

» Hotel Negresco

Hotel Negresco

While a stay at the Hotel Negresco might break most budgets, it's rightly a historic landmark and one of the most visited sites in the city. It also provides a unique look into the true Old Nice. With doormen in period-correct uniforms and its interior lovingly maintained or restored to its original grandeur, entering Hotel Negresco is like stepping back in time. The Belle Époque style is simply breathtaking, even if to some modern standards it seems a bit gaudy …

» Ile Saint-Marguerite

Ile Saint-Marguerite

The largest of the Lérins islands located 1 km (2/3 of a mile) from Cannes, the Ile de Sainte-Marguerite is abounding with eucalyptus and pines. The island is most famous for allegedly holding the mysterious Man in the Iron Mask captive during the 17th century. During the summer months, a vast amount of boats stay in the shallow, safeguarded "Plateau du Milieu" between the islands where there is more area for water sports. The village of Sainte-Marguerite is comprised of about twenty buildings …

» International Museum of Perfume

International Museum of Perfume

Grasse is said to be the center for luxury fragrance in France, and subsequently has many attractions that are perfume-related. The International Perfume Museum extensively covers the famous French perfume industry. Exhibitions retrace the history of perfumes, soap and cosmetics for thousands of years. The International Perfume Museum is situated in the former Hugues-Aîné perfumery built in the 19th century and was recently reopened in 2008 after refurbishment …

» L'Occitane Factory

L'Occitane Factory

High among the lavender hills between Avignon and Nice, the L'Occitane Factory is open for popular one-hour guided tours. The site is located near the Provence hamlet of Manosque, and as you go through the factory, you'll get to see production line rooms and learn how L'Occitane harvests and distills its organic ingredients from the area: lavender, olives, rosemary and almonds are all used in the creams and perfumes that make the brand famous worldwide …

» La Croisette Boulevard

La Croisette Boulevard

La Croisette Boulevard, or Boulevard de la Croisette, is the heart of Cannes, with luxury hotels, designer shops, and glittering nightlife spots lining the way along the curving coast. On the other side of the boulevard reside Cannes famous sandy beaches. It extends completely along the spectacular Cannes coastline. The boulevard overlooks the impressive harbor which is home to extravagant yachts and a pirate ship built for a film …

» Le Chateau (Castel Hill)

Le Chateau (Castel Hill)

Le Chateau, the shaded hill and park at the eastern end of Quai des États-Unis, is named after a 12th-century château that was razed by Louis XIV in a fit of pique in 1706 and never rebuilt. There are some ruins but not really a chateau to speak of. In the one remaining tower, the 16th century Tour Bellanda, is the Musée Naval. The cemetery where Garibaldi is buried covers the northwest of the park. …

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The French Riviera is a legend in its own time. Renoirs, Matisses and Picassos in and around Nice, Cannes and St-Tropez lure tourists by the millions - as does Grace Kelly's Monaco, the chestnut-studded Massif des Maures, the rocky-red Estérel and Alpine foothills that plummet precipitously into the Med east of Nice …

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