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Discover the magic of Mainland Greece in comfort and style! Whether you have a day to discover Athens, or a week to tour the Peleponnese, guided mainland tours have a lot to offer. Don't skip the mainland, this will be your favourite part of the trip! Visit the ancient sites of Delphi, Olympia, Thessaloniki, Meteora and more.

Mainland Greece Tours, Travel & Activities

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• Athens

Athens Tours, Travel & Activities

Athens thrums to a twanging bouzouki soundtrack, its dining tables laid with some of the richest dishes, tastiest salads and loveliest wines in the Mediterranean. The most historically significant attractions of the Greek capital are largely confined to the compact Plaka, but as you can see from the mount at the Acropolis, the modern-day city sprawls far from its antique center like a concrete wave …

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• Peloponnese

Peloponnese Tours, Travel & Activities

The Peloponnese has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Its modern name derives from ancient Greek mythology, specifically the legend of the hero Pelops, who was said to have conquered the entire region. The Mycenaean civilization dominated the Peloponnese in the Bronze Age from its stronghold at Mycenae in the north-east of the peninsula. In 776 BC, the first Olympic Games were held at Olympia, and this date is sometimes used to denote the beginning of the classical period of Greek antiquity …

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• Macedonia

Macedonia Tours, Travel & Activities

Macedonia lies at the crossroads of human development between the Aegean and the Balkans. The earliest signs of human habitation date back to the palaeolithic period, notably with the Petralona cave in which was found the oldest European humanoid, Archanthropus europaeus petraloniensis. According to Herodotus, the history of Macedonia began with the Makednoi tribe, among the first to use the name, migrating to the region from Histiaeotis in the south …

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» Delphi

Delphi Tours, Travel & Activities

After the Acropolis, Delphi is the most popular archaeological site in Greece. Located 180 kilometers from Athens, a trip to Delphi is listed in just about every tour itinerary and is by far the most popular day trip out of Athens. Delphi has a special meaning, and in ancient times was considered the center of the known world, the place where heaven and earth met …

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• Halkidiki

Halkidiki Tours, Travel & Activities

If you want to see something different and also enrich your knowledge, this cave tour will excite you, as it is of anthropological and paleontological interest. In 1960, during the exploration works, the most important finding was the cranium of a primitive man, unique in Greece, which is now at the University of Thessaloniki. He lived about 200,000 years ago, belongs to a transitional form, between Homo Erectus (the Standing Man) and Homo Sapiens (the Wise Man) …

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» Meteora

Meteora Tours, Travel & Activities

The word Meteora means literally 'hovering in the air' and of course brings to mind the word meteor. What created this rare geological phenomenon is one of the mysteries of nature. But as amazing a marvel of nature as these giant rocks are the buildings on the top of these are a marvel of man and seem just as miraculous …

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» Olympia

Olympia Tours, Travel & Activities

Olympia, a sanctuary of ancient Greece in Elis, is known for having been the site of the Olympic Games in classical times, comparable in importance to the Pythian Games held in Delphi. The Olympic Games date back possibly further than 776 BC. In 394 emperor Theodosius I abolished them because of fears of paganism …

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» Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Tours, Travel & Activities

Thessaloniki is Greece's second major economic, industrial, commercial and political centre, and a major transportation hub for the rest of southeastern Europe; its commercial port is also of great importance for Greece and the southeastern European hinterland. The city is renowned for its festivals, events and vibrant cultural life in general, and is considered to be Greece's cultural capital …

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Destination Mainland Greece

The Aegean Sea lies to the east of Mainland Greece, the Ionian Sea to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Greece is home to the first advanced civilizations in Europe and is considered the birthplace of Western civilization …

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Many say that Mainland Greece is the real heart and soul of the country. Sure, the islands are beautiful and a must-see, but don't skip the mainland. Travel back in time to ancient civilizations that form the roots of the western world. Visit the home of the myths and the site of archaeological wonders …

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