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Verona has been awarded world heritage site status by UNESCO because of its urban structure and architecture: Verona is a splendid example of city that developed progressively and seamlessly in a two thousand year span, binding artistic elements of very high quality from the various historical periods.

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» Castelvecchio Museum

Castelvecchio Museum , Verona

What do you do with an historic castle that has been half destroyed during centuries of wars and retaliations? It's a question often faced in Italy and they've dealt with it superbly at Castelvecchio, where the old and the new come together in elegant respect. Built in the 14th century by the Scaliger clan who ruled Verona in the Middle Ages, Castelvecchio was a seriously paranoid, moated fortress designed to keep out the people …

» Duomo di Verona

Duomo di Verona, Verona

The 12th century cathedral was built on top of a pre-existing medieval church which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1117. The facade is Romanesque with Gothic elements. Inside, the church continued to be added to and renovated over many centuries; the interior is largely decorated with Renaissance paintings, and a 16th century bell tower was left unfinished. The lighting system dates from 2002! …

» Fontana di Piazza delle Erbe

Fontana di Piazza delle Erbe , Verona

Verona's Piazza delle Erbe was once a Roman marketplace and continues its trading function with stalls of fruit, vegetables and herbs (hence the name), tourist souvenirs and lots of cafes. In the middle of all this hustle is Verona's oldest and best known fountain, Fontana di Madonna Verona. A female figure dating from Roman times rises from the water, holding a scroll bearing the crest of the city of Verona …

» Juliet's House (Casa di Giulietta)

Juliet's House (Casa di Giulietta) , Verona

The power of storytelling should never be underestimated. Every year hundreds of thousands of us trek to Verona to see the balcony where Juliet stood while Romeo declared his love. None of us care that it's very possible that Romeo and Juliet were only figments of Shakespeare's imagination. This is the most powerful love story in western culture and we all want to live a little part of its dream - though not its tragic ending. Inside the house is a small museum and in the courtyard is a bronze sculpture of Juliet …

» Piazza dei Signori

Piazza dei Signori, Verona

The civic and political heart of Verona is the Piazza dei Signori where the former city hall, the Loggia del Consiglio, still graces the square. Next door, the city's most powerful family, the Scaligeri, built their palazzo - not that they were trying to intimidate the councilors at all. It may after all have just been a matter of convenience, as the Scaligeri most often held the title of Lord of Verona and got to sit in the big chair anyway …

» Roman Arena

Roman Arena , Verona

There's nothing quite like sitting where you know others have sat and watched performances for two thousand years. The lovely pink marble Roman amphitheatre built in 1AD still proudly dominates the piazza in the middle of Verona, and people still travel from miles around to witness a spectacle; these days it's opera rather than sports, games and gladiatorial battles. The third largest amphitheatre in Italy, Arena di Verona could once seat 30,000, these days its capacity is 15,000 …

» Roman Theater and Archeological Museum

Roman Theater and Archeological Museum , Verona

Not satisfied with having a Roman amphitheater, Verona also has a Roman theater which is even older, dating from 1AD. Beautifully situated next to the River Adige, the seating rises to a height of 60 meters above the stage. The theater was discovered in the 19th century by a businessman who bought the land to develop, but decided he was more interested in finding Roman ruins. He was amply rewarded …

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Located in Northern Italy's Veneto province, 'fair Verona' is known as piccola Roma (little Rome) for its importance in imperial days. The 13th and 14th centuries were noted for the savage family feuding of which Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet …

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Verona is a city in north-eastern Italy's Veneto region. Most famous as the setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Though close to the more popular tourist destination of Venice, many people consider Verona a more relaxed and pleasant place to visit. There are many tourists, but the amount is lower …

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