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Umbria is one of the 20 Regions of Italy. The capital is Perugia. Umbria is located in Central Italy, bordered by Tuscany to the west, the Marche to the east and Lazio to the south. This region is mostly hilly or mountainous …

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» Assisi

Assisi Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Assisi is a picturesque town, which will overwhelm your senses with its many churches, art galleries, archaeological finds, frescoes, castles, piazzas, and scenic views. The town is the home Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and founder of the Franciscan order …

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» Perugia

Perugia Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Perugia is a city in the region of Umbria in central Italy, near the Tiber river, and the capital of the province of Perugia. Perugia gave its nickname to the famous painter Perugino (Pietro Vannucci), who lived and worked there. Another famous painter, Pinturicchio, lived in Perugia …

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» Spoleto

Spoleto Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Spoleto is an ancient town in the Italian province of Perugia in east central Umbria, at 385 meters above sea-level on a foothill of the Apennines. It is 20 km south of Trevi and 29 km north of Terni. The first historical mention of Spoleto is the notice of the foundation of a colony there in 241 BC …

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» Orvieto

Orvieto Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Orvieto is home to Etruscan ruins, an acropolis and the remnants of a wall that enclosed the city more than 2000 years ago. At the foot of the butte, surrounded by peach and apple trees and a vineyard, is the Etruscan necropolis of Crocefisso di Tufo. The white wine of the Orvieto district is highly prized …

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» Bastia Umbra

Bastia Umbra Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Bastia Umbra is a comune in the Province of Perugia in the Italian region Umbria, located about 15 km southeast of Perugia. The municipality of Bastia Umbra contains the frazioni (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Bastiola, Cipresso, Costano, and Ospedalicchio …

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» Castiglione del Lago

Castiglione del Lago Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Castiglione del Lago is a town in the Province of Perugia of Umbria (central Italy), on the southwest corner of Lake Trasimeno. Castiglione del Lago has evolved on what used to be an island - the fourth island of Lake Trasimeno, in its south west region. Over the centuries, as the town grew, the flat gap between the island and the shore was filled …

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» Citta della Pieve

Citta della Pieve Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Citta della Pieve is in the Province of Perugia in the region Umbria, 50 km southeast of Perugia. Etruscan tombs have been found in the neighbourhood, but it is not certain that the present town stands on an ancient site. It was the birthplace of the painters Pietro Vannucci (Perugino), see several of his works, and Niccolo Circignani …

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» Citta di Castello

Citta della Pieve Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Citta di Castello is a town in the province of Perugia, in the northern part of Umbria. It is situated on a slope of the Apennines, on the upper part of the flood plain of the nearby river Tiber. The town may have been Etruscan; the Romans knew it as Tifernum Tiberinum. Pliny the Younger built a magnificent villa nearby …

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» Foligno

Foligno Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Foligno is an ancient town of Italy in the province of Perugia in east central Umbria, on the Topino river where it leaves the Apennines and enters the wide plain of the Clitunno river system. It is located 40 km south-east of Perugia, 10 km north-north-west of Trevi and 6 km south of Spello …

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» Gubbio

Gubbio Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Gubbio is a town in the far northeastern part of Umbria. It is located on the first slope of Mt. Ingino, a small mountain of the Apennines. The city's origins are very ancient: as Ikuvium, it was an important town of the ancient Umbrian people in pre-Roman times. Many houses in Gubbio date to the 14th and 15th centuries …

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» Magione

Magione Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Magione is located about 15 km west of Perugia. The municipality of Magione contains the frazioni (mainly villages and hamlets) Agello, Antria, Borgogiglione, Caligiana, Collesanto, Montecolognola, Monte del Lago, Montemelino, Montesperello, San Feliciano, San Savino, Sant'Arcangelo, Torricella, Villa, and Soccorso …

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» Narni

Narni Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Narni (in Latin, Narnia) is an ancient hilltown and comune of Umbria, in central Italy, with just over 20,000 inhabitants. At an altitude of 240 m (787 ft), it overhangs a narrow gorge of the Nera River in the province of Terni. It is very close to the Geographic center of Italy. There is a stone on the exact spot with a sign in multiple languages …

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» Norcia

Norcia Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Norcia is a town and comune in the province of Perugia (Italy) in southeastern Umbria, located in a wide plain abutting the Monti Sibillini, a subrange of the Apennines with some of its highest peaks, near the Sordo River, a small stream that eventually flows into the Nera. The town is thus popularly associated with the Valnerina (the valley of that river)s …

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» Passignano sul Trasimeno

Passignano sul Trasimeno Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Passignano sul Trasimeno is a comune in the Province of Perugia in the Italian region Umbria, located about 20 km northwest of Perugia. The municipality of Passignano sul Trasimeno contains the frazioni (mainly villages and hamlets) Castel Rigone, Col Piccione, Oliveto, Pischiello, San Donato, San Vito, and Trecine …

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» Spello

Spello Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Spello (in Antiquity: Hispellum) is an ancient town and comune of Italy, in the province of Perugia in east central Umbria, on the lower southern flank of Mt. Subasio. It is 6 km (4 mi) NNW of Foligno and 10 km (6 mi) SSE of Assisi. The old walled town lies on a regularly NW-SE sloping ridge that eventually meets the plain …

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» Todi

Todi Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Almost all Todi's main medieval monuments - the co-cathedral church (Duomo), the Palazzo del Capitano, the Palazzo del Priore and the Palazzo del Popolo - front on the main square on the lower breast of the hill: the piazza is thus one of the most picturesque in Italy and is often used as a movie set …

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» Trevi

Trevi Hotels, Umbria, Italy

Trevi, an ancient town in the province of Perugia in east central Umbria. Most of the town, densely inhabited and of decidedly medieval aspect, lies on sharply sloping terrain, only the very center being more or less flat. It commands one of the best views in Umbria, extending over 50 km in most westerly directions …

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Umbria Hotels, Italy

If you are looking for a particular property or location in Umbria, or prefer to search for your accommodation by category, amenities, traveller ratings and reviews, or location to the towns and attractions on the map (and check out the Google earth options for a really great view), then please click here …

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Magical Umbria

Magical Journeys to Italy

The region of Umbria is named for the Umbri tribe, who settled in the region in protohistoric times (6th century BC): 672 BC is the legendary date of foundation of the town of Terni (Interamna). Their language was Umbrian, a relative of Latin and Oscan. In the early days of Italian history, Umbria may be taken as having extended over the greater part of northern and central Italy …


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