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Italy is well-known for its art and culture. It has many famous works of architecture, among them the leaning tower of Pisa and the Roman Colosseum. It is renown for its food, wine, lifestyle, elegance, automobiles, and generally speaking, taste.

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• Rome

Rome Tours, Travel & Activities

Rome has earned its ancient nickname of The Eternal City - no matter how many places in Italy vie for our attention, there's no city that can compare to Rome. Here you can walk the same streets that Caesar once walked, set foot in the smallest independent nation on earth, and see the handiwork of some of the world's greatest artists. Then you can turn a corner to see how modern Romans live alongside all that historic splendor …

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• Venice

Venice Tours, Travel & Activities

When a city has been written about for centuries, like Venice has, it can seem like there's nothing new to say or read about it. No amount of reading about Venice, however, can adequately prepare you for what it's like to step from the train station or cruise port and straight into a postcard …

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• Florence

Florence Tours, Travel & Activities

In the romantic region of Tuscany lies the jewel city of the Renaissance, Florence. The art galleries and museums of Florence are renowned throughout the world and holiday makers flock to admire the superb David of Michaelangelo, the Venus of Botticelli or the stunning Duomo with its marble facade which glows in the golden sunlight …

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• Milan

Milan Tours, Travel & Activities

Milan0 is the country's economic engine room, home to Italy's stock market and business centres. This stylish city is also the world's design capital and rivals Paris as a leading fashion centre. Milan is all about worldly pleasures and getting around with good Milan tips and suggestions is key. Shopping is of almost religious significance. Theatre and cinema flourish in this fashionable milieu, as does a hopping club scene and a slew of tempting restaurants …

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Regions of Italy Rome & LazioSouthern ItalyCentral ItalyNorthern Italy

» Southern Italy Tours, Travel & Activities

Southern Italy Tours, Travel & Activities

The regions of Southern Italy were exposed to some different historical influences than the rest of the peninsula, starting most notably with Greek colonization. Greek influence in the South was dominant until Latinization was completed by the time of the Roman Principate. Greek influences returned by the late Roman Empire …

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» Central Italy Tours, Travel & Activities

Central Italy Tours, Travel & Activities

Central Italy includes the regions of Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, and Umbria. The towns and villages of Central Italy offer a wonderful variety of art treasures and none more so than magical Florence. Be sure also to visit the trasures of Siena, Lucca and Pisa and the beautiful mountain resort towns …

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» Northern Italy Tours, Travel & Activities

Northern Italy Tours, Travel & Activities

By far the larger portion of Northern Italy is occupied by the basin of the Po river, which comprises the whole of the broad plain extending from the foot of the Apennines to that of the Alps, together with the valleys and slopes on both sides of it. Modern skiing resorts and medieval castles can be found in the majestic Dolomites to the north …

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• All Italy

ALL Italy Tours, Travel & Activities

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Destination Northern Italy

Europe's Renaissance period began in Italy during the 14th and 15th centuries and exerted a tremendous and lasting influence on the subsequent development of Western culture, in the literature, painting, sculpture, and architecture contributed by giants such as Filippo Brunelleschi, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Botticelli, Fra Angelico, and Michelangelo …

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Magical Journeys to Italy

Italy has some of the world's most ancient tourist resorts, dating back to the time of the Roman Republic, when destinations such as Pompeii, Naples, Capri, popular with the rich of Roman society. Today almost every inch of Italy offers something delightful to explore …

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