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The recorded history of the Netherlands starts with the Roman invasion halfway the first century A.D. but it had its heydays in the 17th century when it disputed hegemony of the Seven Seas with the English and the Spanish empires. New York, parts of Brazil, a series of forts along the African Coast and the Colonies in Indonesia formed part of the vast Dutch Empire.

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» Frans Hals Museum

Frans Hals Museum

The Frans Hals Museum is known for its collection of paintings by the Dutch Golden Age masters. Nearly all the pieces date back to the 16th and 17th centuries, when Haarlem was known as the 'City of Painters,' and as you make your way round the museum exhibits you'll see works by the likes of Ruisdael, Jan Steen, Saenredam, Van Goyen, Heda, and of course, Frans Hals. Fifteen of Hals' enormous civic guard pieces are showcased here and are a highlight of any visit …

» Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience

A visit to the old Heineken brewery is paramount to brew-worshipers and beer lovers. You will learn the history of the Heineken family, find out how the logo has evolved, and follow the brewing process from water all the way through to bottling. Along the way you can watch Heineken commercials from around the world, join a Heineken bottle on its life's journey and drive a virtual dray horse. Inside the brewery are fermentation tanks, each capable of holding a million glassfuls of Heineken …

» Hermitage Amsterdam

Hermitage Amsterdam

Transformed from a complex for the elderly to a department of Saint Petersburg's famous Hermitage Museum in 2009, a visit to the Hermitage Amsterdam starts with marveling its the impressive exterior. The sprawling Amstelhof building, designed by architect Hans Van Petersom, dates back to the 17th-century and stretches 105m along the Amstel riverfront, featuring a central courtyard garden shaded by chestnut trees. Hermitage Amsterdam is now one of the largest museums in the country …

» Het Grachtenhuis

Het Grachtenhuis

Amsterdam's picturesque ring of canals is one of the city's most iconic sights and after the famous waterways achieved UNESCO World Heritage status back in 2010, a new museum sprung up to celebrate their rich history. The Het Grachtenhuis, or the Canal House, opened its doors in 2011 and features a series of exhibitions devoted to the history of Amsterdam's 17th-century canals and the city development project behind them. The self-guided tours utilize audio guides and a series of interactive installations …

» House of Bols

House of Bols

The House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience is on Museumplein and has won awards for its innovative, contemporary design. At just a stone's throw from the three great art museums of Van Gogh, Stedelijk and Rijksmuseum, it is an homage to two of Amsterdam's oldest alcoholic drinks: Bols was the world's first distilled spirit, produced in Amsterdam in 1575 by Lucas Bols, while genever is the Dutch equivalent of today's gin and was drunk instead of water in the 17th century, as it was believed to hold medicinal properties …

» Jewish Historical Museum

Jewish Historical Museum

Amsterdam is justly proud of its long-standing reputation for tolerance and with Ashkenazi Jews finding refuge in its borders throughout the 17th century, Jewish traditions have played an important part in the city's heritage. To honor this, the award-winning Joods Historisch Museum (Jewish Historical Museum) opened in the 1930s, and despite being shut down during the Nazi occupation of WWII, reopened in 1955. Its present location sprawls throughout the 17th-century buildings of 4 Ashkenazi synagogues on Jonas Daniël Meijerplein; as impressive outside as it is inside …

» Jordaan


Conveniently located right in central Amsterdam, Jordaan is one of the city's most important, and most interesting districts. Never short of things to do, it is the location of the famous Anne Frank house, where renowned holocaust victim Anne Frank hid from the Nazis during WWII. Currently, the district is bustling with life, with tons of opportunities to visit one of its many specialty shops, soak in Dutch culture at an art gallery, or try some of the local delicacies at its street markets …

» Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Gardens

Covering some 79 acres (32 hectares), the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens is the world's largest flower garden. Come springtime, the meandering, wooded gardens are visited by some 800,000 flower-lovers, who come to soak up the blaze of color that envelops the park, its greenhouses, brooks and shady ponds and winding paths. It's truly a memorable sight. At Keukenhof Tulip Gardens, nature's talents are combined with artificial precision to create a wonder of landscaping, where millions of tulips …

» Leiden Square (Leidseplein)

Leiden Square (Leidseplein)

One of Amsterdam's most famous central squares, the busy Leidseplein, or Leiden Square, claims a prime location to the South of the city's canal ring and opposite the popular Vondelpark. Once serving as a 17th-century transport stand for horse-drawn carriages, the square remains a vibrant center point, alive with street entertainers and freestyle jazz performers. Here, costumed acrobats and break-dancers amuse punters at the square's many cafés, shops and restaurants …

» Louwman Museum

Louwman Museum

It's all about cars at the Louwman Museum in The Hague. Made possible by two generations of the Louwman family, the collection of more than two hundred antique and classic vehicles has been called one of the finest collections in the world. Covering the evolution of the automobile, car lovers and history buffs will both find something to love. From horse and wagon to luxury cars, the collection shows how cars have changed with time, including everything from antiques to hybrids to Formula 1 racing cars …

» Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Madame Tussauds is an international attraction beloved of youngsters for its lifelike waxwork models; when the very first Madame Tussauds opened in London in 1835, it featured a gruesome chamber of horrors. Today the displays have moved on and the Amsterdam outpost exhibits a topical band of waxwork images of royalty, B-list celebs, rock gods, movie stars, sporting heroes and historical figures with a degree of accuracy lacking in some of the earlier models …

» Madurodam


Madurodam, since it was developed about 60 years, ago is one of Holland's most popular travel destinations. Famously a mini-city on a 1:25 scale, this thoughtful and amusing destination highlights all the qualities of the Dutch culture, including the perfectly ornamented bridges, canals, windmills, and major landmarks from all around Holland. If you were ever thinking how one might be able to see an entire country in one day, this is it. The kids will have just as much fun as you are …

» Magere Brug

Magere Brug

Magere Brug is a bridge in Amsterdam that crosses the Amstel River. Its name translates as 'skinny bridge' and comes from the original bridge that was so skinny, it was difficult for two people to pass each other while walking across it at the same time. Legend also has it that the bridge was built by the Mager sisters to make it easier to visit each other since they lived on opposite sides of the river. Though it is still called the Skinny Bridge, today it is no longer so skinny …

» Marken


Few places are as unashamedly picturesque as the village of Marken and its location - a peninsular stretching onto the IJsselmeer Lake - is often found plastered on souvenir postcards. The quintessentially Dutch village has become a key tourist destination, with tour groups flocking to catch a glimpse of the unique island culture. Here, the vistas are undeniably quaint: painted wooden houses line the waterfront; colorful fishing boats jostle for space around the dock and the glistening lake waters reflect every detail …

» Museon


Den Haag's hyper-modern science museum opened in its current incarnation in 1985, adjacent to the Gemeentemuseum in a sleek, modern, two-story building of soft-colored stone. With the goal of being both educational and fun, Museon is a very hands-on affair, with plenty of buttons to press, smells to sniff and movies to watch in the permanent exhibition, which deals with the development of life on earth. While not enormous, there is plenty in there to distract curious youngsters for a couple of hours …

» Museumplein


Amsterdam's museum quarter - or Museumplein - is home to the three most important and revered museums in Amsterdam - the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, and the Van Gogh Museum. The surrounding area also features some exclusive shopping, the largest city park in Amsterdam (the Vondelpark), along with a whole host of other attractions. The Museumplein is a place that attracts Amsterdam's visitors and locals in equal measure - where international art-lovers mingle with local children playing football on the grass …

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