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The recorded history of the Netherlands starts with the Roman invasion halfway the first century A.D. but it had its heydays in the 17th century when it disputed hegemony of the Seven Seas with the English and the Spanish empires. New York, parts of Brazil, a series of forts along the African Coast and the Colonies in Indonesia formed part of the vast Dutch Empire.

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» Theater Amsterdam

Theater Amsterdam

The Theater Amsterdam is new to the city, located in Westelijke Houthavens; a gloriously contemporary glass building overlooking the waterfront, it was designed with encompass several bars and restaurants and has excellent green credentials. It has hit the headlines with a new play based on the diaries of one of Amsterdam's most famous daughters. Showcasing the two years Anne Frank and her Jewish family spent incarcerated in the secret annex behind their house on Prinsengracht in World War II, the play ANNE has taken Amsterdam by storm …

» The Hague City Hall

The Hague City Hall

The Hague City Hall This more modern landmark is known by a number of names. The Town Hall of The Hague is a white building with a large glass atrium. Due to its white appearance, locals nicknamed it the Ice Palace. In comparison to the numerous historical buildings in The Hague, finished in the mid-90s, it's a fairly new addition to the landscape. It was designed by American Richard Meier. The large Atrium hosts events and exhibitions throughout the year …

» The Hague Museum of Photography

The Hague Museum of Photography

The Hague Museum of Photography is part of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and since it is located right next door, a trip to both is especially easy for visitors. Half a dozen exhibitions are organized every year at The Hague Museum of Photography, so what you'll see depends on when you go. Exhibitions vary from well-known to unknown photographers and cover a wide range of time, categories and history …

» Tropenmuseum


Since opening its doors back in 1864, the Tropenmuseum, or 'Museum of the Tropics', has amassed 175,000 objects from Dutch colonies around the world, making it one of the largest museums in Amsterdam. Split into eight sizable permanent exhibitions, the items showcase the daily life and possessions of Dutch overseas residents and provide a fascinating glimpse into the diverse cultures and traditions of inhabitants around the globe. Each exhibit focuses on a different geographical region …

» Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum

Art lovers and van Gogh fans must reward themselves with a visit to the Van Gogh Museum, one of Amsterdam's must-sees. The museum consists of about 200 paintings and 500 drawings by Vincent and his friends and contemporaries (Gauguin, Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec and Bernard), as well as many of the artist's personal effects. Famous works on display include The Potato Eaters (1885), The Yellow House in Arles (1888) and The Bedroom (1888). One of his last paintings, Wheatfield with Crows (1890), is an ominous work finished shortly before his suicide …

» Volendam


Volendam is possibly the most famous fishing village in the Netherlands. The main attractions in Volendam - besides the beautiful traditional scenery - are the wooden houses and the traditional dress of the local woman (the tall, white pointed bonnet, recognizable from countless postcards and paintings) …

» Vondelpark


A visit to the old Heineken brewery is paramount to brew-worshipers and beer lovers. You will learn the history of the Heineken family, find out how the logo has evolved, and follow the brewing process from water all the way through to bottling. Along the way you can watch Heineken commercials from around the world, join a Heineken bottle on its life's journey and drive a virtual dray horse. Inside the brewery are fermentation tanks, each capable of holding a million glassfuls of Heineken …

» West Church (Westerkerk)

West Church (Westerkerk)

Built on the banks of Prinsengracht Canal in the 17th century, Amsterdam's Westerkerk is famous for three things: sky-high views of Amsterdam from the top of its spire, Rembrandt's grave, and Anne Frank's ties to the church. Designed by star architect Hendrick de Keyser in the Dutch Renaissance style, the Protestant church's spire reaches 85 meters, making it the highest structure in Amsterdam's old city. From the viewing platform halfway up the tower, you'll get panoramic views right across town …

» Willet-Holthuysen Museum

Willet-Holthuysen Museum

Located in a terrace of sprawling 17th-century mansions along Herengracht in Amsterdam's UNESCO-listed Canal Ring, the Willet-Holthuysen Museum forms the elegant backdrop to a wonderful collection of fine paintings, antique furnishings and decorative pieces. Owned in the 19th century by the wealthy Willet family of avid art collectors, the house and its contents were later donated to the city. Today it forms the best example of 19th-century style and decoration in the city …

» Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans

Ever wondered what life was like in 17th and 18th century Netherlands? The Zaanse Schans, 15km north of Amsterdam, is the kind of museum that shows rather than tells and it's the perfect place to immerse yourself in all things traditionally Dutch. The conserved area is still inhabited, but set up like an open-air museum where visitors can wander the village, explore the preserved buildings and watch local craftsmen at work. Green wooden houses, a historic shipyard, traditional grocery store and a pewter factory are among the village's visitor attractions but the Zaanse Schans is most famous for its windmills …

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