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Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since 1437 and is the seat of the Scottish Parliament. The city was one of the major centres of the enlightenment, led by the University of Edinburgh, gaining the nickname Athens of the North. The Old Town and New Town districts of Edinburgh were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. There are over 4,500 listed buildings within its limits.

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» Old Town

Old Town, Edinburgh

The historic heart of Edinburgh and home to many of the city's most popular tourist attractions, the atmospheric Old Town became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995. Watched over by the striking Edinburgh Castle, the Old Town is most famous for the central boulevard which runs between the hilltop castle and the Royal Palace of Holyrood, four sequential streets known as the Royal Mile. The main starting point for walking tours of the city, the Royal Mile is teeming with landmark buildings and iconic sights …

» Preston Mill and Phantassie Doocot

Preston Mill and Phantassie Doocot, Edinburgh

One of Edinburgh's most picturesque, yet little visited historic sites, the 18th-century Preston Mill and neighboring Phantassie Doocot have received a surprising boost in tourism recently thanks to their appearance in hit TV show Outlander. The 16th-century mill stands on the banks of the River Tyne and features a Dutch-style conical roof that fans will recognize from Outlander's 1940s scenes. A working water mill up until 1959, Preston Mill is now open only for tourists, but visitors can still watch the water-wheel and grain milling machinery …

» Princes Street

Princes Street , Edinburgh

Gracious Princes Street, with its epic length, gardens, stellar shopping, and knockout views, is the central vein of Edinburgh and one of Europe's great thoroughfares. It's also at the center of the city's world-famous Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) celebrations, which revolve around a massive street party. If you're newly arrived in Edinburgh, a stroll along it is one of the finest ways to orient yourself. Why Princes Street? Because it's named after two of them …

» Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel , Glasgow

Just outside the village of Roslin near Edinburgh, Rosslyn Chapel was made world famous by Dan Brown's best-selling 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code, but it has been appreciated for its intricate stone carvings since long before then. Built in the mid-15th century by the Orkney earl William Sinclair, many of the designs are supposedly connected to Freemasonry and the Knights Templar, and as a result Rosslyn Chapel has been the subject of many myths and legends …

» Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh is one of the most stunning - and one of the oldest - botanic gardens on earth. It was originally planted as a medicinal garden near Holyrood Palace in 1670 (only Oxford's gardens predate it in the British Isles). It fetched up in its present location, about a mile out of the city, in the 19th century. Today the Royal Botanic Garden spreads over 70 acres with splendid views of the city. It has the largest collection of wild-origin Chinese plants outside of China …

» Royal Mile

Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Bookended by Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile (it's actually slightly longer than a mile) is the grand center of Edinburgh's Old Town. The Royal Mile is dominated by granite, giving it a dark, Gothic feel, and lined with majestic buildings - banks, churches, courthouses. It was first modeled in the 12th century, when it was called Via Regis (the Way of the King). It's not many thoroughfares that can claim to follow a path carved out by a glacier! …

» Royal Scottish Academy

Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

Located on the cusp of Edinburgh's New Town, the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) is run by the Scottish National Galleries and is linked to the neighboring National Gallery of Scotland via an underground mall. Primarily used to host large-scale temporary exhibitions, the RSA is the country's largest space devoted to contemporary Scottish art and is dedicated to breaking new talent as well as supporting the country's long-standing art scene …

» Royal Yacht Britannia

Royal Yacht Britannia, Edinburgh

The Royal Yacht Britannia hit the seas in 1953, and took the British royal family around the world from then until 1997, when she was decommissioned. She's the 83rd royal yacht - the first belonged to Charles II in the 1600s. Few yachts can boast such an illustrious career as the Royal Yacht Britannia, having sailed over a million miles and transported the British Royal Family on hundreds of official visits. Since retiring from service, the luxurious vessel has been permanently docked in Edinburgh's historic Leith port …

» Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art One

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Two (Dean Gallery)  Edinburgh

So expansive is the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art's collection of modern and contemporary art, that it takes over two enormous buildings - somewhat unimaginatively named 'Modern One' and 'Modern Two' - separated by a vast stretch of landscaped parkland. The striking façade of Modern One is characterized by its twinkling 'Everything's Going to be Alright' banner, the work of artist Martin Creed, and fronted by a giant stepped landform and water feature by Charles Jencks …

» Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Two (Dean Gallery)

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Two (Dean Gallery)  Edinburgh

The second installment in the duo of Scottish National Galleries of Modern Art, the aptly named Modern Two was known as the Dean Gallery until 1999 when it became home to the National collection of Dada and Surrealist art. From Modern One, it's a short stroll through the neighboring parklands towards Modern Two, with the route paved with striking sculptures by artists like Ian Hamilton Finlay, Henry Moore, Rachel Whiteread and Barbara Hepworth …

» Scott Monument

Scott Monument, Edinburgh

An imposing gothic tower dedicated to celebrated Scottish poet Sir Walter Scott, the awe-inspiring Scott Monument dominates the skyline of Edinburgh's New Town. Designed by George Meikle Kemp, who triumphed in a national architectural competition, the monument was constructed between 1840 and 1844, and towers 200 feet above the principal shopping district of Princes Street. Beneath the central arch of the monument, a raised platform holds a statue of Sir Walter Scott …

» St Columba's Bay

St Columba's Bay, Edinburgh

St. Columba's Bay, on the island of Iona off the coast of Scotland, is a beach of colorful stones that have been polished by the tide. It is known for its scenery and tranquility, with grassy knolls to relax on beside the water. Iona is a spiritual hub for Scotland as it was the center of early Christianity in the country. Saint Columba is said to have first set foot on Iona landing on this bay in 563 AD, setting up his monastery thereafter. The bay is on a remote area of the island and it can take a bit of a trek to reach it, but the views and calm nature of the area are worth it …

» St. Giles Cathedral

St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

With its famous crown spire towering over the Royal Mile in Edinburgh's Old Town and a history stretching over 1,000 years, St Giles Cathedral is one of the city's most acclaimed religious buildings. Founded in the 1120s, the Cathedral has a long and illustrious history at the center of Scottish Catholic worship. From being ransacked and burned by English troops under King Richard II to hosting John Knox's famous Reformation sermon in 1559, St Giles has seen it all …

» Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle

In a country of castles, Stirling Castle may just be the ultimate royal stronghold. In fact, it was once rumored to be the home of King Arthur and his knights. Like Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle dominates the surroundings, looming over it from a plug of volcanic rock. This impressive pile has seen it all, from a sacking by Robert the Bruce to the coronation of the infant Mary Queen of Scots to the premiere of the movie Braveheart in 1993. The castle has been involved in some famous battles …

» The Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament

Located at the end of Edinburgh's famous Royal Mile, the striking Scottish Parliament building stands its ground among some of the Old Town's most dynamic architecture, with the grand Holyrood Palace, the elegant Queen's Gallery and the fantastical Dynamic Earth all in close proximity. The complex of innovative buildings opened in 2004, with the original design inspired by the surrounding countryside and Spanish architect Enric Miralles …

» The Scotch Whisky Experience

The Scotch Whisky Experience

Sipping Scotch whisky is a quintessential Scottish experience and where better to sample a fine scotch than the home of the World's Largest Collection of Scotch Whisky - a staggering array of almost 3,500 unique bottles, spanning some 300 varieties. The Scotch Whisky Experience lives up to its name by transporting guests on a journey through whisky making history, with a guided tour and tasting at the historic Castlehill property. A number of tours are available …

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