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The city of Seville was long an important sea port, prior to the silting up of the Guadalquivir. From Seville Ferdinand Magellan obtained the ships for his circumnavigation. Much of the Spanish Empire's silver from the New World came to Europe in the Spanish treasure fleet that landed in Seville.

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Alcazar of Seville Alcazar of Seville
Plaza de Espana Plaza de Espana
Torre del Oro Torre del Oro
Alameda de Hercules Alameda de Hercules

DISCOVER SEVILLE: Alameda de Hercules, Alcazar of Seville, Archivo General de Indias, Casa Consistorial de Sevilla, Casa de Murillo, Casa de Pilatos, Giralda, Isla Magica, Museum of Fine Arts, Palace of San Telmo, Plaza de Espana, Seville Cathedral, Torre del Oro,

Alameda de Hercules, Seville Alameda de Hercules, Seville ALAMEDA DE HERCULES
The Alameda de Hércules is a promenaded public garden (built in 1574) with eight rows of poplars trees, in the historic center of Seville, southern Spain. Is the oldest public garden in Spain and Europe. It is located between the river Guadalquivir and the Macarena neighborhood. The Alameda's history began when the lower arm of the river Guadalquivir ...

Alcazar of Seville, Andalusia, Spain Alcazar of Seville, Spain ALCAZAR OF SEVILLE
The Alcázar of Seville is a royal palace in Seville, Spain, originally a Moorish fort. The Almohades were the first to build a palace, which was called Al-Muwarak, on the site of the modern day Alcázar. The palace is one of the best remaining examples of mudéjar architecture. Subsequent monarchs have added their own additions ...

Archivo General de Indias, Seville Archivo General de Indias, Seville ARCHIVO GENERAL DE INDIAS
The Archivo General de Indias, housed in Seville, Spain, in the ancient merchants' exchange, the Casa Lonja de Mercaderes, is the document repository of extremely valuable archival documents illustrating the history of the Spanish Empire in the Americas and the Philippines. The General Archive of the Indies is housed in a structure designed by Juan de Herrera ...

Casa Consistorial de Sevilla, Seville Casa Consistorial de Sevilla, Seville CASA CONSISTORIAL DE SEVILLA
The Casa Consistorial de Sevilla, home of the city government of Seville, Spain, is one of the best examples of Plateresque architecture. In 1526, the marriage in Seville of Charles I of Spain (Holy Roman Emperor Charles V) and his cousin Isabella of Portugal occasioned the construction of a building for the city government that would represent the power and importance ...

Casa de Murillo, Seville Casa de Murillo, Seville CASA DE MURILLO
The Casa de Murillo is a historical house in Seville, Andalusia, Spain, at number 8, calle Santa Teresa, in the historic Barrio de Santa Cruz. It was the home of the painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617-1682) in the latter years of his life. The building has two stories and a central patio (courtyard) with columns ...

Casa de Pilatos, Seville Casa de Pilatos, Seville CASA DE PILATOS
La Casa de Pilatos (Pilate's House) is an Andalusian palace in Seville, Spain, which serves as the permanent residence of the Dukes of Medinaceli. The building is a mixture of Renaissance Italian and Mudéjar Spanish styles. It is considered the prototype of the Andalusian palace. The palace is accessed through a Renaissance style marble gate ...

La Giralda, Seville La Giralda, Seville GIRALDA
The Giralda is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville in Seville, Spain, one of the largest churches in the world and an outstanding example of the Gothic and Baroque architectural styles. The tower is 104.5 m in height and it was one of the most important symbols in the medieval city. The tower's first two-thirds is a former minaret from the Almohad period of Seville ...

Isla Magica, Seville Isla Magica, Seville ISLA MAGICA
Isla Mágica is a theme park in Seville, Spain. The park was constructed on the former grounds of the Expo '92 World's Fair in Seville and opened in 1997. It features a large lake and many other attractions including roller coasters and various other types of rides as well as both live and cinematic shows. The park's slogan is Fun without limits ...

Museum of Fine Arts, Seville Museum of Fine Arts, Seville MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS
The Museum of Fine Arts of Seville or Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla is a museum in Seville, a collection of mainly Spanish visual arts from medieval period to the early 20th century, including a choice selection of works from the so-called Golden Age of Sevillian painting during the 17th century, such as Murillo, Zurbarán, Francisco de Herrera the younger, and Valdés Leal ...

Palace of San Telmo, Seville Palace of San Telmo, Seville PALACE OF SAN TELMO
The Palace of San Telmo (Spanish: Palacio de San Telmo) is a historical edifice in Seville, southern Spain, now the seat of the presidency of the Andalusian Autonomous Government. Construction of the building began in 1682 outside the walls of the city, on property belonging to the Tribunal of the Holy Office, the institution responsible for the Spanish Inquisition ...

Plaza de Espana, Seville Plaza de Espana, Seville PLAZA DE ESPANA
The Plaza de España is a building in Maria Luisa Park, in Seville, Spain built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. It is a landmark example of the Moorish Revival style in Spanish architecture. In 1929 Seville hosted the Ibero-American Exposition World's Fair, located in the celebrated Maria Luisa Park. The entire southern end of the city was redeveloped ...

Seville Cathedral, Seville, Spain Discover Seville, Andalusia, Spain SEVILLE CATHEDRAL
The Cathedral of Seville, formally Catedral de Santa Maria de la Sede (Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See) was begun in 1402, with construction continuing into the 16th century. It is the largest of all Roman Catholic cathedralsand also the largest Medieval Gothic religious building, in terms of both area and volume ...

Teatro de la Maestranza, Seville, Spain Teatro de la Maestranza, Andalusia, Spain TEATRO DE LA MAESTRANZA
The Teatro de la Maestranza is an opera house located in Seville. The theatre was conceived to be one of the main cultural venues of the Seville Expo '92, and the first performance took place in 1991. The theatre was re-refurnished in 2005. Although the Teatro de la Maestranza is mainly devoted to opera, there are also performances of Zarzuela ...

Torre del Oro, Seville, Spain Torre del Oro, Andalusia, Spain TORRE DEL ORO
The Torre del Oro (Gold Tower) is a dodecagonal military watchtower in Seville, southern Spain, built by the Berbers during the Almohad dynasty in order to control access to Seville via the Guadalquivir river. Constructed in the first third of the 13th century, the tower served as a prison during the Middle Ages ...



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