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The first recorded settlers in Bodrum region were the Carians and the harbor area was colonized by Dorian Greeks as of the 7th century BC. The city later fell under Persian rule. Under the Persians, it was the capital city of the satrapy of Caria. Its strategic location ensured that the city enjoyed considerable autonomy.

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» Bodrum Amphitheater

Bodrum Amphitheater, Turkey

One of the most important and best-preserved remains of the ancient city of Halicarnassus, the Bodrum Amphitheater boasts a dramatic location, carved into the hillside above the city of Bodrum. Originally constructed in the fourth century B.C. during the reign of King Mausolus, the grand, open-air venue wasn't fully completed until the Roman era, with structural changes that were made for hundreds of years up until the second century A.D. …

» Bodrum Marina

Bodrum Marina, Turkey

Often nicknamed the St Tropez of Turkey, Bodrum has earned itself a stellar reputation among cruise travelers. The lively Bodrum Marina, a well-equipped and modern harbor with space for up to 500 boats, is at the heart of its sailing community. Even if you won't be docking your private yacht in the marina, a stroll along the scenic waterfront provides an atmospheric introduction to the city with its line of designer shopping outlets, luxury hotels, top-class seafood restaurants and stylish selection of bars and cafes …

» Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey

With its crystal-clear waters teeming with colorful corals and sweeping coastal cliffs giving way to sandy beaches and secluded coves, the Bodrum Peninsula is one of Turkey's most scenic destinations, stretching for 174 km along the northwestern Aegean coast. Bodrum, built on the site of the ancient city of Halicarnassus, is the main gateway to the region and the most developed of its towns. Legions of tourists are steadily drawn to Bodrum's lively waterfront and numerous archaeological gems …

» Bodrum Windmills

Bodrum Windmills, Turkey

Dotted along the coastal cliffs of the Bodrum Peninsula, the white-brick towers and wooden sails of the Bodrum windmills paint a pretty picture, set against expansive views of the windswept coastline. Dating back to the 18th century, the historic windmills were once used to grind flour for local communities and remained in use up until the 1970s, after which they fell into ruin. Today, restoration work is underway on many of the mills, with the most notable including a trio at Yalikavak on the northern side of the peninsula …

» Castle of St Peter

Castle of St Peter, Turkey

Perched on a rocky promontory overlooking the harbor, the striking Castle of St Peter is an instantly recognizable Bodrum landmark and one of the city's top tourist attractions. Built by the Knights Hospitaller of Rhodes in the 15th century, the castle was designed by German architect Heinrich Schlegelholt and partially crafted from the stones of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world …

» Lambi Beach

Lambi Beach, Turkey

Lambi Beach is located at the northeast corner of the island of Kos in the Dodecanese island group of Greece. Since the island of Kos is located so close to Turkey, it makes an easy day trip, and Lambi Beach is not far from the port. The island is often included in island hopping boat tours from Turkey as well. It is one of the closest beaches to the town of Kos, the island's main town. Due to its proximity to the town, Lambi Beach is easy to access for visitors staying in Kos for the nightlife …

» Limnionas Beach

Limnionas Beach , Turkey

Limnionas Beach is on a cove along Limnionas Bay about 3 miles north of the village of Kefalos on the island of Kos. It's about 27 miles from the main town of Kos. The island of Kos, in the Dodecanese island group, is only 4 miles from Turkey's coast, so it makes an easy day trip from Turkey. The cove where the beach is located naturally protects the area from strong winds. As a result, it is a haven for fishing boats during bad weather …

» Mausoleum (Mausoleum of Halicarnassus)

Mausoleum (Mausoleum of Halicarnassus) , Turkey

Built in 351 B.C. to house the tomb of King Mausolus, the Persian King of Caria, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus was not only the grandest tomb of its time but it also gave its name to all those that followed. The masterpiece of Greek architects Satyros and Pytheos, the elaborate monument was once a temple of sculpted columns and white marble, standing over 50 meters tall and topped with a sculpture of a horse-drawn carriage …

» Mazi

Mazi, Turkey

Mazi is a small village located about 25 miles east of Bodrum, Turkey. It is the farthest village in the area from the popular resort city of Bodrum. It is located above a secluded cove along the Aegean Sea on the Bodrum Peninsula in southwestern Turkey, and it has a Mediterranean climate. Construction is not permitted in this part of the Bodrum region, so the village still feels very authentic and tranquil and there are only a few guesthouses. The residents of Mazi mostly make a living by weaving carpets, agriculture, producing honey and fishing …

» Mumcular

Mumcular, Turkey

Mumcular is a small town located about 18 miles northeast of Bodrum, Turkey. The old name of the town was Karaova. It is in a forested region on the Bodrum Peninsula in southwestern Turkey not far from the Aegean Sea and it has a Mediterranean climate. The area is quite dry, so in 1989 the town built the Mumcular Dam in order to have a reservoir. The reservoir is important for irrigation and drinking water …

» Yaliciftlik

Yaliciftlik, Turkey

Yaliciftlik is a small village located near the popular resort town of Bodrum, Turkey. It is just outside the Bodrum Peninsula along the Aegean Sea above a series of secluded coves, and it's at the entrance to the Gulf of Gokava. Accommodations here run from simple to luxury. The town's scenery includes pine forests, orchards of fig trees, and the sandy coastline. There is a market once a week where you'll find fruits, vegetables, and other local products …

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Bodrum is the site of the ancient city of Halikarnassus, the location of the famous Mausoleum of Halikarnassus (built after 353 BCE) - one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Unfortunately, the ancient monument was destroyed by earthquakes in the Middle Ages - some of the remnants can be seen in London's British Museum …

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Heredotus, known as the father of history, was born in Bodrum in 484 BC.- and he said that Bodrum had been founded by the Dorians. The history of Bodrum, known as Halicarnassus, goes back to the 13th century BC. Excavaties reveal the 5000 year old history of this town …

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