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When Atatürk moved the Turkish capital from Istanbul to Ankara in 1923 he turned his back on the Bosporus, the spectacular Ottoman mosques and the Topkapi Palace. Modern Ankara has its inviting quarters - most notably the citadel area, which gets better by the year. Originally called Angora, Ankara once flourished on the trade in the fine, soft hair of Angora goats

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Day Trips & Excursions from Ankara

Journey to Yazilikaya and see an impressive open air rock sanctuary created by the Hittites, the second oldest known civilization in Anatolia. At Hattusas, the ancient Hittite capital which dates from 3,000 BC, you'll visit Lion's Gate, King's Gate, Citadel and the Grand Temple. Departing Ankara in the early morning, drive for approximately 3 hours (208 kilometers) through the stunning landscape of Turkey enroute to Hattusas which was the capital of the Hittites …

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A trip to Ankara is not complete without exploring such ancient sites as the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, where you can see numerous remnants of the Stone Age, Neolithic Age, Hittites, Urartians, Phygians and more. Other highlights include Ataturk Mausoleum and the Citadel of Ankara. On this private tour you will have the opportunity to visit the following historic sites …

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Travel from Ankara Airport to your hotel with a pre-paid Ankara Airport Private Arrival Transfer. While you're already settled into your hotel and out enjoying the sights of Ankara, your friends will still be at the airport trying to figure out the bus schedules. Travel from Ankara Airport to your Ankara City Hotel. Transfer services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week …

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Ankara is situated in the middle of the Anatolian plateau, which has been the cradle of many ancient civilizations.The city claims a rich heritage that dates back to prehistoric times and which it preserves with care as the capital city. Ankara is a political and cultural centre …

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Ankara is the center of the Turkish Government, and an important commercial and industrial city. Located in Central Anatolia, Ankara is an important crossroads of trade, strategically located at the center of Turkey's highway and railway networks, and serves as the marketing center for the surrounding agricultural area …

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