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Located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America, New York state was one of the original 13 British colonies. Often overshadowed by its eponymous megacity, the state has incredible historical sites throughout the north. Outside of its densely populated southeast corner, New York is largely agricultural. It is a major producer of dairy products and has an expanding wine industry.

New York Hotels & Accommodation

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• New York City

New York City Hotels, Accommodation in Pennsylvania

New York City, arguably the world's most vibrant and sprawling metropolis, occupies five boroughs, each with its own distinct identity. After all, before the historic 1898 consolidation, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island were each independent municipalities …

… Regions of New York

» Adirondack Park

Adirondack Park Hotels, Accommodation in New York

The Adirondack Park is a publicly protected, elliptical area encompassing much of the northeastern lobe of Upstate New York. It is the largest park and the largest state-level protected area in the contiguous United States, and the largest National Historic Landmark. The park covers some 6.1 million acres …

» The Catskills

The Catskills Hotels, Accommodation in New York

The Catskills are well known both as the setting for many 19th-century Hudson River School paintings and as the favored destination for Jewish vacationers from New York City in the mid-20th century. The region's so-called "Borscht Belt" gave countless young stand-up comedians an opportunity to hone their craft …

» Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes Hotels, Accommodation in New York

The Finger Lakes are a pattern of lakes in the west-central section of Upstate New York. They are a popular tourist destination. The lakes are long and narrow, and are oriented roughly on a north-south axis. The two longest, Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake, are among the deepest in America …

» The Hamptons

The Hamptons Hotels, Accommodation in New York

The Hamptons are a group of villages and hamlets which form the South Fork of Long Island, New York. The Hamptons form a popular seaside resort, one of the historical summer colonies of the American Northeast. They have some of the most expensive residential properties in the U.S. …

» Lake Champlain

 Lake Champlain Hotels, Accommodation in New York

Lake Champlain is a natural, freshwater lake located mainly within the borders of Vermont and New York but partially situated across the border in the Canadian province of Quebec. The New York portion of the Champlain Valley includes the eastern portions of Clinton County and Essex County …

» Long Island

Long Island Hotels, Accommodation in New York

Long Island is an island located in the southeast part of the U.S. state of New York, just east of Manhattan. Stretching northeast into the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island contains four counties, two of which are boroughs of New York City, and two of which are mainly suburban …

» New York City Metropolitan Area

New York City Metropolitan Area Hotels, Accommodation in New York

The New York City Metropolitan Area includes the most populous city in the United States (New York City); counties comprising Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley in New York State; the six largest cities in New Jersey and their vicinities; six of the seven largest cities in Connecticut …

• More Destinations in New York

» Albany

Albany Hotels, Accommodation in New York

Albany can offer some unique historical perspectives, if a traveller is willing to look. As the start of the Erie canal, and as the location of the historically famous Fort Orange, Albany was important in early American history. During the Prohibition era, Albany was a center for smuggling …

» Batavia

Batavia Hotels, New York

The current City of Batavia was an early settlement in what is today called Genesee Country, the farthest western region of New York State, comprising the Genesee Valley and westward to the Niagara River, Lake Erie and the Pennsylvania line …

» Brooklyn

Brooklyn Hotels, Accommodation in New York

Brooklyn is New York City's most populous borough with approximately 2.5 million residents. Brooklyn was an independent city until its consolidation with New York City in 1898, and continues to maintain a distinct culture, independent art scene, and unique architectural heritage …

» Buffalo

Buffalo Hotels, Accommodation in New York

Buffalo lies on the Niagara River. European-Americans first settled there in the late-18th century. Growth was slow until the city became the western terminus of the Erie Canal some 40 years later. By the turn of the next century, Buffalo was one of the country's leading cities …

» Lake George

Lake George Hotels, New York

The Village of Lake George is a village within the town of Lake George in Warren County, New York, United States. The village and the surrounding area is a famous summertime tourist region and historic summer colony, which at one time included Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keefe …

» Lake Placid

Lake Placid Hotels, New York

Lake Placid is best known as the two-time site of the Winter Olympics. In the United States, the village is especially remembered as the site of the 1980 USA-USSR hockey game, the Miracle on Ice. Lake Placid also hosted the 1932 Winter Olympics …

» Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Hotels, Accommodation in New York

Niagara Falls is a city in Niagara County, New York, United States. It is across the Niagara River from Niagara Falls, Ontario, both named after the famed Niagara Falls which they share. It is part of both the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Metropolitan area and the Western New York region …

» Queens

Queens Hotels, Accommodation in New York

Located on the western portion of Long Island, Queens is home to two of the three major New York City area airports, JFK International Airport and LaGuardia Airport. It is also the location of the New York Mets baseball team, the US Open tennis tournament, Flushing Meadows Park …

» Rochester

Rochester Hotels, Accommodation in New York

Rochester, once known as The Flour City, and more recently as The Flower City or The World's Image Centre, is a city in Monroe County, New York. The city is east of Buffalo, west of Syracuse and sits on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. The Genesee River bisects the city …

» Syracuse

Syracuse Hotels, Accommodation in New York

Syracuse is a city in Central New York, USA. The city has functioned as a major crossroads over the last two centuries, first between the Erie Canal and its branch canals, then of the railway network. Today, Syracuse is located by the intersection of interestates 90 and 81 …

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ALL NEW YORK STATE Hotels & Accommodation

If you are looking for a particular hotel or location in New York State, or prefer to search for your accommodation by category, amenities, traveller ratings and reviews, or location to the towns and attractions on the map (and check out the Google earth options for a really great view), then please click here …

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New York state is more than just the busy streets and bright lights of the Big Apple. From the scenic mountain passes of the Adirondacks to the breathtaking views of the Hudson Valley, New York is full of unmatched beauty and untouched nature. Its easy access to the Appalachian Trail, vast network of rivers and proximity to Niagara Falls draw outdoor lovers to regions north of the city …

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While wildlife and adventure are certainly reasons to visit, New York's incredible history, showcased at places like the African Burial Ground, Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum, the Adirondack Folk School and the Baseball Hall of Fame, mean it's a perfect stop for families looking to slip a little education into summer vacation …

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