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Hurricane Katrina caused a mass exodus, but the people of New Orleans have embraced the process of rebuilding. Although the population in town has been halved by the post-storm exodus, the areas along the river, most-frequented by visitors, never saw flooding and are once again thronged with the city's trademark joyfulness. Now more than ever, tourism is critical to the future of New Orleans.

Discover magical New Orleans

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» Audubon Nature Institute

Audubon Nature Institute

The Audubon Nature Institute is a family of museums and parks dedicated to exploring all aspects of nature. It consists of the Audubon Zoo, Aquarium of the Americas, Woldenberg Riverfront Park, Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species, the Audubon Insectarium, and even an IMAX theater. Among the country's best zoos, the Audubon Zoo contains the ultracool Louisiana Swamp exhibit, full of alligators, bobcats, foxes, bears and snapping turtles …

» Audubon Park

Audubon Park, New Orleans

Once a great plantation and the largest undeveloped parcel of land in the area that is now Uptown New Orleans, Audubon Park is now one of the greatest expanses of open land in New Orleans. Home to sports fields, picnic and playground facilities, a golf course, a jogging and biking track, and lush lagoons that house native wildlife, Audubon Park is where locals and tourists head when they need a breath of fresh air, time to stretch their legs, or to simply marvel at the mighty Mississippi as it rolls by …

» Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street , New Orleans

The infamous Bourbon Street, also known as Rue Bourbon, conjures up images of endless partying, drinks of all shapes and sizes, strips clubs, bachelorette parties, and of course, Mardi Gras. The Las Vegas comparisons are well deserved with enough alcohol and revelry to rival Sin City for the title of America's party capital. Outside of Mardi Gras season, visitors flock to Bourbon Street for its well-known drinking establishments including the Old Absinthe House, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop …

» Carrollton

Carrollton, New Orleans

Talk to a local about Carrollton and they'll give you directions to one of New Orleans's signature neighborhoods in the Garden District. Because while Carrollton is commonly known as a street, it was once its very own town, completely independent of the greater city of New Orleans. Yes, Carrollton was destined to be annexed by New Orleans in the early 20th century, but the Carrollton of yesteryear and the Carrollton of today both boast the picturesque Oak Street as its 'Main Street' …

» Confederate Memorial Museum

Confederate Memorial Museum, New Orleans

Little else sits as entrenched in the collective American history as the history of the Civil War. The history of the American South and its role in the greater United States is rooted in this war, and its fascinating history. The Confederate Memorial Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, interpreting, and exhibiting authentic historical material of the Civil War. In an ongoing effort to maintain egalitarianism and diplomacy, the Confederate Memorial Museum presents its information in a non-ideological way …

» Court of Two Sisters

Court of Two Sisters, New Orleans

The Court of the Two Sisters restaurant is a historic New Orleans institution. Named after sisters Emma and Bertha Camors, the three-story building is a piece of Louisiana history that sits on Governor's Row, the 600-block of Royal Street. Emma and Bertha came from an aristocratic Creole family and exemplified New Orleans high society with their formal gowns, lace and perfumes all imported from Paris. The sisters were very close and even died within two months of each other in 1944 …

» Destrehan Plantation

Destrehan Plantation, New Orleans

Located just 25 miles upriver from New Orleans, Destrehan Plantation is not just the oldest plantation house in the Lower Mississippi Valley, but is an easy, accessible step back in to antebellum times. Built in 1787, the Destrehan Plantation retains its southern charm while keeping its ancient oak trees, its flat marshy lawns, its Old South antiques and a wonderful, quiet stillness. See architectural influences from the Spanish and French, listen to stories from costumed tour guides about the daily life of the people that ran Destrehan …

» Edgar Degas House

Edgar Degas House, New Orleans

New Orleans has been home to many famous artists and musicians over the years - none of them more famous than Edgar Degas. Master Impressionist, Degas' influence on the art world can still be felt today in his sculpture, paintings, sketches, and drawings. His most famous images are, perhaps those he did of dancers - over half his work utilize these images, and they are what he is most often associated with. Degas successfully used old and new techniques that made his style his own …

» French Market

French Market, New Orleans

Often considered the heart of the Quarter, the New Orleans French Market is the grand bazaar that serves as much as a cultural meeting place as it does a market space. Always something to see, smell, eat, or purchase, the French Market is both a farmer's market and a flea market that comprises over three centuries of history in six city blocks. Located along North Peters Street and bordered by the Mississippi River, walking the French Market is the best way to get a real feel for both the history of the area and its culinary predilections …

» French Quarter

French Quarter, New Orleans

The French Quarter, also know as the Vieux Carre, is the oldest and most famous neighborhood in New Orleans. The Quarter, as it is commonly known, runs from the banks of the Mississippi River to Rampart Street and between Canal Street and Esplanade Avenue. Much more than a historic district, the appeal of the French Quarter is easy to see. It's walkable, picturesque, always busy, and filled with an extraordinary range of great restaurants, bars, nightclubs, courtyard cafes, art galleries, rummage shops and museums …

» Garden District

Garden District, New Orleans

New Orleans' Garden District is the epitome of "Southern Charm". Plantation style mansions have wrap-around porches and verandas, where friends and family enjoy sweet tea and stories in the humid New Orleans climate. Streets are separated by stretches of green parks and the historic cable car line that runs along St. Charles Avenue. Take a walk around the Garden District's lush avenues and you'll feel transported into a southern oasis shaded by blossoming magnolia trees …

» Historic New Orleans Collection

Historic New Orleans Collection, New Orleans

How to unwrap the culture and history of Louisiana, the Gulf, and the Mississippi river delta flood-plane? This rich cultural system of Creoles, Cajuns, French Arcadians, Spanish, French, Haitian and Afro-Caribbeans make a rich stew of culture - a culture closely tied to its environment, and its preservation is vital to the enduring legacy of the region. Enter the Historic New Orleans Collection. It is the Historic New Orleans Collection's job to maintain it all, to record and preserve for mankind the incredibly diverse traditions …

» Houmas House

Houmas House, New Orleans

Locals call this beautiful plantation the Crown Jewel of Louisiana's River Road, partly because of its rich history and partly because of its incredible old-world architecture. Established as a sugar farm around 1803, Houmas House was open to the public in 1963. The traditional southern plantation home has seen its share of generals, Union forces and colonels, too. The same gardens, mansion and peaceful grounds that drew men in search of respite in times of war, draw travelers today who are in search of a nearby escape from the energy and gluttony of the Big Easy …

» Jackson Square

Jackson Square, New Orleans

Bordered by Chartres, St. Peter, St. Ann and Decatur Streets near the Mississippi River in the French Quarter, Jackson Square is a colorful city plaza and home to the elegant St. Louis Cathedral. A National Historic Landmark, the square attracts visitors and locals who gather to listen to street performers and buskers, have their palm read by a gypsy, browse the shops, have a chicory coffee and beignet at Cafe du Monde or just relax under a tree while life in the French Quarter moves around them …

» Lafayette Cemetery

Lafayette Cemetery, New Orleans

Few other places on earth can claim a cemetery as both an interesting tourist destination and a cultural icon. New Orleans' elevation is technically a negative number, so the early settlers to the area had trouble with the bodies of their recently interned washing away come the summer rains. The settlers quickly learned that the only way to properly keep their dead in place was to build raised cemeteries, and thus the tradition of New Orleans' raised cemeteries took hold …

» Laura Plantation

Laura Plantation, New Orleans

Steeped in history far richer than the former plantation owners could have dreamed of owning, the Laura Plantation lies just beyond the reaches of the Greater New Orleans area. Originally built in 1804 by a French naval veteran of the American Revolution by the name of Guillaume Duparc, the plantation was erected on the site of an old Colapissa Indian village. A Creole-owned sugar plantation, the Laura Plantation differed from most plantations in its Code Noir ethics, its somewhat removed societal circumstances …

» Longue Vue House and Gardens

Longue Vue House and Gardens, New Orleans

Not quite a plantation yet matching the stature and elegance of one, the Longu Vue House and Gardens is one of the best examples of a New Orleans city estate in the Classical Revival style. The house itself is impressive, built to full opulent splendor, but the gardens themselves were designed by the best landscape architects of the early 20th century and are truly a marvel to behold. Inspired by the Gardens of the Alhambra in Spain, the array of lyrical fountains launching long arches of water across a rectangular pool …

» Louis Armstrong Park

Louis Armstrong Park, New Orleans

Located on the outlying border of the famous French Quarter, the Louis Armstrong Park is a lovely 32 acre haven, full of beautiful grassy knolls, lagoons, and cultural auditoriums and structures that are everything jazz. In the southern corner of the park is the historic Congo Square, a cobblestone laden open space that was used in the 17th century as a gathering point, where African-American slaves came to socialize and make music, one of the earliest signs of African influence in jazz …

» Louisiana Children's Museum

Louisiana Children's Museum, New Orleans

Located on the outlying border of the famous French Quarter, the Louis Armstrong Park is a lovely 32 acre haven, full of beautiful grassy knolls, lagoons, and cultural auditoriums and structures that are everything jazz. In the southern corner of the park is the historic Congo Square, a cobblestone laden open space that was used in the 17th century as a gathering point, where African-American slaves came to socialize and make music, one of the earliest signs of African influence in jazz …

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New Orleans has long seduced visitors with its Caribbean color, sultry Southern heat, sweet-tasting cocktails and voodoo potions. The unofficial state motto, "let the good times roll," pretty much says it all, and any time you step outside, be ready for a meandering conversation with a total stranger …

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New Orleans is a major United States port and the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana. It is well known for its distinct French and Spanish Creole architecture, as well as its cross-cultural and multilingual heritage. New Orleans is also famous for its cuisine, music (particularly as the birthplace of jazz), and its annual celebrations and festivals, most notably Mardi Gras, dating to French colonial times …

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