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Vastly different at each of its edges, Georgia, the largest state east of the Mississippi River, offers a bit of everything. Your imagination gets whisked along the coastal barrier islands, many of which are preserves for waterfowl, migratory birds, alligators, nesting sea turtles and wild horses.

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• Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

For many, Atlanta is just the bonfire background to one of cinema's most famous clinches, but the city's profile is rising. Long known as the 'Capital of the New South', Atlanta has benefited in recent years from a booming economy. Not to mention the 1996 Olympics, the baseball dynasty and an internationally renowned hip-hop scene. There are offbeat neighborhoods to explore and old-fashioned towns nearby where you can still savor something of bygone days. …

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• Savannah

Savannah, Georgia

Welcome to Savannah, the oldest city in Georgia and home to some of the best examples of architecture and culture in the American South. Known as a bastion for easy living, southern hospitality, ancient ways, and youthful enthusiasm, Savannah is a hot tourist attraction couched in slow southern living …

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ALL Georgia Tours, Travel & Activities

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Discover Georgia

Most visitors to Georgia land in Atlanta, a sprawling metropolis with friendly neighborhoods eating and drinking alongside big business. Then you hit the coast, where you fall under the spell of Savannah's live oaks, antebellum homes, seafood and hot humid nights …

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Georgia is the second largest state in the United States of America. Originally a territory of Mexico, Georgia rebelled in 1836 and became its own nation for 10 years before joining the USA in 1845. Georgia has maintained its independent spirit …

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