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Nearing the mid-point of its third century of nationhood, the United States plays host to the gamut of human intellectual and artistic endeavor in nearly every major city, offering classical and popular music; historical, scientific and art research centers and museums; dance performances, musicals and plays; outdoor art projects and internationally significant architecture.

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• Las Vegas

Las Vegas Tours, Travel & Activities

Not so long ago, people came to Las Vegas for the gambling and buffets. Today Las Vegas is all about glamor and serious fun - from big-name shows and events to after-hours night clubbing. And if you tire of the action on The Strip, take in some of America's most beautiful desert scenery on a day trip to the Grand Canyon or a Las Vegas air & helicopter tour. The possibilities here are truly endless …

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• New York City

New York City Tours, Travel & Activities

The metropolis of New York City (also simply referred to as New York or the Big Apple) is at the bottom of the Hudson Valley in New York state. New York City is one of the global centers of international finance, politics, communications, music, fashion, and culture, and is among the world's most important and influential cities. It is home to a nearly unrivaled number of world-class museums, art galleries, and theatres …

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• California

California Tours, Travel & Activities

The American Dream has always flowed west, lured by the promises of California. Eureka! cried the gold miners in 1848 - I've found it. Eureka! cried naturalist John Muir and industrialist William Randolph Hearst. Eureka! cried Steve Jobs and Marilyn Monroe. By many measures, California remains the biggest, most dynamic, most diverse, most forward-thinking state in the nation …

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• Florida

Florida Tours, Travel & Activities

The beaches of Florida are one of the most popular attractions, not to mention some of the world's best known theme parks and a wide variety of adventure activities. Florida's economy is heavily based on tourism. Warm weather most of the year and hundreds of miles of beach provide a thriving vacation spot for travelers …

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• Hawaii

Hawaii Tours, Travel & Activities

Hawaii - the Aloha State - welcomes and seduces visitors with its sea breezes and tropical warmth. This is where East merges with West in a blur of hula and disco, fast food and tea ceremonies, Shinto shrines and surf clubs. Whether your thing is volcano spotting, surfing or just lying back and smelling the orchids …

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• Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. Tours, Travel & Activities

Capitol Hill plays a central role in the country's political life, as two of the three branches of the federal government - the legislative and the judicial - are located here. Washington D.C.'s layout centers on Capitol Hill, with the city's four quadrants starting at the Capitol Building …

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• Southern USA

Southern USA Tours, Travel & Activities

The Southern United States - commonly referred to as the American South, Dixie, or simply the South - constitutes a large distinctive region in the southeastern and south-central United States. As some parts of the South are among the fastest-growing areas in the nation, they are developing new cultures …

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• Western USA

Western USA Tours, Travel & Activities

The Western United States - commonly referred to as the American West or simply The West - traditionally refers to the region comprising the westernmost states of the United States. The 'West' has played an important part in American history; the Old West is embedded in America's folklore …

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• Northeastern USA

Northeastern USA Tours, Travel & Activities

Despite being geographically one of the smallest regions of the United States, the northeastern states possess a wide range of climates. The region has a landscape varying from the rocky coast of New England to the fertile farmland of the Ohio River Valley behind the Allegheny Front in Pennsylvania …

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• Midwest USA

Midwest USA Tours, Travel & Activities

With its cloud-scraping skyline and world-class museums, restaurants and blues clubs, Chicago dominates the state of Illinois. It's a wonderful city to roam, from downtown architecture to beachfront Lake Michigan, multicultural enclaves and N Michigan Ave shopping centers. It's a city that seamlessly merges high culture and earthy pleasures, museums and sports, fine dining and gourmet hot dog …

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Magical Journeys to the USA

The USA is difficult to characterize because of its size and diversity - diversity in both geography and in people - but an overview may help travelers to see these differences and perhaps find what it is that interests them most, since it isn't realistic to see a little of everything …

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Magical Journeys to the USA

Like America itself, there is much diversity in accommodation choices. In most major cities, you can find very large, glamourous, and luxurious hotels that offer suites larger than some houses, while in many rural areas, bed and breakfast and smaller lodging can be found which feature a more homely lodging experience. …

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