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    Take a cruise on the River Spree for the perfect introduction to Berlin's famous sights and architecture …

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    Munich is a popular tourist destination and has been described as Germany's secret capital …

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    Frankfurt is a city of contrasts. Wealthy bankers, students, and granola drop-outs coexist in this dynamic city …

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    One of the oldest states of Europe, Bavaria was established as a duchy in the mid first millennium …

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    Brandenburg surrounds but technically excludes the national capital Berlin

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    Wo mir sin, is Koelle (Cologne is where we are). Cologne is a very friendly place with a unique flavour …

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In the Spotlight: Germany

Have a passion for beer, music and festivity (Gemütlichkeit)? Then Munich's legendary Oktoberfest is for you! Taking place over two weeks in late September and early October, the Oktoberfest has grown into the world's largest fair and attracts millions of visitors …

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