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Fiji has over 300 islands in its archipelago, each fringed with coral reefs and lapped by warm azure waters - the diving and snorkeling are superb. Amid its wealth of natural beauty, Fiji's true magic lies in its people and the fascinating blend of cultures.

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» Coral Coast

Coral Coast

The beaches of Fiji's Coral Coast are the loveliest on Viti Levu. A coral reef runs the length of the beach creating a shallow shelf before dropping suddenly into the deep blue of the South Pacific. Plenty of resorts have sought to enjoy the Coral Coast's natural beauty and they are lined along Queens Road, which hugs the beach. Many travelers are seduced by the pools and floating bars but there are other things to explore along the Coral Coast …

» Denarau

Denarau, Fiji

A paradise created by man, Denarau Island is a manicured, resort-heavy island off the west coast of Viti Levu. The island has eight resorts to choose from, each kitted out with pools and floating bars to spare. The hotels are also integrated and offer a selection of shared activities that include world-class golf, tennis, scuba diving and parasailing. Also on the island is excellent shopping and plenty of great dining options to suit everyone from families to honeymooners …

» Mamanuca Islands

Mamanuca Islands , Fiji

The glorious Mamanuca Islands are picture-postcard Fiji. These are the islands of eternal sunshine, pristine beaches and coconut palms. Lazing about in the sun is one of the best ways to enjoy the Mamanucaís and they offer plenty of opportunities from the tiny, uninhabited Monuriki which featured in the movie Cast Away, to Bounty Island where Survivor: Fiji was filmed. There are plenty of activities to partake in around the islands …

» Nadi

Nadi, Fiji

Fiji's third-largest city, Nadi is a stopping-off point for many travelers on their way to the Mamanuca Islands or other beachy locales. Nadi is a good place to sort out your adventures in Fiji. It's the hub for most of the tour operators who visit the Mamanuca Islands and companies who run hikes in the Nausori Highlands and the Koroyanitu National Park. There are also a couple of excellent dive companies who take divers out around the Mamanuca Islands and other sites …

» Navua River Village and Kava Ceremony

Navua River Village and Kava Ceremony , Fiji

The journey to get to Navua River Village and Kava Ceremony involves a stunning boat trip up the Navua river, floating by traditional villages and past the remarkable beauty of waterfalls and impressive gorges. Once at Nukusere Village you will join with the locals in a Kava ceremony and a traditional Fijian lunch of tropical fruits and local delicacies. Kava is an intoxicating drink that is part of everyday life in Fiji. It is drunk by families while stories and jokes are told …

» Sabeto Valley

Sabeto Valley, Fiji

With its teeming markets and non-stop activity, Nadi can be a fascinating city for experiencing Fijian culture. Every now and then, however, you simply need to escape the city and drive out into the country. Go to a place with wide open spaces where the pace of life is slow. For travelers who need a break from the city but are still wanting a bit of adventure, the Sabeto Valley offers a nearby escape that is one the most popular day trips from Nadi …

» Sawa-i-Lau Caves

Sawa-i-Lau Caves , Fiji

These scenic ancient limestone caves are located on Sawa-i-Lau Island in the Yasawa island group, the home of the famous Blue Lagoon. An adventure in their own right, the caves have been carved from continuous wave action and are known as the resting place of the ancient Fijian god Ulutini. Today they can be visited for a unique swimming experience. The first cavern is filled with natural light and a deep pool with a water temperature only a few degrees cooler …

» Sigatoka

Sigatoka, Fiji

A town on the island of Viti Levu at the mouth of the Sigatoka River, Sigatoka has become a hub for visitors to Fiji. It is home not only to a large tropical beach, but also an ornate temple, an Eco Park and nearby sand dunes. The scenic area is also famous for its vegetables, giving it the nickname of ďFijiís salad bowl.Ē The Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park, the first in Fiji, contains several miles of windblown coastal sand dunes, some reaching up to 200 feet in height …

» Suva

Suva, Fiji

The capital of Fiji, Suva is a heady and humid mix of all the ethnicities that create this vibrant country. Itís not the Fiji of beaches and palms but it does offer some excellent eating and some grand old colonial architecture. Suva is also home to some interesting places to visit like the Museum of Fiji, which gives an insight into the cultural and political evolution of Fiji. It's in the center of the Thurston Gardens, the tropical gardens filled with native specimens …

» Taveuni

Taveuni, Fiji

A tropical garden paradise awaits you on Taveuni. Rich volcanic soil has made it a stunning nature-loverís dream with high volcanic peaks covered in lush dense foliage. Diving around the island is world-class, the surrounding waters are as fertile as the land and you will see sharks, turtles and loads of colorful fish all darting around the spectacular coral reefs. Subsequently the island is home to lots of good PADI approved dive companies …

» Tivua Island

Tivua Island, Fiji

Tivua Island is a glorious Fijian hideaway surrounded by 500 acres (202 hectares) of spectacular coral reef. The reef is home to tropical fish, starfish, octopus and sea cucumber making for some of the finest snorkeling in Fiji. During the nesting season Tivua Island is a sanctuary for turtles. Perfect white beaches ring Tivua Island and are fantastic for swimming; only a limited number of visitors are allowed on the island each day so it is never crowded …

» Vanua Levu

Vanua Levu , Fiji

Known also as Sandalwood Island, the waters surrounding Vanua Levu have some of the best dive spots in the South Pacific. These include the world-renowned Rainbow Reef and Savusavu Bay. The island itself does not have the best lazing beaches, but the snorkeling is unsurpassed. In fact, it impressed Jean-Michel Cousteau so much he built a resort overlooking Savusavu Bay. Savusavu is the fastest growing town in Fiji. It has a lively expat community …

» Vuda Lookout

Vuda Lookout , Fiji

For stunning 360-degree views of Fiji that youíll never forget, head to Vuda Lookout. The elevated position will give you views over the surrounding farmland to Nadi Bay and Nadi International airport. To the east are the beautiful mountain ranges covered in tropical forests. Fifty miles to the northwest you can see the lovely Yasawa Group of Islands which stretch for miles towards the horizon …

» Yasawa Islands

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

The Yasawa Islands are unlike anywhere else in Fiji. Taller and more grandiose than the neighboring Mamanuca Islands, the remote Yasawas are less developed, less commercialized, and closer to the heart of traditional Fijian culture. Up until 1987 village life on the Yasawa Islands existed much as it had since the areaís original settlement. Handfuls of tourists began visiting the Yasawas in the 1950s, but it was forbidden to spend the night on shore …



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Fiji is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Vanuatu, west of Tonga and south of Tuvalu. The country occupies an archipelago with two sizable islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, where the majority of inhabitants live, and is joined by over eight hundred islands, with about one hundred regularly inhabited. The name Fiji is the old Tongan word for the islands, which is turn derived from the Fijian name Viti …

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Fiji, sometimes called the Fiji Islands, is a country in the South Pacific Ocean. It lies about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand and consists of an archipelago that includes 332 islands of which approximately 110 are inhabited. …

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