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The states of West India are culturally varied and distinct. Maharashtrian culture derives from the ancient Hindu Vedic culture influenced deeply by the Maratha Empire. Gujarati culture is a blend of Indian culture and foreign influence. Goan culture is a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, as a result of it formerly being part of Portuguese India for 450 years.

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• Mumbai

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Mumbai may be the most populous city in India, but don't let the sheer size scare you. Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is the financial and entertainment capital of India, churning out Bollywood hits and technological innovation as fast as possible. This melting pot attracts migrants and tourists from all over the country and world, making it an astounding mix of people and cultures …

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• Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Tours, Travel to India

Ahmedabad has emerged as an important economic and industrial hub in India. It is the second largest producer of cotton in India, and its stock exchange is the country's second oldest. Cricket is a popular sport in Ahmedabad, which houses the 54,000-seat Sardar Patel Stadium. The effects of liberalisation of the Indian economy have energised the city's economy towards tertiary sector activities like commerce, communication and construction …

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• Aurangabad

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Aurangabad is known for the Bibi Ka Maqbara situated about 3 km (2 mi) from the city which is the burial place of Emperor Aurangzeb's wife, Dilras Banu Begum also known as Rabia-ud-Daurani. It is an imitation of the Taj Mahal at Agra and due to its similar design, it is popularly known as the "Taj of the Deccan". The 17th-century water mill (Panchakki) situated at a distance of 1 km from the city is known for its underground water channel, which traverses more than 8 km to its source …

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• Goa

Goa Tours, Travel to India

Located in the west of India, the state of Goa the former colonial Portuguese outpost for nearly 500 years, is home to white sand beaches, ancient churches, cobblestone streets, and one of the most notoriously wild party scenes in the world. While vestiges of the hippie haven of the 1960s and 70s remain, the coastal state has plenty more to offer the intrepid traveler …

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• Gujarat

Gujarat Tours, Travel to India

Gujarat was known to the Ancient Greeks, and was familiar in other Western centers of civilization through the end of the European Middle Ages. Historically, the state of Gujarat has been one of the main centres of the Indus Valley Civilization. It contains major ancient metropolitan cities from the Indus Valley such as Lothal, Dholavira, and Gola Dhoro. The ancient city of Lothal was where India's first port was established …

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• Maharashtra

Maharashtra Tours, Travel to India

Maharashtra occupies the western and central part of the country and has a long coastline stretching nearly 720 kilometres along the Arabian Sea. One of the more prominent physical features of Maharsahtra is the Deccan plateau, which is separated from the Konkan coastline by 'Ghats'. The Ghats are a succession of steep hills, periodically bisected by narrow roads. …

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• Pune

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Travel worry-free from Pune Airport, also known as Lohegaon Airport, to your hotel across the Pune city. Avoid the hassle of waiting in long taxi lines at the airport and arrive safely to your hotel with our private Car. Upon arriving at Pune Lohegaon Airport located approximately 15 km from the city centre, a friendly and professional driver will greet you at the arrival terminal exit gate with a placard of your name. Along the way our English-speaking driver will provide you with a brief history of the town and answer any questions you may have …

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• All India

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If you would like to view a complete list of all India Tours, Travel & Activities, you can search for great things to do by category, location, traveller reviews or price to plan the perfect magical journey …

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Renowned for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture, Goa is visited by large numbers of tourists each year. It also has rich flora and fauna, owing to its location on the Western Ghats range, which is classified as a biodiversity hotspot. Panaji is the state's capital, while Vasco da Gama is the largest city. The historic city of Margao still exhibits the cultural influence of the Portuguese …

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Magical Journeys to India

Mumbai is India's largest city (by population) and is the financial and commercial capital of the country as it generates 6.16% of the total GDP. The architecture of the city is a blend of Gothic Revival, Indo-Saracenic, Art Deco, and other contemporary styles. Most of the buildings during the British period, such as the Victoria Terminus and Bombay University, were built in Gothic Revival style …

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West India consists of the states of Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra, along with the Union Territories of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It is highly industrialized, with a large urban population. Most of Western India was part of the Rashtrakuta Empire before colonization by the British. The regions became part of India in 1956. …

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