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Liege is the easternmost province of Wallonia and Belgium. It borders (clockwise from the north) Limburg in the Netherlands, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, Diekirch in Luxembourg, and in Belgium the provinces of Luxembourg, Namur, Walloon Brabant (Wallonia), as well as those of Flemish Brabant and Limburg (Flanders).

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» Malmedy

Malmedy Hotels, Accommodation in Belgium

Malmedy is a Walloon city and municipality of Belgium. It lies in the province of Liège. In 1919 the city was annexed by the Treaty of Versailles to Belgium from Germany. Along with the neighboring city of Eupen, it formed a German-speaking area of Belgium …

» Stavelot

Stavelot Hotels, Accommodation in Belgium

Stavelot is a Walloon municipality located in the Belgian province of Liège. The town grew up around the Abbey of Stavelot, founded ca 650, out of what had been a villa, by Saint Remaclus. The villa's lands occupied the borderland between the bishoprics of Cologne and Tongeren …

» Spa

Spa Hotels, Accommodation in Belgium

Spa is a town in the Province of Liège. It is situated in a valley in the Ardennes mountain chain, some 35 km southeast of Liège, and 45 km southwest of Aachen. As the famed site of healing cold springs, Spa has been frequented as a watering-place since as early as the 14th century. …

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» Banneux

Banneux Hotels, Accommodation in Belgium

Banneux is a small town, southeast of Liège in Belgium. It is known because of the reported Marian apparitions of Our Lady of Banneux, also known as Our Lady of the Poor to a young girl called Mariette Beco …

» Boncelles

Boncelles Hotels, Accommodation in Belgium

The Fort de Boncelles is one of twelve forts built as part of the Fortifications of Liège in the late 19th century in Belgium. It was built between 1881 and 1884. Contrasting with the French forts built in the same era, the fort was built exclusively of unreinforced concrete …

» Francorchamps

Francorchamps Hotels, Accommodation in Belgium

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps motor-racing circuit is the venue of the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix, and of the Spa 24 Hours and 1000 km Spa endurance races. It is also home to the all Volkswagen club event, 25 Hours of Spa, run by the Uniroyal Fun Cup …

» Herstal

Herstal Hotels, Accommodation in Belgium

Herstal, formerly known as Heristal, or Héristal, is a municipality of Belgium. It lies in the country's Walloon Region and Province of Liege along the Meuse river. A large armaments factory, the Fabrique Nationale or FN, and the biggest industrial zone of Wallonia (Haut-Sart) provide employment locally …

» Jalhay

Jalhay Hotels, Accommodation in Belgium

Jalhay is a municipality of Belgium. It lies in the country's Walloon Region and Province of Liege. The highest point of the municipality is the Baraque Michel, in the High Fens, at 674 m. …

» Liege

Liege Hotels, Accommodation in Belgium

Liege is a major city and a municipality in the European country of Belgium. It is located in the province of the same name, Liège, of which it is the capital and is part of the Walloon (French-speaking) region of Belgium. The city is situated in the valley of the Meuse River …

» Raeren

Raeren Hotels, Accommodation in Belgium

Raeren is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Liège. It was part of Germany until the First World War, after which it became part of Belgium. It is one of several towns in Eastern Belgium which still predominantly speak German …

» Theux

Theux Hotels, Accommodation in Belgium

Theux is a Walloon municipality of Belgium in Province of Liège. In World War II, the 75th Division of the U.S. Army, 575th Signal Co., maintained its command post in the town from January 10-12, 1945, as it counterattacked against the German army in the Battle of the Bulge …

» Verviers

Verviers Hotels, Accommodation in Belgium

Verviers is a Walloon city in the Belgian province of Liège. The Verviers municipality includes the old communes of Ensival, Lambermont, Petit-Rechain, Stembert, and Heusy. It is an important regional center, conveniently located roughly halfway between Liège and the German border …

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Due to the country's strategic location, Belgium plays host to tourists from all parts of the world. The local people are always friendly, cooperative and courteous. Though Dutch and French are the commonly used languages, you'll find that almost everyone can manage to communicate in English …

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Belgium became independent from the Netherlands in 1830. It was occupied by Germany during World Wars I and II and has many war graves near the battle zones. It has prospered in the past half century as a modern, technologically advanced European state and member of NATO and the EU …

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