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Increasing numbers of visitors are rediscovering Cambodia's magical temples and beautiful beaches. Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor, now sports luxury hotels, chic nightspots, ATMs, and an airport fielding flights from all over the region, while Sihanoukville is getting good press as an up-and-coming beach destination. However travel beyond the most popular tourist destinations is still an adventure.

Popular Destinations: BanlungBattambangChambokChi PhatKampot
KepKoh KongKoh Rong IslandKoh Rong SanloemPhnom Penh
Phumi Tras TreangPoipetPrey VengSen MonoromSiem ReapSihanoukville
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• Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh Hotels, Cambodia

Phnom Penh is the capital and largest city of Cambodia. Despite its reputation as a 'rough' city, Phnom Penh is easy to get around and is a great introduction to Cambodia. Beautiful wide boulevards, fine colonial architecture and a parklike riverfront with restaurants aplenty …

• Siem Reap

Siem Reap Hotels, Cambodia

The town of Siem Reap, in northern Cambodia, is the primary access point for the Angkor Archaeological Park. It's quite laid-back and all in all a pleasant place to stay while touring the temples. It's a nice compromise between Cambodian life and modern services and entertainment …

• Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville Hotels, Cambodia

Sihanoukville, also known as Kampong Som, is a province in southern Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand. This port city is a growing Cambodian urban center, located 185 kilometres southwest of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh …

Regions and Provinces of Cambodia: Banteay MeancheyBattambang
Chambok CommuneKampong ChamKampong ChhnangKampong Thom
KampotKandalKep National ParkKep ProvinceKirirom National Park
Koh KongKratieMondulkiriPailinPhnom Penh Municipality
Phnum Bokor National ParkPreah SihanoukPreah VihearPrey VengPursatRatanakiriReam National ParkSiem ReapSvay RiengTakeo

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» Battambang

Battambangr Hotels, Cambodia

Battambang is the second-largest city in Cambodia. Founded in the 11th century by the Khmer Empire, Battambang is well known for being the leading rice-producing province of the country. For over 500 years, it was the main commercial hub of Siam's Eastern Provinces …

» Kampong Cham

Kampong Cham Hotels, Cambodia

Kampong Cham is the capital city of Kampong Cham Province in eastern Cambodia. It is located on the Mekong River. Kampong Cham is 124 kilometers northeast from Phnom Penh and can be reached by either boat or by asphalt road. It takes about 2.5 hours …

» Kampot

Kampot Hotels, Cambodia

Kampot is a quiet riverside town just a few kilometers from the Gulf of Thailand. Kampot was best known for its famous black pepper, which is still widely available in Cambodia. The fresh climate and soil type of Kampot as well as the experience from several generations of pepper farmers …

» Kep

Kep Hotels, Cambodia

Kep is a coastal city and former beach resort in Cambodia's Kep Province, 173 kilometres southwest of Phnom Penh. The city was founded in 1908 during French colonial rule and was originally named Kep-sur-mer. Kep is slowly being redeveloped and tourism is reemerginge …

» Koh Kong

Koh Kong Hotels, Cambodia

Koh Kong is the capital of Koh Kong Province. It is located near the mouth of the Kah Bpow river in Smach Mean Chey district on the Gulf of Thailand. The city lies only 10 kilometres from the Thai border …

» Kratie

Kratie Hotels, Cambodia

Kratie is the capital of Kratiť Province in eastern Cambodia. The small town has a population of about 38,215 and lies on the banks of the Mekong River. The city is dominated by a central marketplace surrounded by old, French colonial buildings …

» Poipet

Poipet Hotels, Cambodia

Poipet is a Cambodian town on the Cambodia/Thailand border, in Ou Chrov district, Banteay Meanchey Province. It is a key crossing point between the two countries, and also extremely popular as a gambling destination as gambling is popular, but illegal in Thailand …

» Sen Monorom

Sen Monorom Hotels, Cambodia

Sen Monoromis the capital and major town of Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia. With over 7000 inhabitants, 20 guesthouses, 12 restaurants, 2 bars and one post office, it is often compared to frontier towns in the old American west …

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Cambodia Hotels

If you are looking for a particular property or location in Cambodia, or prefer to search for your accommodation by category, amenities, traveller ratings and reviews, or location to the towns and attractions on the map (and check out the Google earth options for a really great view), then please click here …

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Cambodia Destination Guide

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia with a population of more than 13 million people. Most Cambodians are Theravada Buddhists of Khmer extraction, but the country also has a substantial number of Cham and small hill tribes …

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Cambodia Destination Guide

Various factors contribute to Cambodian culture including Theravada Buddhism, French Colonialism, Hinduism, Angkor era culture, and modern globalization. Cambodian culture not only includes the culture of the lowland ethnic majority, the Khmer, but of also some 20 culturally distinct hill tribes colloquially known as the Khmer Loeu …

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