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Fitting its reputation as Norway's party city, Tromso rocks. The largest settlement in the Arctic Circle lies at the epicenter of its 450-square-mile archipelago and sprawls along the east coast of the island of Tromsoya before spreading over to neighboring mountainous Kvaloya, as well as on to the mainland via elegant bridges.

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» Kvaloya

Kvaloya, Norway

Kvaloya is Norway's fifth-largest island, covering 740 square km (285 square miles), and its name translates from Sami to "Whale Island" thanks to its cluster of central mountains. Lying west of Tromso and connected by the elegant spans of the Sandnessund Bridge, the eastern shores of Kvaloya now form a suburb of the city, known as Kvaloysletta and home to a population of about 10,000. Of its snow-capped peaks, Store Blamann is the highest at 1,044 meters …

» Lyngen Alps

Lyngen Alps , Norway

Located 300 km (186 miles) into the Arctic Circle northeast of the city of Tromso, the Lyngsalpene (Lyngen Alps) are a 90-km (56-mile) range of untamed mountains stretching from Lyngenfjord in the south and heading north to Ullsfjord almost on the border with Sweden. They form a spectacular landscape of deep gorges, gleaming icy glaciers and wild, boulder-filled rivers, with cliffs rising sharply up to 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) from the sea …

» Tromso Fjords

Tromso Fjords, Norway

Thanks to its spectacular location among a series of islands and skerries laced with waterways and scalloped inlets, and to its backdrop of snow-clad peaks, Tromso is the epicenter of day trips out into fjords bordering the Norwegian Sea. These long, narrow sea inlets are characterized by steep, mountainous slopes carved out by glaciation during the last Ice Age. Within easy reach of Grotfjord, Erdsfjord, Balsfjord, Lyngsfjord and Kattfjord on the neighboring island of Kvaloya, the city is connected to this spectacular seascape …

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Tromso Tours, Travel & Activities

Taking full advantage of its northern location with a repertoire of festivals and concerts during the summer days of endless sunshine, Tromso is a magnet for visitors curious to experience the golden-hued midnight sun. Come winter, the city becomes a destination for seekers of the elusive Northern Lights …

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Tromso is surrounded by hump-backed rocky skerries, snow-capped peaks and waterways rich in fishing stocks. The city has its origins way back in medieval times, its heart crammed with traditional wooden houses dating from the 17th century and more bars per capita than any other Norwegian town …

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