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Cape Town has several notable cultural attractions. The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, built on top of part of the docks of the Port of Cape Town, is now one of the city's most popular shopping venues, with several hundred shops and the Two Oceans Aquarium. Part of the V&A's charm is that the Port continues to operate and visitors can watch ships enter and leave.

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» Addo Elephant National Park

Addo Elephant National Park

What was once a relatively small elephant sanctuary with just 16 mammals wandering the land has since become one of South Africa's most diverse nature parks. Established in 1931, the Addo Elephant National Park is now home to more than 500 elephants, lions, rhino, hyena, leopards and zebra. But animals aren't the only thing drawing travelers to Addo. Guided game drives, self-driven safaris, horseback riding and an extensive network of novice and advanced hiking trails make Addo a popular stop for travelers to the southern Cape…

» Aquila Game Reserve

Aquila Game Reserve

Combining the thrill of an African safari with a 4-star luxury vacation, the Aquila Game Reserve is a top adventure destination in the Cape Town area. You'll see wild game in their natural environment from the vantage point of either a 4x4 offroad vehicle, horseback or quadbike, depending on your package. Get as close as you (or your guide, anyway) dare to elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and buffalo, as well as spot some of South Africa's unique birds …

» Atlantic Coast

Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic Coast near Cape Town is dotted with wealthy suburbs and small, seaside villages. You'll find a variety of ocean activities; many of the small villages are the gateways to secret surf spots. Within these communities, you'll find vibrant nightlife, art galleries and trendy hotspots - gourmands take note, as some of these suburbs have high-end restaurants waiting to astound your palate. Of note are the towns of Green Point, Sea Point, Bantry Bay, Clifton, Camps Bay …

» Bo-Kaap (Malay Quarter)

Bo-Kaap (Malay Quarter)

The brightly colored houses of this lively neighborhood in the Central Cape are perched among the rocky crags of Signal Hill. Cobblestone streets wind through the multicultural township where freed slaves and Muslim immigrants settled. Visitors can follow guided walking tours through Bo-Kaap's major sites, or delve into the history of the area on their own. The Bo-Kaap Museum, which examines the contributions made by Muslim settlers, is housed in the quarter's oldest home …

» Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach

There are a lot of beaches in Cape Town that are likely to be on your must-see list - from surfing meccas to nightlife hotspots - but one beach in particular attracts countless visitors even though they can't even walk on the beach itself. You may not be able to stroll on Boulders Beach, but it's the place to go to see wild African penguins up close. The colony of African penguins that calls Boulders Beach home first settled there in the early 1980s …

» Camps Bay

Camps Bay

The Camps Bay suburb of Cape Town is all about beaches and nightlife, whether you're a Cape Town resident in search of a weekend getaway or you're a visitor. The wide, white sand beaches of Camps Bay sit beneath the imposing Twelve Apostles peaks and Talbe Mountain itself. Vacationers play beach volleyball, go surfing, and simply relax in the sand. By night, Victoria Road hums with activity - it's the place to see and be seen, lined with trendy nightclubs and restaurants. Camps Bay Beach has been listed as a Blue Flag Beach since 2008 …

» Cango Caves

Cango Caves

The dark tunnels and shadowy chambers of this popular tourist cave wind through nearly four kilometers of dimly lit underground passages. Visitors can only explore Cango Caves on guided group tours, which are offered in two vastly different options. The standard tour takes travelers through easy-going portions of the caves, where sharply pointed stalactites and stalagmites aglow from spotlights make for impressive photos …

» Cango Wildlife Ranch

Cango Wildlife Ranch

Since 1977 this Western Cape attraction has been offering visitors up close encounters with some of South Africa's most-loved animals. Take a guided tour through the award-winning grounds for a look at flying foxes, exotic birds and water monitors. Cheetahland, an elevated catwalk that made this ranch famous, is also home to tigers, cheetahs and even a white lion. But despite the wide variety of animals here, Cango Wildlife Ranch is not a zoo …

» Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve

Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve

The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve is a nature lover's paradise. See fynbos, Dutch for "fine bush," and indeed, the native flora is as spectacular as it is varied, as well as the native flora, which includes zebras, elands, ostriches and baboons. Further south is Cape Point, where you superb bird watching, whale watching and breathtaking ocean views in some of the cleanest air in the world - the visibility is bar none …

» Cape Point Nature Reserve

Cape Point Nature Reserve, Cape Town

The Cape Point Nature Reserve sits on Cape Point, at the tip of the Cape Peninsula, and features a great variety of animal and plant life. The reserve occupies more than 19,000 acres of Cape Point, including nearly 25 miles of coastline. The old lighthouse, built in 1859, was replaced in 1911, but it still remains standing and is a popular attraction. The Cape Point Nature Reserve is part of the larger Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest floral kingdom in the world. Contrary to popular belief, Cape Point is not the southernmost point of Africa - nor is it the point off which the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet …

» Cape Wheel of Excellence

Cape Wheel of Excellence, Cape Town

The Cape Wheel of Excellence is a huge observation wheel in Cape Town, opened in 2010 just in time for the South Africa World Cup. Standing at just over 164 feet tall, the giant observation wheel has 36 fully-enclosed pods (called gondolas), each with room for six adults. A complete revolution of the wheel takes about 2.5 minutes, but during one ride passengers get to go around four times. This gives everyone a chance to see the spectacular views over Cape Town multiple times …

» Castle of Good Hope

Castle of Good Hope

In the late 1600s, the Dutch East India Company constructed the Castle of Good Hope as a maritime resupply station, and over the years, it became the seat of administrative and military power in the cape until the settlement grew and the civilian functions moved into town. Today, the castle is the oldest remaining building of the colonial era as well as the military's hub. Open to visitors, it houses the Castle Military Museum and the Iziko Museums of Cape Town …

» Chapman's Peak Drive

Chapman's Peak Drive, Cape Town

Chapman's Peak is a mountain on the Cape Peninsula, with a 5.5-mile road known for its scenic beauty. The road winds from Hout Bay to Noordhoek, clinging to the side of the steep mountain almost the whole way. The road was built in the early 20th century, and boasts 114 turns in its short 5.5-mile distance. The road itself may not be long, but you'll want to take your time - not just because of the many curves, but also because of the gorgeous views. There are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the scenery along the way …

» Chavonnes Battery Museum

Chavonnes Battery Museum, Cape Town

The Chavonnes Battery Museum houses the remains of an old cannon battery, one of the fortifications the VOC (the Dutch East India Company) built at the beginning of the 18th century to protect themselves from sea-borne aggressors. It is said to have taken over a decade to complete the battery, which stood at what is now the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Inaugurated in the 1720s, the battery's firing platform used 16 large guns to open fire on hostile ships from its vantage point overlooking the bay …

» Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach, Cape Town

The exclusive coastal town of Clifton lies on the northwest tip of the Cape Peninsula. Elaborate homes of some of South Africa's most famous celebrities and wealthiest entrepreneurs line the rocky hills of this affluent suburb. The impressive architecture makes for a uniquely scenic drive, but it's the beautiful beaches that draw visitors away from Cape Town to the picturesque shores of the Atlantic. Four distinct beaches make up Clifton Beach, which attracts a ritzier crowd full of scenesters eager to see and be seen …

» Company's Gardens

Company's Gardens, Cape Town

When the Dutch East India Company arrived in the area of what is now Cape Town in 1652, one of the first things they did was create a garden to help feed the settlers. The Company's Garden still exists, today as a public park. Company's Garden covers a whopping 19.76 acres in the middle of Cape Town, near the parliament building, and includes a fish pond, rose garden and multiple statues and monuments. There's a tea room restaurant on the grounds, and an 18th-century sundial. Attractions near the garden include the Iziko South African Museum …

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Even transient visitors can't help but become enamored with Cape Town's exquisite beauty: its striking Table Mountain backdrop, gorgeous beaches, enchanting vineyards, rugged landscapes, and its variety of wonderful plants and animals. In fact, some visitors extend their stay to a good bit longer than what you'd consider a vacation! Cape Town is also famous for its hospitality …

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Cape Town is the second-most populous city in South Africa, after Johannesburg, and the provincial capital of the Western Cape. As the seat of the National Parliament, it is also the legislative capital of the country. The city is famous for its harbour, for its natural setting in the Cape floral kingdom, as well as for such well-known landmarks as Table Mountain and Cape Point …

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