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Switzerland is a natural theme park showcasing three of Europe's most distinct cultures. To the north is the beer-drinking, sausage-eating stepchild of Germany; to the south-west the wine drinking and shopping spills effortlessly into France; in the south-east the sun warms cappuccino-sippers loitering in Italian-style plazas. And binding it all together is a distinct, and sometimes bizarre Swiss mentality.

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» Lake Geneva (Lac Leman)

Lake Geneva (Lac Leman)

Lake Geneva (Lac Leman to the locals) is land-locked Switzerland's largest body of water, though most of its southern shore is in French territory. The lake is ringed by Alps and almost any point along the shore offers jaw-dropping scenery, as well as some of the most sought-after real estate in the world. More active visitors can swim, dive, windsurf and row in the warmer months. The western extremity of the lake is dominated by the city of Geneva …

» Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is the 4th largest lake in the country and has complicated shape that curves into the mountains and the city of Lucerne. The lake's has a total area of 114 square kilometers (44 sqare miles). The lake and shoreline have many stunning views, especially of Mount Rigi and Mount Pilatus. It is possible to trek around the lake by road. You should be wary that the route is slow, twisted, and goes through multiple tunnels. The lake is a popular tourist destination, both for foreigners and native Swiss …

» Lake Walen (Walensee)

Lake Walen (Walensee)

Lake Walen is a lake in eastern Switzerland separating the cantons Glarus and St.Gallen. It is part of a region known as Heidiland, named after the famous Heidi story by Johanna Spyri and represents these corresponding values of unspoiled nature, warmth and simplicity. The mountains rise almost vertically on all sides of the lake and nestled on little plateaus and along the shores are several traditional Swiss towns. Below the steep south face of the Churfirsten, the small village of Quinten is a car-free paradise …

» Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is big: 25 mi (40 km) long and 1.9 mi (3 km) wide. At its deepest it reaches 469 ft (143 m). The water is very clean, coming off those Swiss mountains, and is used for supplying water to the cities around it. The largest of these is Zurich at around 360,000 residents. The lake is used for boating and swimming, reaching up to 20 degrees Celcius (68 F) in summer. Along its edges are dotted swimming pools - these are floating pontoon decks with change rooms, sunbathing areas and usually saunas, massage and a cafe …

» Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland

Sitting bang in the middle of the northern shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) in French-speaking Switzerland, Lausanne is a sophisticated, cultured city surrounded by wine-growing regions and with a wonderful backdrop of snow-capped Alps. With its origins in Roman times, it has developed among the lakeside hills and exists on several different levels, spanned by a multitude of bridges. The heart of Lausanne is its medieval core, dominated by Switzerland's biggest and most flamboyant Gothic cathedral …

» Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

Used for growing grape vines since at least the 11th century (and probably as far back as Roman times), this 18-mile, 2,050-acre stretch of terraced vine-rows across the Swiss canton of Vaud is one of the world's most remarkable examples of human interaction with a natural landscape. The southern-facing terraces, which maintain a mild climate within a country known for its spectacular winters, are famed for producing the Chasselas grape, which make a full, dry and fruity white wine that fueled the local economy for centuries …

» Limmatquai


Limmatquai is the street along the right side of the river Limmat in central Zurich. On one side is the Rathaus, Zurich's Baroque parliament building. Limmatquai is a vibrant shopping, dining and hotel area with many interesting buildings dating from the days of the rich Guilds which governed Zurich until 1789. It is the perfect place to start your exploration of the narrow, charming streets of the Old Town …

» Lindenhof

Lindenhof, Switzerland

Lindenhof is both a district in Zurich and a square of the same name and looks back on an eventful history. The district is the oldest part of the city and once, a Roman fort stood in its place on the hill. At Lindenhof Square, a Roman tombstone was found containing the oldest mention of the city, back then a customs post with the name Turicum. Even after the fall of the Roman Empire, the Lindenhof kept playing an important role in the city's history …

» Lindt & Sprungli Chocolate Factory Outlet

Lindt & Sprungli Chocolate Factory Outlet

Swiss chocolate is as famous as mountains, clocks or Heidi. And so it should be - it's smooth and delicious, especially that made by Lindt & Sprungli. It's worth traveling to see where it is being made and to smell the unique aroma of chocolate. Although there is no possibility to visit the production, you can shop this famous Swiss Chocolate at their Chocolate Factory Outlet Shop. If you can't make it to the factory itself, head for the Sprungli cafe at Bahnhofstrasse 21, the heart of Switzerland's sweet tooth since 1836 …

» Lion Monument

Lion Monument

Carved into the low cliff face on the outskirts of the Old Town, the Lion Monument is Lucerne's most distinctive landmark, evocatively described by Mark Twain as 'the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world'. The giant sandstone sculpture depicts a 10-meter long dying lion resting in a shaded nook above a shimmering pond, and was created in 1821 under commission of Captain Carl Pfyffer von Altishofen. Hewn out of the natural rock on-site, the monument was the handiwork of stonemason Lucas Ahorn …

» Lucerne


The lakeside medieval town of Lucerne is one of Switzerland's prettiest destinations, well-deserving of a day's exploration of its historic sites. A picture-perfect town, its proud symbol is the 14th-century Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke) spanning Lake Lucerne, the beautiful, fourth-largest lake in Switzerland. Chapel Bridge is 670 feet (204 meters) long and was built in 1333 to protect Lucerne from attacks. It's the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe …

» Lucerne Old Town

Lucerne Old Town

With its idyllic lakeside promenade lined with half-timbered buildings, old burghers' houses decorated with elaborate murals and maze of cobblestone lanes linking the main squares of Weinmarkt, Hischenplatz and Kornmarkt; the pedestrianized Lucerne Old Town provides an atmospheric backdrop for a walking tour. The UNESCO-listed district is the historic heart of the city, set on the eastern banks of the River Reuss and still surrounded by the remains of its medieval city walls and watchtowers …

» Maienfeld

Maienfeld, Switzerland

Maienfeld is the picturesque town, in which the best-selling Heidi story by Johanna Spyri takes place. The famous novel tells of the life and adventures of a cheerful young girl growing up in the alps in her grandfather's, the Alm-Uncle's, care. The town of Maienfeld, which can be found in the canton of Graubunden in eastern Switzerland, embodies this image of a romantic and nature-oriented Switzerland and transports visitors back in time …

» Maison Cailler Chocolaterie

Maison Cailler Chocolaterie

Have you ever watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in your childhood and wished you could go on a trip to such a magical place yourself? This dream might still come true. There is hardly a more fitting place to delve into the world of chocolate than at the oldest chocolate manufacturer in Switzerland, La Maison Cailler Chocolaterie. The exhibition shows visitors the origin of chocolate and takes them from the realm of the Aztecs in Mexico, who drank chocolate before a battle …

» Montreux


Lake Geneva is Europe's largest freshwater lake, lying in both France and Switzerland and bordered by the cities of Geneva and Lausanne as well as the charming towns of Vevey and Montreux. On the eastern tip of the lake in French-speaking Switzerland, Montreux has a wonderful location pinned between the lake, the UNESCO-listed vineyards of the Lavaux region and the Swiss Alps. Montreux's Vieille-Ville (Old Town) forms a little knot of brightly painted wooden houses uphill from the modern lakeside town …

» Mount Rigi

Mount Rigi

Mount Rigi is a mountain in central Switzerland, bordering Lucerne, and part of the Swiss Alps. It's also known as the "Queen of the Mountains." Rigi offers stunning panoramic views and is famous for its beautiful sunrises. Nowadays, the mountain is easily accessible by public transportation. It offers many winter and summer excursions such as skiing, sledding, or hiking …

» Mt Pilatus

Mt Pilatus

Pilatus is a just north of Lucerne. Local legend alleges that Pontius Pilate was buried there, giving the mountain its name. The tale claims Pilate haunted the mountain after his death and would unleash storms on climbers approaching the summit. However, it is more likely that the name comes from the Latin world pileatus, meaning covered in clouds. Whatever the truth is, everyone can agree that it is a beautiful place to visit, both in winter and in summer …

» Mt Titlis

Mt Titlis

Mount Titlis is the best and highest view over central Switzerland. The summit is always snow-covered, which is great for avid skiers. The view from the belvedere, at 2,970 meter (9,742 feet), includes the Jungfrau and the Matterhorn, in addition to Zurich and Basel on a nice day. Enjoy the ride up to the summit on the funicular and cable cars …

» Old Town (Altstadt)

Old Town (Altstadt)

The historic heart of Zurich, the Altstadt, or Old Town, remains the most atmospheric part of the city, with its striking 19th century buildings and winding cobblestone lanes hosting an array of modern cafes, shops and galleries. For visitors to the city, the Old Town makes the ideal starting point for a sightseeing tour of Zurich, sprawling along both sides of the River Limmat and home to many of the city's principal tourist attractions …

» Palace of United Nations (Palais des Nations Unis)

Palace of United Nations (Palais des Nations Unis)

The Palais des Nations Unis - or Palace of United Nations - is a monumental structure worthy of the European home of the United Nations, the international organization's most important seat outside of New York. The neo-classical complex was originally built in the early 1930s as the headquarters of the League of Nations, the predecessor to the UN. These days it hosts major global conferences as well as numerous smaller meetings …

» Parade Square (Paradeplatz)

Parade Square (Paradeplatz)

Zurich's Parade Square, better known as Paradeplatz, is located right outside of the main train station and is one of the city's most important junctions. Not only do many of the tram lines meet up here, but Parade Square has made itself a name as one of the world's big financial centers. Large Swiss banks have set up their headquarters here and thus, it has become a synonym for wealth and prosperity. The square also connects to the Bahnhofstrasse …

» Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls

Tumbling from a height of 75 feet over a 450-foot stretch of rock, the mighty Rhine Falls are the largest waterfalls in Europe. Located just outside the medieval town of Schaffhausen, the Rhine Falls make a popular day trip from Zurich and standing at the foot of the falls is one of the country's dramatic sights, with an average 21,000 cubic feet of water plummeting into the Rhine river basin each second. There are a number of ways to get a view of the falls, including strategic viewing platforms …

» Rosengart Collection (Picasso Museum)

Rosengart Collection (Picasso Museum)

The Rosengart Collection is Lucerne's newest museum addition and houses the extensive and once private collection of Angela Rosengart, a Swiss art dealer and good friend to the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. Rosengart, who has collected one of the biggest private art stashes of the classical modernist era, wanted to make these paintings, which would normally just be passed from one private collector to the next, more accessible to the public …

» Schaffhausen


A lively medieval town located an hour north of Zurich, Schaffhausen is best known as the gateway to one of Switzerland's most famous tourist attractions - the Rhine Falls. The mighty waterfall is Europe's largest, stretching 450-feet across the Rhine River and cascading from heights of up to 75-feet. Along with hosting Switzerland's largest fireworks display in honor of Swiss National Day on August 1st, the Falls are also a prime spot for hiking, boat trips and river rafting …

» Stanserhorn CabriO

Stanserhorn CabriO

We all know what regular cable cars look like. The mountain Stanserhorn in the canton of Nidwalden though, has managed to provide a more revolutionary experience for its guests and at the same time, write cable car history. The world's first convertible-style cable car, the Stanserhorn CabriO, is where the fun is at. You can have a panoramic and completely unobstructed view over a hundred kilometers of alpine peaks while you float under the open sky with pristine mountain air blowing through your fluttering hair …

» St Peter Church (St. Peterskirche)

St Peter Church (St. Peterskirche)

St Peter's is the oldest church in Zurich. It stands in a small square surrounded by houses and shops but its impressive spire dominates the city. St Peter's Church, also known as St Peterskirche, is so tall that from the Middle Ages until the early 20th century it was used by the night-watch keeping an eye out for fires breaking out in the city. On this spire is the largest church clockface in Europe with a diameter of 28.5 ft (8.7 m). The minute hand is 12 ft (4 m) long! …

» Swiss National Museum

Swiss National Museum

In a city with almost 150 museums and galleries, the Swiss National Museum (Landesmuseum) beats off some pretty stiff competition to take its place as one of Zurich's top museums. The largest of its kind in the country, the museum is devoted to preserving the cultural heritage and history of Switzerland, chronicling the birth and evolution of the nation. Almost 1 million artifacts make up the permanent collection, which takes the visitor on a journey from ancient Switzerland …

» Swiss Transport Museum

Swiss Transport Museum

Home to Switzerland's first IMAX theater and a fascinating collection of trains, ships, airplanes, automobiles and even spaceships, the Swiss Transport Museum is one of Europe's leading transport museums. A popular attraction for visitors to Lucerne, the museum exhibits over 3,000 large-scale items, among them the Riga, Switzerland's oldest steamboat, dating back to 1847; a number of vintage 1870s trams and trolleys; the EURECA satellite; and a Car Theater crammed with over 80 automobiles …

» Water Fountains (Jet d'Eau)

Water Fountains (Jet d'Eau)

If you've seen a panoramic view of Geneva you've most likely seen the huge lake Water Fountains, or Jet d'Eau, with its commanding position at the point where the River Rhone empties into Lake Geneva. It started life in the 19th century as a humble safety valve for a hydraulic installation, but is now the city's foremost symbol. With every second, some 130 gallons of water are propelled at 125 miles an hour to a maximum height of 150 yards (that's 500 liters at 200 km/h reaching 140 meters) …

» Weggis


Weggis is a municipality in central Switzerland, which is located right on the shores of Lake Lucerne and at the foot of the Queen of the Mountains, the Rigi. The inhabitants of Weggis often claim that their town is a little bit warmer than other places on the northern side of the Alps and they might just be right. Due to being protected from the harsh north wind, the climate is milder and there is hardly a garden in Weggis that doesn't spread that little bit of vacation feeling with a palm tree or two …

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