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Originally populated for centuries by the aboriginal people known as Taíno, Puerto Rico was claimed by Christopher Columbus for Spain during his second voyage to the Americas on November 19, 1493. Like Cuba, Puerto Rico remained a Spanish colony until 1898 …

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» La Cueva del Indio

La Cueva del Indio

Visitors to this popular natural wonder must scramble up rocky ledges, treacherous cliffs and ancient wooden staircases to access some of the region's most impressive views. Stationed 700 feet above the Puerto Rican countryside, these beautiful caves are one of Arecibo's most popular destinations and offer a unique taste of Taino cultural history, too. While the hike to the top is somewhat technical, amazing views and ancient rock paintings known as petroglyphs make it worth the challenge. Less-skilled travelers will still find plenty to do nearby …

» La Fortaleza (Palacio de Santa Catalina)

La Fortaleza (Palacio de Santa Catalina)

The Wedgwood blue and white Santa Catalina Palace was built in 1533 and makes an impressive sight as you approach through a narrow Old San Juan street. While the building exudes an air of calm authority, it occupies a site that was long one of the most contested strategic positions in the Caribbean: La Fortaleza. And you can still see stone fortifications built by the Spanish, brooding above the waves …

» Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve

Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve

This protected park in the far reaches of Puerto Rico is home to the Laguna Grande bioluminescent bay, rainforests, walking trails, boardwalks and a wide array of flora and fauna. The reserve, which showcases some of the best - and most diverse - of Puerto Rico's natural wonder covers just 316 acres but includes seven different ecological systems, making it a true wonderland for travelers looking to explore the outdoors. Visitors will find giant iguanas, crawling crabs and a variety of colorful birds here, in addition to the oldest lighthouse on the island …

» Luquillo Beach

Luquillo Beach

Also known as Balnearnio Montserrat, Luquillo Beach is beautiful tranquil crescent of powdery sand famed for its palm trees and long stretch of fine yellow sand. A fringe reef protects the beach from raging surf and calms the water to tranquility, so families find it a popular stop to bring young kids who are often found frolicking on the shore. The fried food kiosks that dot the area are well-liked for beachside eating, though locals often bring their grills to set up and do a little beachside bbq-ing. With El Yunque National Forest blooming in the background …

» Mercado Santurce

Mercado Santurce

It's tough to miss the huge avocado sculptures and lively crowds outside Mercado Santurce, the largest public market in San Juan. Both locals and travelers flock to this popular destination known for its fresh produce, fragrant herbs and traditional Puerto Rican eateries. Visitors can wander through well-lit stalls and sample freshly squeeze juices, fried fish or spicy beans, while combing through household items and other typical market wares. On weekends and weeknights things at Mercado Santurce really heat up …

» Mezzanine at St Germain

Mezzanine at St Germain

Those searching for a truly unique experience will find what they are after at the Mezzanine at St. Germain. This contemporary cocktail lounge is located in a historic colonial building in the heart of San Juan and experts craft one-of-a-kind drinks for a well-heeled crowd of locals and tourists. From gimlets to negronis, mojitos to Moscow mules, there's something for everyone on the Mezzanine's list of favorite spirits. Travelers can also choose from an extensive menu of tasty tapas and bar snacks to pair with strong libations, like not-too-sweet guav and brie croissants …

» Old San Juan

Old San Juan

Old San Juan sits on a small island guarding the entrance to the Bahía de San Juan, the 'rich port' which gave Puerto Rico its name. Its strategic position was backed up by fortifications include the forbidding San Felipe del Morro fort at the tip of the island, as well as San Cristóbal fort and La Fortaleza, now the Governor's residence. Inland, the compact grid of hilly, narrow streets, with their colorful houses and elegant wrought-iron balconies, represents one of the oldest and best-preserved town centers in the Western Hemisphere …

» Paseo de la Princesa

Paseo de la Princesa

Quite literally meaning walkway of the princess, Paseo de la Princesa does indeed have enough romance and beauty fit for royalty. A perfect spot to enjoy the Old World charms of San Juan - strolling through this romantic 19th century avenue is perhaps one of San Juan's most romantic escapes - and yet it's located just outside the city walls. Lined with antique street lamps, shade trees, and fruit cart vendors - walking the Paseo de la Princesa embues a leisurely sense of ancient romance and serene beauty. With the impressive Old San Juan fortifications towering above you …

» Piñones


A beautiful boardwalk, picturesque beaches and an impressive local food scene are just part of what makes a visit to Pinones the perfect escape for gringos in search of a truly Puerto Rican experience. Travelers can rent bikes and cruise along the scenic coast, or head off road on a ride through the diverse ecosystems that line paths leading to shallow shores. Whether it's sky-high palm trees or low lying sea brush the range of accessible plant life is astounding. Travelers also love the wide variety of traditional island fare, like alcapuria, papa rellenas and pinchos …

» Ponce


Ponce is Puerto Rico's second city and a complete change of pace from the capital San Juan. Ponce's low key charm speaks louder to architecture buffs than it does to party animals. Starting at the central Plaza Las Delicicas you'll find two defining landmarks of the city, the twin-towered cathedral and the vivid scarlet and black stripes of the whimsical Parque de Bombas, once a fire station, now a museum of fire-fighting. In the streets near the square you'll soon come across the lemon-yellow Teatro La Perla and the delightful candy pink Museum of Architecture …

» Rio Camuy Cave Park

Rio Camuy Cave Park

You don't have to be a seasoned spelunker to enjoy Río Camuy Cave Park, one of the largest such sites in the world. The caves, sculpted by the underground river from which it derives its name, were only discovered in 1958 and haven't yet been fully surveyed. The most accessible part is Cueva Clara. Descending into this subterranean chamber, pierced by shafts of sunlight, lined with luxuriant ferns and echoing with bat screeches, is an unforgettable experience. Back on ground level you can peer into the enormous Tres Pueblos Sinkhole …

» Ruin of Caparra

Ruin of Caparra

When the explorer Ponce de Leon arrived in Puerto Rico he and his men built the first Spanish settlement on the island. The ruins of this once impressive fortress are today among the most popular New World historic sites. Caparra was discovered back in 1917 when the construction of Route 2 unearthed this historic stone structure. Today, travelers can explore the well-maintained grounds, which are marked with placards noting the historical significance of various sites, and unearth a bit of the past at the tiny museum on site …

» San Juan Cathedral

San Juan Cathedral

Built in 1521, The San Juan Cathedral (aka La Santa Catedral San Juan Bautista de Puerto Rico) is one of the highlights of any trip into Old San Juan. The second oldest cathedral in the Americas, this historic landmark lies right in the heart of Old San Juan and boasts an impressive array of religious and historical artifacts including the tomb of notorious Spanish conquistador Ponce de Leon and the mummy of St. Pio. An operational cathedral, you can attend mass here Saturdays at 7 pm, Sunday at 9 and 11 am, and weekdays 7:25 am and 12:15 pm …

» San Juan Gate

San Juan Gate

Named in honor of Saint John the Baptist, La Puerta de San Juan was originally one of five doorways to the city used to protect its streets from invaders and each gate has its own unique function. Today, this towering red and white entryway that's tucked into the city's surrounding stonewall offers a truly magical way to enter and explore Puerto Rico's capital city. Travelers who pass through this historic entrance will find energetic vendors selling traditional snacks and ice-cold piragua along walkways heading towards the historic old town …

» San Juan National Historic Site

San Juan National Historic Site

Established in 1949, The San Juan National Historic Site is home to some of the city's most famous attractions. Visitors can climb to Castillo San Felibe del Morro, overlooking the San Juan Bay, for an up close look at military efforts more than 250 years ago. Travelers can learn about historic battles that took place against the English and Dutch while visiting the restored lighthouse, chapel and vintage cannons. History buffs will also love Castillo San Cristobal, near the gate of Old San Juan. While El Morro protected Puerto Rico from seaside attacks …

» Vieques Island

Vieques Island

Perhaps the last unspoiled island of the Caribbean, Vieques is home to untouched beaches, crystal clear waters, 3,100 acres of thick green jungle, wild horses and the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. It's a natural wonderland for travelers looking to experience tropical beauty at its best. Visitors can explore this traffic-light-free island by bike, or trek along wildlife trails on foot or horseback. Underwater wonder also awaits here, with plenty of impressive snorkeling and scuba diving destinations and day trips …

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Puerto Rico is where four centuries of Spanish Caribbean culture comes face to face with the American convenience store. This leads to some strange juxtapositions - parking lots and plazas, freeways and fountains, skyscrapers and shanties - but it's all apiece with the Caribbean's hybrid history. US and Canadian citizens do not require visas or passports but must have valid ID …

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