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Like a Richard Wilson painting, enjoy the alluring country landscapes by spending your time near the lakes or mountains. The Welsh flag may have an intimidating red dragon adorning it, but the people are welcoming and amicable.

Magical Journeys to Wales

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» Barry Island

Barry Island

There are few places as quintessentially Welsh as Barry Island, a lively seaside resort known for its Blue Flag beaches and traditional Pleasure Park, and teeming with locals during the sunny months. It was hit British TV show Gavin & Stacey that put Barry Island firmly on the map and today the main pastime for visitors is touring the many filming locations seen in the comedy series, among them Marco's Café, Stacey's house and the arcade where Nessa works …

» Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle

Presiding over the city center and surrounded by the idyllic Bute Park, Cardiff Castle is one of the capital's most visited tourist attractions. Spanning an incredible 2,000 years of the city's illustrious history, the castle has been variously, a Roman Garrison, a Norman Stronghold, a Second World War hideout and, most recently, the fairytale medieval home of the Marquess of Bute. With a breathtaking panorama from the castle's iconic Clock tower, it's worth a look for the views alone …

» Cardiff City Hall

Cardiff City Hall

Standing proud in the heart of the city since Cardiff was granted its city status back in 1906, the City Hall remains the focal point of the city's celebrated civic center - encircled in landscaped gardens, tree-lined alcoves and striking architectural landmarks. The arresting Edwardian building blends English and French Renaissance styles, with its magnificent façade characterized by its domed atrium, striking clock tower and dramatic water feature. It's the 194-foot high clock tower with it's four-face gilded dials and the HC Fear statue …

» Llandaff


At first glance, Llandaff looks like any other Welsh village, with its gabled brick houses, cluster of shops and traditional pubs, but visit after dark and the tranquil suburb transforms into an eerie medieval township, where ancient ghosts and Celtic spirits lurk around every corner. Llandaff has long been famous for its Cathedral, one of Britain's oldest Christian sites, which dates back to as early as the 6th century, but more recently the village has become notorious as the setting for Cardiff's award-winning ghost walks …

» Millennium Stadium

Millennium Stadium

Built to host the 1999 Rugby World Cup Final and celebrate the upcoming millennium, the Cardiff Millennium Stadium is now the city's largest venue and the National Stadium of Wales. Designed by Rod Sheard, the grand stadium seats up to 74,500 and features a fully retractable roof. Cardiff's Millennium Stadium is home to the Wales national rugby union team and the Wales national football team, as well as having hosted a number of important sporting events over the years, including the World Rally Championship …

» National Museum and Art Gallery

National Museum and Art Gallery

Housing Cardiff's premium art and history collection, the National Museum and Art Gallery is the city's most visited museum, dating back to 1927. Set in the tranquil surroundings of Cathays Park, the museum houses a vast collection of Welsh archaeology, geology and natural history items, depicting the country's fascinating history and ancestry through a series of inventive installations. It's the adjourning art gallery, however, that draws the most attention. Renowned as one of Europe's finest art collections …

» Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park

Sprawled along the west coast of Wales, Snowdonia National Park is home to some of Britain's most jaw-dropping scenery, as well as encompassing the largest peaks in England and Wales. A rugged wonderland of grassy hills, medieval castles and glistening lakelands, it's no surprise that Snowdonia is a hit among hikers and scaling the 1085-meter peak of Snowdon is on many climbers' bucket lists. The towering peak isn't Snowdonia's only claim to fame - the 800 square mile park is the largest and oldest in Wales and encompasses Wale's largest natural lake …

» Techniquest


With its a unique approach to science, Cardiff's leading science and discovery center, Techniquest, is one of the most popular discovery centers in the whole of the UK, dedicated to making science not only accessible, but a whole lot of fun. Since it opened 1986, the Techniquest Science Discovery Centre, located in Cardiff Bay, has become one of the most visited family attractions in the country, with over 120 hands-on exhibits and a Science theatre to keep children (and inquisitive adults) amused …

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Wales is generally known for its mountainous countryside, Celtic ancestry, and the use of exceedingly long words. Don't let the Cambrian language distract you from a mass of ancient Roman ruins and Iron Age relics that can be found scattered throughout the area …

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Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain, bordered by England to its east, the Irish Sea to its north and west, and the Bristol Channel to its south. A land of magnificent mountains, centuries-old castles and beautiful beaches, Wales is steeped in proud tradition.

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