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The Northeast Region of Brazil is the third largest of five geopolitical regions of Brazil composed of nine states: Maranhao, Piaui, Ceara, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraiba, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Sergipe and Bahia. It stretches from the Atlantic seaboard in the northeast and southeast, northwest and west to the Amazon Basin and south through the Espinhaço highlands in southern Bahia.

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Most Popular Destinations: AracajuArraial d' AjudaFernando de Noronha
FortalezaItacareJericoacoaraJoao PessoaMaceioMorro de Sao Paulo
NatalPipaPorto De GalinhasPorto SeguroRecifeSalvadorTrancoso

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» Salvador

Salvador Hotels, Brazil

Salvador (in full, Sao Salvador da Baia de Todos os Santos, or in literal translation: Holy Savior of All Saints' Bay) is a city on the northeast coast of Brazil and the capital of the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia. The city was for a long time also known as Bahia, and appears under that name on many maps and books …

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» Fortaleza

Fortaleza Hotels, Brazil

Fortaleza is a major city on Brazil's northeast coast, and the capital of Ceara state. There are two nice city beaches, Praia de Iracema and Praia do Futuro. The former is right in the city, within walking distance of the central district. The latter is a bit to the south, accessible by city bus …

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» Natal

Natal Hotels, Brazil

Natal is the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte, a north eastern state in Brazil. Natal lies on the Atlantic Ocean, at the mouth of the Potengi river. The sandy soil of Natal prevented the city from becoming a producer of sugarcane, during the colonial times. For centuries, the economy was based on the raising of cattle …

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• States of Northeast Brazil

» Alagoas

Alagoas Hotels, Brazil

Alagoas is one of the 27 states of Brazil and is situated in the eastern part of the Northeast Region. It borders Pernambuco, Sergipe, Bahia and the Atlantic Ocean. Its capital is the city of Maceio. Next to last Brazilian state in area (larger only than Sergipe) and 16th in population, it is one of the greatest producers of sugarcane and coconuts in the country and has an economy based on cattle raising …

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» Bahia

Bahia Hotels, Brazil

Bahia is one of the 26 states of Brazil, and is located in the eastern part of the country on the Atlantic coast. The Coconut Coast, in the north of Bahia, corresponds to a total of 193 km (120 mi) of coastline, where coconut groves, dunes, rivers, swamps and fresh water lagoons are abundant as well as the presence of the Atlantic Rain Forest. The largest bay on the Brazilian coast, Todos os Santos has a large number of islands with tropical beaches and vegetation …

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» Ceara

Ceara Hotels, Brazil

Ceara is one of the 27 states of Brazil, located in the northeastern part of the country, on the Atlantic coast. It is also one of the main touristic destinations in Brazil. The state capital is the city of Fortaleza. The state is best known for its extensive coastline, with 600 km of sand. There are also mountains and valleys producing tropical fruits …

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» Maranhao

Maranhao Hotels, Brazil

Maranhao is a northeastern state of Brazil. To the north lies the Atlantic Ocean. The dunes of Lencois are an important area of environmental preservation. Also of interest is the state capital of Sao Luis, designated a Unesco World Heritage Site. Another important conservation area is the Parnaíba River delta, between the states of Maranhao and Piaui, with its lagoons, desert dunes and deserted beaches or islands, such as the Caju island, which shelters rare birds …

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» Paraiba

Paraiba Hotels, Brazil

Paraiba is a state in the Brazilian Northeast, and is bordered by Rio Grande do Norte, Ceara, Pernambuco and, to the east, the Atlantic Ocean. Paraiba is most populated along the Atlantic coast, which extends as far as Ponta do Seixas, the easternmost point of the Americas. The state is a touristic and industrial hotspot; it is known for its cultural heritage, amenable climate and geographical features, ranging from the seaside beaches to the Borborema Plateau …

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» Pernambuco

Pernambuco Hotels, Brazil

Pernambuco is a state of Brazil, located in the Northeast region of the country. The state of Pernambuco also includes the archipelago Fernando de Noronha. Recife, the state capital and Olinda have one of the most traditional Brazilian Carnivals. Both have Portuguese architecture, with centuries-old casaroes and churches, kilometers of beaches and much culture …

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» Piaui

Piaui Hotels, Brazil

Piaui is one of the states of Brazil, located in the country's Northeast Region. Piaui has the shortest coastline of any of the non-landlocked Brazilian states, and the capital, Teresina, is the only state capital in the northeast to be located inland. In the southeast of the state, the National Park of Serra da Capivara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park has more than 400 archaeological sites and the largest concentration of rock paintings in the world, in a landscape dominated by canyons and caatinga …

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» Rio Grande do Norte

Rio Grande do Norte Hotels, Brazil

Rio Grande do Norte is one of the states of Brazil, located in the northeastern region of the country, occupying the northeasternmost tip of the South American continent. The capital and largest city is Natal. It is the land of the folklorist Luis da Camara Cascudo and, according to NASA, has the purest air in the Americas …

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» Sergipe

Sergipe Hotels, Brazil

Sergipe is one of the states of Brazil, located in the northeastern region of the country, occupying the northeasternmost tip of the South American continent. The capital and largest city is Natal. It is the land of the folklorist Luis da Camara Cascudo and, according to NASA, has the purest air in the Americas …

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The Northeast Region lies entirely within the earth's Tropical zone and encompasses Caatinga, Atlantic Forest and part of the Cerrado ecoregions. The climate is hot and varies from xeric in Caatinga, to mesic in Cerrado and hydric in the Atlantic Forest. Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco, is the largest metropolitan area of the Northeast Region. The biggest cities are Salvador, Fortaleza, Recife, and Sao Luis, all lying on the Atlantic coast …

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