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Shopping districts are popular in Barbados, with ample duty-free shopping. There is also a festive night-life in mainly tourist areas such as the Saint Lawrence Gap. Other attractions include wildlife reserves, jewelry stores, scuba diving, helicopter rides, golf, festivals, sightseeing, cave exploration, exotic drinks and fine clothes shopping

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» Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Barbados

If you've ever wondered what an agouti looks like, you'll find out at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Along with these cute forest-dwelling rodents you'll see deer, armadillos, iguanas, monkeys, flamingos and peacocks. The open reserve presents animals in their natural environment, and the reserve's hordes of Barbados green monkeys are free to come and go as they please. It's a good idea to time your visit for around 2pm …

» Bathsheba Beach

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

According to an old legend, beautiful Bathsheba - the wife of King David - bathed in milk to keep her skin looking smooth and soft. Barbados locals say the white, frothy waters of Bathsheba Beach, named in her honor, have similar healing powers. Surfers love riding the wild Atlantic waves and navigating the strong currents this beach is famous for, while the more leisurely set enjoy taking in its picturesque landscapes and soaking in the relaxing mineral pools …

» Bridgetown

Bridgetown, Barbados

Barbados is a hot destination among tourists for more reasons than just beautiful beaches, great people and duty-free shopping! Journey through Harrison's Cave to the island's rolling green hills and get treated to the beautiful landscapes and sights that make Barbados a perfect holiday destination. After a quick local lunch, continue on to the wildlife reserve where you'll have a chance to see and feed the island's famous green tail monkeys …

» Bridgetown Cruise Port

Bridgetown Cruise Port , Barbados

Located in the Southern Caribbean, Bridgetown is the great little gem of Barbados, sometimes referred to as 'Little England.' Unlike many other Caribbean islands that went from the possession of colonial hand to colonial hand, Barbados has always fallen under the Union Jack. British influence can be seen in the Anglican churches and in the driving on the wrong side of the road; however, the island's forty years of independence has seen it develop a distinctly Caribbean culture …

» Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay, Barbados

The ancient shipwrecks in this protected natural harbor make Carlisle Bay one of Barbados' most popular snorkeling and scuba diving destinations. Six sunken vessels dot the ocean floor here and attract hundreds of varieties of tropical fish, stingrays, sea stars and turtles, not to mention curious travelers. In addition to underwater adventures, the nearby Boatyard offers jet skiing, sea trampolines and the opportunity to jump into the ocean via rope swing …

» Crane Beach

Crane Beach , Barbados

The long stretch of secluded wave-lapped white sand at Crane Beach has been voted one of the 10 best beaches in the world. Ideal for romantic strolls, the beach is overlooked by the statues and gardens of the ritzy Crane Resort, the first resort hotel to be built in Barbados. Protected by rocky outcrops, the waters here are relatively calm and also ideal for bodysurfing. The beach wasn't named for birdlife; instead, the name is a historical reference to the cliff-top crane …

» Harrison's Cave

Harrison's Cave , Barbados

Speleologists and visitors alike dub Harrison's Cave one of the 'seven wonders of Barbados'. Known for its stunning array of stalactites and stalagmites, the cave is a mysteriously lit wonderland of subterranean tunnels, streams, waterfalls and emerald-green pools. Trams take you down into the cave to explore the cavern's pools and waterfalls, with geological insights provided along the way as part of the tour. Bring a hat to catch the overhead drips …

» Mount Gay Rum Distilleries

Mount Gay Rum Distilleries, Barbados

Rum is more than a social lubricant here on the island of Barbados. It's the history, culture, and essence of the island slowly poured over ice. Barbados is considered the birthplace of rum, and Mount Gay distillery - founded in 1703 - is believed to be the oldest rum found anywhere in the world. For three centuries sailors and seamen have sipped its amber silk, and during a visit to the Mount Gay Distillery, travelers can literally taste the history that's shaped Barbados' past. Learn how sugar cane is fermented into rum, and sample varieties of fine rum with hints of vanilla and almond …

» Orchid World

Orchid World , Barbados

The Caribbean is known for its orchids, and at Orchid World there are more than 20,000 of these tropical floral delights. Vantage points provide an overview of the 6-acre (1.5-hectare) hillside garden filled with stunning flowers. You can also follow a winding path lined with colorful orchids on a self-guided tour past a waterfall and coral grotto to a series of orchid houses …

» Paynes Bay

Paynes Bay, Barbados

Unlike some of Barbados' other well-traveled beaches, the calm aqua waters of protected Paynes Bay are ideal for swimming. This idyllic destination attracts plenty of visitors looking to soak up the sun, wander the shoreline or go for a dip. Shaded trees line the quiet beach, located in Saint James Parish, and cast cooling shadows where families retreat to relax and unwind. Plenty of wild water sports, like jet skiing and catamaran sailing …

» Sandy Lane Beach

Sandy Lane Beach, Barbados

Whether you're staying at the deluxe Sandy Lane resort or just strolling by, Sandy Lane Beach is an idyllic stretch of shore on the island's west coast. Swimming is popular here as the water is famously calm and shallow. Water sports from waterskiing to wreck diving and deep-sea fishing can be arranged at the resort's Beach Club. Hawksbill turtles nest here from July to October, and celebrities from the world of sport, politics and entertainment can also be spotted sunning themselves on this five-star beach. …

» St Nicholas Abbey

St Nicholas Abbey, Barbados

The distinctive Dutch gables and red roof of the St. Nicholas Abbey plantation are no historical pastiche. Built in 1660, the beautifully restored mansion is one of only three authentic Jacobean buildings in the western hemisphere. Inside, the plantation's great house boasts a Chinese Chippendale staircase, antiques, porcelain and much more, viewed on a free guided tour. The sugar plantation surrounding the mansion includes a historic processing plant …

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Take a drive through one of the most historical locations in Barbados, the Garrison Savannah, home to the elegant clock tower of the Main Guard and the citadel of St. Ann's Fort. Visit one of the many hidden treasures of Barbados, the Graeme Hal Nature Sanctuary, the largest inland lake of Barbados …

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Barbados is an island in the Caribbean, or West Indies, northeast of Venezuela, in Central America, lying between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The island is portrayed as the little England of the Caribbean because of its long association as a British colony …

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