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Chengdu is a political and economic center of southwest China. It is famous for its numerous hot pot restaurants and teahouses, which can be found on many street corners. Due to its agricultural wealth Chengdu is sometimes called "Land of Milk and Honey". The greater city area is divided into five districts and 12 counties.

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» Chengdu Air Tours

Chengdu Air Tours

This private tour flies you round-trip from Chengdu to explore Xi’an’s top attractions! A friendly local guide accompanies you on a full-day trip to see the UNESCO World Heritage site of the terracotta warriors, climb the Xi’an Wall for views over the city, and marvel at the Islamic-inspired architecture in the Muslim Quarter. Enjoy regional specialties for lunch to make your full-day tour complete! Round-trip airport transfers by private vehicle from the Xi’an airport are included …

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» Chengdu Cultural & Theme Tours

Chengdu Cultural & Theme Tours

Chengdu isn’t known as the ‘Land of Abundance’ for nothing. On this full-day tour, find out why as you visit the Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center and the Sanxingdui Museum. The plump black-and-white creatures at the Panda Center will surely capture your heart while the cultural artifacts at Sanxingdui Museum will take you back in time to learn about ancient China’s culture …

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» Chengdu Day Trips & Excursions

Chengdu Day Trips & Excursions

See the world’s largest stone Buddha statue! Standing at an astounding 233 feet (71 meters), the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Grand Buddha of Leshan is proof of the significance of this religion in ancient China. Your private guide will lead you on an illuminating journey up and down the trails around the whole structure, and you’ll visit ancient Buddhist temples along the way. Your tour will include private transportation from Chengdu and a delicious Chinese lunch at a popular local restaurant …

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» Chengdu Family Friendly Tours

Chengdu Family Friendly Tours

Spend your morning with the cutest, yet impressive, creatures in China! Visit the Chengdu Panda Breeding Center and take a guided tour of the facility. Tour through the baby and adult panda areas and visit the red panda section to see these small adorable animals -- you’ll even get a chance to hold one! …

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» Chengdu Food & Nightlife

Chengdu Food & Nightlife

Discover the culinary wonders of China’s Sichuan province on this comprehensive food tour from Chengdu. Your gastronomic adventures start with a visit to the ancient town of Luodai, where tasty local treats await. Then, a trip to the Museum of Sichuan Cuisine and a Pixian bean paste factory will satisfy your equally hungry mind. With both lunch and dinner provided, this tour is a fabulous way to spend a day in Sichuan and will surely please the foodie in you …

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» Chengdu Multi-Day & Extended Tours

Chengdu Multi-Day & Extended Tours

Spend two days visiting two different UNESCO World Heritage sites in Leshan on this all-inclusive tour! Your private guide will lead you on an exploration to the Leshan Grand Buddha, the largest stone Buddha sculpture in the world, standing at an impressive 233 feet (71 m)! Soar to great heights on a cable car ride up Emei Shan (Mt Emei) and explore remarkable Buddhist temples and sculptures. Spend the night at an ancient Buddhist monastery built during the Ming Dynasty …

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» Chengdu Outdoor Activities

Chengdu Outdoor Activities

Experience the rural lifestyle of local villagers outside Chengdu on a private full-day trip. Your private guide acts as a translator on this interactive tour, including a round-trip trek to the village of Chen Jia Xiang. Hike past orchards along a mountain ridge and stop for a farmhouse lunch, using produce purchased at a vegetable market. You’ll meet villagers at a local teahouse before strolling the streets of Huanglongxi Ancient Town, dotted with magnificent temples …

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» Chengdu Private & Custom Tours

Chengdu Private & Custom Tours

There’s no better place to experience the entire tea-making process than at the origin of tea itself – China! On your private tour of Mt Mengding (Mengdingshan) from Chengdu, a local farmer will teach you the whole process of making tea, from harvesting to brewing. Your own private guide will not only bring you to the plantation but also act as a translator between you and the farmer. Enjoy lunch at a local Chinese restaurant and bring home tea you make yourself! …

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» Chengdu Shows & Concerts

Chengdu Shows & Concerts

On this fabulous night out in Chengdu, watch the incredible Sichuan Opera and enjoy a hot pot dinner. Discover Sichuan customs as you join in the celebration of Sichuan theatrical traditions. The show includes acrobatics, music, humor and more!It's like watching magic happen right before your eyes! This is what you'll be thinking while watching the Sichuan Opera, a marvelous display of Sichuan culture and art …

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» Chengdu Sightseeing Tours

Chengdu Sightseeing Tours

Enjoy a day away from the city and experience the grandeur of the Sichuan region’s scenic wonders on this full-day tour to Qingcheng Mountain and the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Admire how temples and halls are seemingly carved into the thick forest of bamboo trees and caves at Qingcheng Mountain, where you’ll take a boat ride and a hike with your guide. Marvel at the construction of the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, which was built in 256 BC and led to significant irrigation and agricultural development of the region …

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» Chengdu Transfers

Chengdu Transfers

Traveling can be quite stressful, but you can avoid some stress by pre-booking this round-trip transportation service between the Chengdu airport (CTU) and your Chengdu hotel. A friendly English-speaking guide will meet you with a hearty welcome to the city and a comfortable drive to your hotel. When it’s time to leave, you’ll be taken directly to the airport and sent off with a sincere farewell. It’s as easy as the click of a button! …

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» Chengdu Walking & Bike Tours

Chengdu Walking & Bike Tours

Get a good workout on this half-day bike tour while learning about the daily customs of Chengdu locals. Visit People’s Park, where the locals come to relax and pursue their daily leisure activities. See the Qingyang Palace and the Wenshu Temple to learn about the importance of religion. Absorb Chengdu’s special atmosphere and see the sights of the city through a different lens …

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More than simply providing a natural setting for the giant pandas, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding also serves as the world's largest and most successful giant panda breeding center. Here visitors can learn about the myriad difficulties which go into breeding what is seemingly everyone's favorite species of bear …

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In Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period (907-960), Mengchang, the king, ordered that hibiscus be planted on the fortress wall surrounding the city of Chengdu. After this, Chengdu started being referred as the City of Hibiscus. Nowadays, hibiscus is still the city flower of Chengdu …

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