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For a small city Yangshuo attracts a huge amount of visitors, all drawn by the stunning scenery of the local area. As in Guilin, the karst hills are often named for objects they supposedly resemble, but even if you can’t make out a man bowing to a woman, a bronze mirror or the moon, you will still be resting your eyes on some of the most breathtaking terrain on Earth.

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» Yangshuo Family Friendly Tours

Yangshuo Family Friendly Tours

Enjoy an amazing outdoor adventure that’s perfect for the whole family on this 5-day Yangshuo tour from Yangshuo. Take guided bike rides through scenic mountain and rural landscapes, relax on bamboo raft ride down the Jade Dragon River and enjoy a wide range of activities including cave exploring, a Chinese cooking class and a calligraphy or water painting lesson. Stay overnight in quaint country cottages and comfortable hotels and enjoy round-trip transportation …

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» Yangshuo Multi-Day & Extended Tours

Yangshuo Multi-Day & Extended Tours

Get ready for an adventure-filled week as you explore the rural countryside of Guangxi by bike! Your guided bike tour will take you off the beaten track from Longji to Yangshuo, by way of Yangshuo and Xingping. Admire the region’s beautiful scenery, including the Li River and the Dragon River Valley. You will be introduced to the lifestyles of Yao and Zhuang minorities at the Longji Rice Terraces, as well as the daily lives of local farmers and fishermen in the villages of Ping’an, Dazhai and Xingping …

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» Yangshuo Outdoor Activities

Yangshuo Outdoor Activities

Ready for your next adventure? Whether you’re an expert mountaineer or a beginner climber, you will have an experience of a lifetime on this rock-climbing adventure in Yangshuo’s karst mountains. Let your professional and experienced guide introduce you to the best local climbing routes Yangshuo has to offer! This unforgettable experience is suitable for all skill levels …

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» Yangshuo Private & Custom Tours

Yangshuo Private & Custom Tours

Enjoy the most popular way to explore gorgeous Yangshuo – on a bike! On this private half-day or full-day bike tour, customize your adventure based on your group’s ability and preferences. Follow your experienced guide past the region’s scenic rolling hills, beautiful karst mountains, sprawling rice paddies, sparkling rivers and old villages. In addition, see the area’s highlights including Moon Hill and Dragon River …

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» Yangshuo Shows & Concerts

Yangshuo Shows & Concerts

Experience a spellbinding performance of the 'Impression Sanjie Liu' show directed by the world-famous director, Zhang Yimou. With the stage set right on the Li River itself, this show will leave you mesmerized at how the performers seem to be floating on the river as they portray life and culture of the local Yangshuo people. Learn about the legend of the 'Song Fairy' Liu Sanjie through this dreamy interpretation that uses a stunning natural backdrop of the Li River and karst mountains …

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» Yangshuo Sightseeing Tours

Yangshuo Sightseeing Tours

Enjoy a variety of interesting activities on a full-day guided bike tour of Yangshuo. Begin your day with a relaxing tai chi lesson with the locals beside the Li River. Discover Yangshuo’s uniqueness on an easy and enjoyable bike ride through the town and countryside. Visit the home of a farmer for a pleasant home-cooked meal before ending your day with a relaxing traditional Chinese massage …

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» Yangshuo Walking & Bike Tours

Yangshuo Walking & Bike Tours

Challenge yourself to this full-day bike ride for a unique way to experience Yanghsuo's gorgeous landscape. With a small group of no more than 12 people, cover around 18 to 24 miles (30 to 40 km) of terrain by bike with your expert guide (a shorter or more challenging ride can be arranged upon request). Your guide will take you off the beaten path to scenic spots where you can take photos and listen to interesting stories while admiring the incredible views …

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» Yangshuo Water Sports

Yangshuo Water Sports

Looking for a relaxing outdoor adventure in China? Travel by kayak down the Li River from Yangshuo, and connect with nature and the countryside. Paddle along the river with your skilled guide and enjoy stunning views of the towering karst mountains and dense bamboo forests; then discover rural, riverside life on a visit to the fishing village of Puyi. This small-group tour is limited to 15 people. …

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» All YANGSHUO Tours, Travel & Activities

ALL Yangshuo Tours, Travel & Activities

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Yangshuo is situated in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on the west bank of the Lijiang River. Its name means forest of Sweet Osmanthus, owing to the large number of fragrant Sweet Osmanthus trees located in the city. The city has long been renowned for its unique scenery …

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The first civilizations in China arose in the Yangtse and Yellow river valleys at about the same time as Mesopotamia, Egypt and India developed their first civilizations. For centuries China stood as a leading civilization, outpacing the rest of the world in the arts and sciences …


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