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Auckland has a warm-temperate climate, with warm, humid summers and mild, damp winters, and is the sunniest and warmest of New Zealand's main centres. Auckland is home to many cultures. The majority of inhabitants claim European - predominantly British - descent, but substantial Maori, Pacific Islander and Asian communities exist as well.

Magical Journeys to Auckland

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» Arataki Visitor Center

Arataki Visitor Center, Auckland

Sandwiched between the city of Auckland and the westward-facing beaches, the Waitakere Ranges are forested hills which separate the beach from the city. These hills provide a forested escape from the urban bustle of Auckland, and the best place to begin such a journey is at the popular Arataki Visitor Center. Located 30 minutes west of downtown Auckland, the Arataki Visitor Center is the official gateway to the surrounding Waitakere Ranges. Not only does this informative stop offer views looking east towards Auckland, but there are numerous bushwalks which depart from the center and explore the surrounding forest …

» Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland

The Auckland Art Gallery was the first permanent art gallery in New Zealand and is now home to the largest collection (over 14,000 works) in the country. The main gallery displays many historical works by Maori, Pacific and New Zealand artists alongside a considerable collection of international works. The New Gallery hosts the contemporary art collection in a building that is a mix of Edwardian and modern styles. The gallery has a calendar of events that include traveling exhibitions …

» Auckland Domain

Auckland Domain, Auckland

Every city needs a large central park, and Auckland Domain provides 185 acres where you can escape the bustle of the city. Set on the slopes of an extinct volcano and protected since the 1840's, Auckland Domain is not only the largest, but also the oldest park in Auckland. Located just east of the city center, Auckland Domain has a network of walking trails which weave their way through the forest. Unlike the pace of nearby downtown, peaceful moments abound in the park …

» Auckland Harbour Bridge

Auckland Harbour Bridge, Auckland

The magnificent Auckland Harbour Bridge is an eight-lane motorway bridge that spans Waitmata harbor between St Mary's Bay in Auckland and Northcote Point on the North Shore. The bridge is 3,348 feet (1,020 meters) long and 15 stories high. Although it is an imposing sight from land, one of the most exciting tourist attractions for visitors to Auckland is to get up close and personal with a bridge climb or bungy. The climb involves clamoring up the steel struts to the top of the bridge …

» Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb

Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb, Auckland

It doesn't take long when traveling through New Zealand to realize this country is extreme. Everything here, from the scenery to thrills, is just a little more elevated, a bit more intense, and in some ways a little more raw. Take, for example, the Auckland Harbor Bridge, which spans the width of Waitemata Harbor to bridge the Auckland coasts. It isn't enough that this 3,348 ft. span is an iconic part of the skyline, so to take it up another notch, the city has tours where you can literally walk on top of the famous bridge …

» Auckland Museum and Institute (War Memorial Museum)

Auckland Museum and Institute (War Memorial Museum), Auckland

Perched on top of a dormant volcano, the Auckland War Memorial Museum is one of New Zealand's finest museums. The Museum is the place to explore Maori and Pacific Island history with the largest collection of artifacts in the world, including buildings, canoes, carvings and around 1.2 million images. An extensive permanent exhibition covers the wars in which New Zealand has been involved both at home and abroad. Exhibits include Spitfire and Mitsubishi Zero airplanes and models of Maori pas (earth fortifications) …

» Auckland Sky Tower

Auckland Sky Tower, Auckland

The tallest man-made structure in New Zealand, Sky Tower offers breathtaking views for 50 miles (80 kilometers) in every direction. There is plenty to do up this high; relax with a coffee in the Sky Lounge, enjoy a revolving feast at the 360-degree Observatory Restaurant or, in true New Zealand fashion, you can also jump off Sky Tower. At 1,076 feet (328 meters) tall the Sky Tower is taller than the Eiffel Tower and it took two years and nine months to build …

» Cornwall Park

Cornwall Park, Auckland

Set adjacent to the park at One Tree Hill, Cornwall Park is a 296-acre green space that rises above the suburbs of Auckland. Strategically located between Waitemata and Manukau harbors, the area was once the site of a Maori settlement which once housed thousands of residents. Today, visitors enjoy Cornwall Park for its archeological remains, views of the city, and ornately-landscaped gardens. Although the Maori settlement had been completely abandoned by the time of European arrival …

» Devonport

Devonport, Auckland

The delightful harborside village of Devonport is an excellent spot for whiling away a day in antique shops, sampling local fare in the many restaurants and cafes or idling on beautiful Cheltanham Beach. The area has a number of charming heritage buildings including the Art Deco Victoria Cinema, the oldest cinema in the southern hemisphere. The lovely Esplanade Hotel is a well-preserved example of an 1890s English seaside hotel and offers dining with views over the harbor …

» Ferry Building

Ferry Building, Auckland

Auckland's Harbor is one of those places that's a complete sight unto itself. After all - this is the famous 'City of Sails,' where something as simple as a stroll down the docks is a legitimate form of sightseeing. Even here in the harbor, however, there are traditional sights outside of the yachts that float and bob off the docks. One of these sights is the Ferry Building, a classically soaring yellow structure that was built in 1912. Compared to Auckland's modern skyscrapers that rise across the street …

» Fullers Ferries

Fullers Ferries, Auckland

Even though Auckland is the 'City of Sails', not every traveler has their own personal sailboat to ply the waters of the Hauraki Gulf. Luckily, the boats run by Fullers ferries make it remarkably easy to explore around Auckland. The main ferry terminal is in the downtown city center, from where Auckland travelers can embark on a day trip to various spots around the city. For a short cruise, you can cross the waters of Waitemata Harbor to the northern suburb of Devonport …

» Hauraki Gulf Islands

Hauraki Gulf Islands, Auckland

The sixteen Hauraki Islands are scattered off the coast of Auckland in Hauraki Bay. Auckland's summer playground, they contain some lovely places to get away from it all and indulge in walking, horse riding, swimming, eating and drinking. Island highlights include Waiheke Island which is described as a magical island paradise and is home to over 7,000 people. Its beaches are beautiful and safe for swimming, sea kayaking and fishing, making it a popular holiday spot in summer …

» Kelly Tarlton's SEA LIFE Aquarium

Kelly Tarlton's SEA LIFE Aquarium, Auckland

The brainchild of the renowned marine archaeologist and diver, Kelly Tarlton's SEA LIFE Aquarium is an aquarium designed to thrill the whole family. It was the first aquarium to use curved-glass viewing containers and a conveyor belt to move people along. There is an exciting array of specimens from tropical marine fish to Antarctic penguins. Highlights include the gigantic stingrays, turtles and octopus that you will see in the deep water exhibit and the pufferfish and stonefish …

» Kumeu Wine Country

Kumeu Wine Country, Auckland

New Zealand is known for its crisp whites and bold reds, and there is no better way to sample the flavors of the region than by taking a trip through Kumeu Wine Country. The scenic vineyards of this world-class wine destination are home to quiet cafes, small breweries, five-star restaurants and of course, some of the best wine-makers in the country. Some of Kumeu's wineries date back to the early 1930s, and the region's unique 'cellar door' experiences take travelers through the process of winemaking …

» Manukau Heads Lighthouse

Manukau Heads Lighthouse, Auckland

When it comes to the waters surrounding Auckland, popular Waitemata Harbor tends to get all the attention. This is probably because it fronts the city and is lined with sailboats and yachts, but many visitors aren't even aware that Auckland has a second harbor. Forming the city's southern boundary, Manukau Harbor is the industrial cousin to flashy Waitemata. While the cargo ships don't have the same charm as ferries to wine covered islands, there are still places in Manukau Harbor with beauty its neighbor can't match …

» MJ Savage Memorial Park

MJ Savage Memorial Park, Auckland

Michael Joseph Savage is often regarded as the most popular Prime Minister of New Zealand. Not only did Savage lead the nation into the depths of World War II, but he was the founder of many of the social programs which still exist to this day. Although he passed away in 1940 at the age of 68, his memory lives on near the Auckland waterfront at the park which bears his name. At MJ Savage Memorial Park, not only can you pay your respects …

» Mount Eden

Mount Eden, Auckland

Set only three miles south of the Auckland city center, Mount Eden offers a view of the Auckland skyline unlike any other you'll find in the city. This 650 ft. extinct volcano is the city's highest natural vantage point, and it's a few miles closer to downtown Auckland than neighboring One Tree Hill. Heavily populated during ancient Maori times, the slopes of the mountain were largely abandoned at the time of European arrival. Today the area surrounding Mount Eden is one of Auckland's most popular suburbs …

» Muriwai Beach

Muriwai Beach, Auckland

Along the wild western coast of the North Island just outside Auckland, Muriwai Beach is a famously beautiful and rugged stretch of shore where pounding waves beckon to brave surfers and volcanic rock cliffs give way to jet black sand beaches. Each year from August to March, Muriwai Beach becomes home to massive colonies of nesting gannets. Head to Otakamiro Point, at the southern end of the beach, to witness thousands of these seabirds huddled wing to wing - laying, nesting and hatching in unison along the cliff's edge …

» Museum of Transport and Technology

Museum of Transport and Technology, Auckland

For some Auckland travelers, the best part of the city is walking by the waterfront and perusing the rows of sailboats. For others, the best part of Auckland is touring the islands or heading out west to the coast. For aviation and locomotive enthusiasts, the best part of Auckland is without a doubt the Museum of Transport and Technology. Located in West Springs about ten minutes from the city center, the museum has been showcasing modes of transport since its opening in 1964 …

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