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Discover Magical Paraty

History lovers can spend the day immersed in culture while divers explore the depths of the Atlantic, but it's still the pristine beaches that continue to draw travelers to Paraty. Sandy stretches of beautiful beach and quaint cobblestone streets.

Discover magical Paraty

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» Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica)

Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica, Paraty)

The Atlantic Forest, or Mata Atlantica Biosphere Reserve, covers 14 states and spreads over more than 20,000 acres in Brazil. It's formed of the remnants of a larger terrestrial ecosystem that once ran down the country's eastern coast, extending 3,000 km from Rio Grande do Norte to the Argentine border and as far inland as Paraguay. Located within the biosphere reserve are the urban parks of Tijuca National Park in Rio de Janeiro and Cantareira State Park in Sao Paulo …

» Cachoeira Toboga

Cachoeira Toboga, Paraty

This incredible waterfall in the heart of the rainforest is just 30 minutes outside Paraty. Its one-of-a-kind natural waterslide sends travelers shooting down slippery rocks into a warm water pool. Expert guides can help visitors navigate the best (and safest) rocky crags, but it is possible to venture to Cachoeira without taking a tour. Spend some time splashing around this unique destination, then head to nearby Bar Tarzan, where an old creaky bridge leads to cold beers, delicious snacks and the perfect place to unwind …

» Caixa d'Aco

Caixa d'Aco, Paraty

This beautiful beach located in Porto Belo in Brazil's Santa Catarina state, is a favorite destination among both travelers and locals. Private boats and impressive yachts cruise through the open port on their way to sea, and visitors can even hire a charter to explore the bay. Travelers can wander to the pristine - if rustic - beach on foot and enjoy a quiet taste of paradise, or catch stunning sunsets while kayaking through the placid waters …

» Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Paraty

Built by slaves in the early 1700s, the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary is one of Paraty's most historic - and most visited - religious sites. The ornate wooden altars, gilded in gold, provide a stark contrast to the whitewashed walls of the central church. A brilliant chandelier base secured in the rounded ceiling is just part of what makes a visit to Our Lady of the Rosary unique. Travelers will likely find this homage to the slaves who worked tirelessly on its construction an important landmark …

» First Church of Our Lady of the Remedies

First Church of Our Lady of the Remedies, Paraty

This Catholic church in the heart of Paraty's Historic Center is not only the largest in the town - it is also the most popular. Travelers flock to this impressive example of colonial architecture that stretches over an entire block and was built on donated land. Despite it's beauty, the bell towers and temple of Our Lady of the Remedies remain incomplete. In addition to exploring the chapels, visitors can partake in local festivals during Holy Week and wander the halls of upstairs art galleries …

» Fora Beach (Ranchos)

Fora Beach (Ranchos), Paraty

Brazil is known for its incredible beaches, clear waters and long stretches of pure, white sand. And while the coast is lined with sweet escapes that are perfect for sun worshipers and snorkelers alike, Fora Beach - also known as Ranchos - ranks among the nation's best. Located in a part of Rio de Janeiro known as Trindade, Ranchos is one of six distinctly unique beaches that draw travelers beyond city limits and into the wilds of nature. With impressive waves, protected swimming areas …

» Gold Path (Caminho do Ouro)

Gold Path (Caminho do Ouro), Paraty

This rugged trail in the hills of Minas Gerais, once served as a train route for mining supplies, African slaves and exporting gold. But after numerous pirate attacks on ships loaded with the precious medal headed for port in Rio de Janeiro, the trail fell out of use. Today, despite the fact most gold has already been mined, the Gold Path has become a popular destination for travelers looking to explore scenic mountains, thick forests and a bit of Paraty history. Enjoy a ride on the natural rockslide …

» Ilha Comprida

Ilha Comprida, Paraty

The best thing about this 'long island' on Brazil's east coast is that it's home to the second largest beach in Paraty. A trip to Ilha Comprida guarantees not only plenty of sun and sand, but also a taste of local life, too. Ilha Comprida has a community calendar filled with events, like the Island Summer Culture Festival, Week of the Elderly and religious feasts, which means there's almost always something to celebrate. And travelers say it's one of the most beautiful destinations in the region …

» Paraty Bay

Paraty Bay, Paraty

About 36,000 people call the Portuguese colonial town of Paraty home. Its quiet streets, colorful homes, European influence and historic roots attract visitors from across the globe. But it's Paraty's easy access to lush forests, untouched coastlines and pristine mountains that make it a true travel destination. Stationed on the Bay of Ilha Grande, Paraty is the southernmost city in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Visitors can kayak or cruise through placid waters and explore the tiny islands …

» Paraty Historic Center

Paraty Historic Center, Paraty

Visitors looking to escape the sun and instead, soak up a bit of Paraty culture will enjoy exploring the cobbled streets of the town's compact Historic Center. Small enough to cover entirely on foot, the area if filled with a number of attractions unique to Paraty. Spend an afternoon people watching in the grassy lawns of quaint Martiz Square or wandering through streets lined with old colonial architecture. A handful of churches are worth a visit, including Ingera Marriz Nossa Senhora do Rosario …

» Paraty House of Culture (Casa da Cultura)

Paraty House of Culture (Casa da Cultura), Paraty

The colonial mansion that houses Casa da Cultura, dates back to the middle of the 18th Century, making it an ideal place to explore the rich history and traditions of this colorful community. Halls are lined with artifacts from an extensive permanent collection, including historic photographs, video interviews with famous Paraty residents, and unique carpets made from flower petals that were once used in the Corpus Christi festival. The pieces on display at Casa da Cultura are worthy of a visit …

» Serra da Bocaina National Park

Serra da Bocaina National Park, Paraty

Stationed between the electric metropolis of Sau Paulo and the lively city of Rio de Janeiro lies the 260,000 acres of rural forest and mountain peaks that makes up Serra da Bocaina National Park. This precious preserve is home to natural Atlantic Forest vegetation and some of the most diverse flora and fauna in the region. Ecotourism and outdoor adventure prove the main attractions at Serra da Bocaina, which attracts avid hikers from across the globe. Travelers can embark on a 16-kilometer hike …

» Sono Beach

Sono Beach, Paraty

Sono Beach, nestled on the Atlantic Ocean just south of Paraty, is not your typical coastal destination. Visitors to the somewhat secluded shores of this remote beach need to be up for more than just lazily lounging on sun-kissed sand while sipping frosty tropical drinks. That's because Sono is accessible only by boat or bus, and travelers who opt for the latter also commit to an hour-long hike through the overgrown rainforest that stands between the main road and the shores of Sono Beach …

» Trindade Beach

Trindade Beach, Paraty

Like the shores of Sono, Trindade Beach requires travelers take a bit of a hike before basking in the rays of South American sun. But visitors to this quiet haven 30 kilometers south of Paraty say the distinctly island vibe, reggae sounds, fresh fish and strong cocktails make this beach feel like a piece of paradise. A short 20-minute hike through thick forests, past Cachadaco Beach, ends at soft sand and warm clear waters. Be sure to venture to the nearby circle of boulders that hides a natural swimming pool …

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Whether it's relaxing on the shores of nearby remote islands, exploring colonial architecture in the town's Historic Center of Paraty, or wandering scenic trails that wind through the steep mountain passes of the lush Serra da Bocaina National Park, a trip to Paraty is filled with options. History lovers can spend the day immersed in culture while divers explore the depths of the Atlantic, but it's still the pristine beaches that continue to draw travelers to this coastal town …

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Paraty is a preserved Portuguese colonial and Brazilian Imperial town on the Costa Verde - a lush, green corridor that runs along the coastline of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Paraty has become a popular tourist destination, renowned for the historic town and the coast and mountains in the region …

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