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Aruban citizens hold Dutch passports. Unlike much of the Caribbean region, Aruba has a dry climate and an arid, cactus-strewn landscape. This climate has helped tourism as visitors to the island can reliably expect warm, sunny weather. It has a land area of 193 square kilometres (75 sq mi) and lies outside the hurricane belt.

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» Alto Vista Chapel

Alto Vista Chapel

Little could be more picturesque or more Caribbean chic than the Alto Vista Chapel on Aruba. With the big Caribbean sky and peaceful sea as your backdrop, the Alto Vista Chapel, or 'Pilgrims Church,' is one of the most photographed attractions on the island. Built by Spanish missionaries in 1750, the Alto Vista Chapel still conducts services and is said to be the oldest continuously operating church in the Caribbean, the scene is instantly inspiring …

» Antilla Shipwreck

Antilla Shipwreck

The waters of Aruba are lined with shipwrecks, thanks to the treacherous rock outcroppings that the Caribbean has long been notorious for. Luckily, these shipwrecks make for great tourist attractions and amazing dive and snorkeling sites, as they play host to scores of marine life, as well as enticing historical stories of bygone eras. The Antilla Shipwreck is Aruba's most popular shipwreck site, named after the SS Antilla - a Hamburg America Line cargo ship …

» Arashi Beach

Arashi Beach Aruba

One of the northernmost beaches on the island, Arashi Beach is a somewhat secluded spot popular with serious divers and sunbathers alike. Arashi is also ideal for those looking to swim and snorkel due to its soft sandy bottom and generally calm surf. Many visitors choose to stop here on their way to the nearby California Lighthouse, located at the northwestern tip of Aruba. To serious divers, Arashi Beach is known as the final resting spot of the WWII German freighter, Antilla …

» Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park

Without a doubt one of the premier attractions of Aruba, Arikok National Park comprises about 18 percent of the island's terrain and contains a variety of the island's natural geologic, historical and landmark attractions. Within Arikok you'll discover natural caves, lava formations, stunning natural vistas and numerous tidal pools that are great for exploration. Aside from its abundant natural beauty, visitors will also discover important indigenous historical sites …

» Aruba Aloe Factory & Museum

Aruba Aloe Factory & Museum

While the name of Aruba might connote white sand beaches, sunshine and tropical drinks with those little umbrellas in them, the truth is that Aruba is an amazingly diverse little island nation, and nevermore is that apparent than when visiting the Aruba Aloe Factory and Museum. Aloe is native to Aruba, and thanks to its medicinal and restorative properties, it has become one of the leading exports of the nation …

» Aruba Cruise Port

Aruba Cruise Port

You'll dock in downtown Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba. You can walk to shops and restaurants, but you'll need to drive to any beaches - take a taxi from the dock, or rent a car. Of course you want to hit the beach, but spend your first hour or two in Oranjestad, admiring the Dutch architecture and getting your fill of duty-free shopping. Check out Seaport Village Mall first, as it's just across the street from the cruise terminal …

» Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations

Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations

A steady pile of rock and cacti under the big open Caribbean sky, the Ayo and Casibari rock formations are, nevertheless, an Aruba highlight. They offer a unique perspective of the inner workings of the volcanic forces at work on the island of Aruba and make for a great day trip exploring the island and, for the intrepid traveler willing to clamber to the top of them, a great view of the whole of Aruba. A fun opportunity for exploration …

» Baby Beach

Baby Beach Aruba

Baby Beach, so-called for its bathtub-like waters that are shallow enough for young children, is a sheltered man-made lagoon on the southeastern tip of Aruba. The water is only as deep as 5 ft (1.5 m) and the soft sand is friendly to bare feet, making it a popular place for locals and tourists alike. This beach is best suited for families with young children and people new to snorkeling. The shallow, calm waters offer a safe environment in which all beachgoers can enjoy their day at the shore …

» Boca Catalina

Boca Catalina

One of the nicest beaches in all of Aruba, here you'll find unspoiled white sand beaches and calm, placid waters. Postcard-worthy scenes and miles of white sand make for pleasant sunbathing, while free access to public parasols means that you have available shade should you want it. Boca Catalina is also one of the best beaches in Aruba for snorkeling. Here you'll see scores of fish, black coral structures and untold surprises from the warm Caribbean blue …

» Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

The desert interior of the Caribbean island of Aruba is never more interesting than when visiting the Bashiribana Gold Mill Ruins. Set among the stark beauty of the Aruban desert and the blue Caribbean sky, the ruins are the stone remains of an old gold smelter. Established by gold prospectors hundreds of years ago and once considered sacred by the Arawak Indians, this is a serene and unexpected step into the history of Aruba and a great exploratory photo opportunity …

» California Lighthouse

California Lighthouse

Located near the northwestern tip of Aruba by the popular Arashi Beach, the California Lighthouse is a tall and poignant meeting place on the shores of this small tropical island. Known for its clear skies and incredible views of the Caribbean Sea and nighttime stars, this is one of the nicest (and most photogenic) stops in all of Aruba, popular with locals and tourists alike. As an added bonus, there's also a small Italian restaurant that gets rave reviews located in the base of the lighthouse …

» De Palm Island

De Palm Island, Aruba

De Palm Island is a small island off of the western coast of Aruba that attracts people from the main island looking for a new experience. In addition to hosting an array of outdoor activities including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and beach volleyball, De Palm Island also offers several options for those seeking rest and relaxation. All-inclusive packages make it easy to spend an entire day in the water, lounging on the beach and having your fill of unlimited food and drinks …

» Guadirikiri Caves

Guadirikiri Caves, Aruba

Hidden amongst Aruba's famous white sand beaches and tropical waters lies the Guadirikiri Cave system of underground tunnels, filled with centuries old rock formations. Stalagmites and stalactites (along with plenty of fruit bats!) sit quietly in the darkness and dampness of the two chambers. Light passes into the cave only through holes in the ceiling, creating a unique effect and feel. There are also Arawak Indian drawings on the cave walls that provide insight into the history and cultural roots of Aruba …

» Malmok Beach

Malmok Beach, Aruba

The Caribbean is full of wide, sandy beaches that go on uninterrupted for miles, and the Caribbean island of Aruba is no exception. However, if you enjoy beaches that are a bit more rocky and rugged, then you're also in luck in Aruba thanks to Malmok Beach. Malmok Beach has a thin strip of sand that runs alongside and sometimes around jagged limestone and rocks both large and small …

» Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge Aruba

A testament to the power of the elements, the Natural Bridge of Aruba was created from the strength of the ocean carving through thick coral limestone. Thousands of years of water and wind pushing at the coral had created an opening in it that allowed the ocean waves to get through while leaving a layer on top that people could walk across. The location also boasted excellent views of nearby and ruggedly handsome Andicuri Beach. Sadly, on September 2, 2005, the power of nature and erosion finally won …

» Natural Pool

Natural Pool Aruba

The Natural Pool is a tucked away basin formed by rock and volcanic stone circles that fills with ocean water. The pool is also known locally as "Conchi" or "Cura di Tortuga," because it is said that the pool was once used to hold sea turtles before they were sold (tortuga means turtle in Papiamento, the official language of the Caribbean). Visitors can swim and snorkel here, although the area is really not that big. On calm days, the pool is great for a dip …

» Palm Beach

Palm Beach  Aruba

The 2 mi (3.2 km) long Palm Beach is best known as the home of Aruba's high-rise hotels. A bustling and ever expanding tourist attraction, the beach is covered with sunbathing vacationers, food and drink stands, and booths of water sport operators. There are also two piers lined with restaurants and shops, which offer entertainment as well as some much needed shade. This stretch of beach, northwest of the capital Oranjestad, is the hub for day and nighttime activities …

» Port of Playa

Port of Playa

Come along on the Island Tour Excursion, which includes stops for nature and history lovers. The Natural Bridge is formed of coral limestone and is one of the largest natural bridges in the world. See the old cities of Savaneta and San Nicolas, former capitals of the island. Or, you can marvel at the Ayo Rock formation and Cave, which display some of the oldest Arawak Indian drawings on the island. For a deeper look into the economy and local products of Arbua …

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Aruba is a small island in the southern Caribbean, but it manages to pack a lot of natural wonders in between its shores. From rugged beaches to nature made pools, Aruba won't disappoint those who like to experience special features of the great outdoors …

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Aruba is renowned for its white, sandy beaches on the western and southern coasts of the island, relatively sheltered from fierce ocean currents. The northern and eastern coasts, lacking this protection, are considerably more battered by the sea and have been left largely untouched by humans …

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