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Cuyo is the name given to the wine-producing, mountainous area of central-west Argentina. Historically it comprised the provinces of San Juan, San Luis and Mendoza. The term New Cuyo is a modern one, which indicates both Cuyo proper and the province of La Rioja. Cuyo has some of the most popular tourist attractions in Argentina.

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Mendoza is a city in the west of Argentina, and the fourth-largest in Argentina. Mendoza is on a major road between Argentina and Chile. It is a frequent stopover for climbers heading up Aconcagua or for other mountaineering, hiking, horseback riding, rafting, and outdoor activities. In the winter, skiers come …

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La Rioja is one of the provinces of Argentina and is located in the west of the country. Neighboring provinces are from the north clockwise Catamarca, Cordoba, San Luis and San Juan. The Talampaya National Park is a dry red-soil canyon of the ancient extinguished Talampaya river, which contains many walls and rock formations that make it an interesting tourist destination …

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Mendoza Hotels, Argentina

The Province of Mendoza is a province of Argentina, located in the western central part of the country in the Cuyo region. It borders to the north with San Juan, the south with La Pampa and Neuquén, the east with San Luis, and to the west with the republic of Chile; the international limit is marked by the Andes mountain range. Its capital city is the homonymous city of Mendoza …

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Ruta del Vino Mendoza Hotels, Argentina

The Cuyo wine region is the most developed wine region, with Mendoza and San Juan being the largest wine producing provinces of Argentina. Mendoza, in particular, is responsible for more than 80% of Argentina's wine. Mendoza has over one thousand wineries, and is planted with approximately 370,657 acres (150,000 ha) of vineyards …

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San Juan Hotels, Argentina

San Juan is a province of Argentina, located in the western part of the country. Neighbouring provinces are, moving clockwise from the north, La Rioja, San Luis and Mendoza. It borders with Chile at the west. The province has an area of 89,651 km2, covering a mountainous region with scarce vegetation, fertile oases and turbulent rivers …

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San Luis Hotels, Argentina

San Luis is a province of Argentina located near the geographical center of the country. Neighboring provinces are, from the north clockwise, La Rioja, Cordoba, La Pampa, Mendoza and San Juan. Even though San Luis is not a common destination for international tourism, it receives a lot of Argentines earching for the oxygen-rich mild-weather sierras …

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MendozaVisit a local vineyard and learn about Mendoza's wine-producing history, Taste the best Argentine wines, Discover the velvety flavours of Malbec, Meet a family behind one of the country's best vineyards, Enjoy a half among the vines. Soak up the atmosphere in Plaza Independencia, Learn about the Inca technology that has let this city flourish, Shop along the locals in the central market …

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Mendoza is celebrated for its leafy squares, and Plaza Independencia is the town's most important square, meeting place and central hub. A crafts fair is held here from Thursdays to Sundays, and there's often live music or street theater playing free for the masses …

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