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Cachi is found in the northern sector of the Calchaquí Valleys in Argentina, at the foot of the Nevado de Cachi that flanks it from the west. The Cafayate, La Poma, Tolombón, Santa María, etc.) and places of interest like the Salar de Pipanaco. The population is found surrounded by imposing snow-covered mountains reaching as much as 5,000 meters.

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On this tour of nature and its vagaries, we will reveal its innermost secrets. A full day excursion to the caves of Acsibi. We will leave Cachi early in the morning to seize the day. We want to be at noon at this geological formations to see how light rays are filtered out of the holes. By the hours, you will appreciate various red tones on the walls. Just 37 kilometers from the town of Cachi, are the Acsibi Caves …

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Three days journey to an amazing places in the province of Salta. Committing to the tourist circuit of the Calchaqui Valley we will start our adventure. We appreciate living nature and some unforgettable landscapes of the region in a way where emotions will feel unique at this place. This is what we propose to live in these 3-day of hiking. Cachi and its surroundings are very conducive to the development of active tourism places …

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Cachi, a tiny pueblo of only 5,000 people in northwestern Argentina, offers visitors a blissfully quiet base for exploring the Calchaquí Valley and surrounding archaeological sites, many of which exist well off Salta's usual tourist path. While locals call it 'the city,' Cachi is little more than a smattering of houses, a 17th-century Spanish colonial church, an impressive archaeological museum, the Centro Artesanal (a great place to buy hand-woven ponchos) and a couple of restaurants and hotels, all surrounded by the arid mountains of the province. …

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The reason people come to Cachi isn't the town, per se, but the archaeological sites that lie just outside. La Paya, about six miles (10 km) to the south, and Potrero de Payogasta to the north are considered the most important. The cactus-laden landscape surrounding Cachi, particularly through the Calchaquí Valley, is perfect for exploring on horseback …

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