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Barbados is an island (Area: 431 sq km) in the Caribbean, or West Indies, northeast of Venezuela, in Central America, lying between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The island is portrayed as the little England of the Caribbean because of its long association as a British colony …

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• Bridgetown

Bridgetown Hotels & Resorts, Barbados

The city of Bridgetown is the capital and largest city of the nation of Barbados. Formerly, the Town of Saint Michael, the Greater Bridgetown area lies within the parish of Saint Michael. Sometimes locally referred to as 'The City', but the most common reference is simply 'Town' …

• Christ Church

Christ Church Hotels & Resorts, Barbados

Christ Church is a parish of Barbados at the southern end of the island. The main town in Christ Church is Oistins, a major fishing centre. Another notable area is Saint Lawrence Gap, often abbreviated to The Gap, which is the most lively tourist area on the island …

• St. James

St. James Hotels & Resorts, Barbados

The parish of Saint James is an area in the western part of Barbados. Increasingly St. James is being known as the playground of the rich and famous, and haven for sun-starved tourists. St. James has historic significance, as the site that British settlers first landed in 1625 …

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» Bathsheba

Bathsheba Hotels & Resorts, Barbados

Bathsheba is the main fishing village in the parish of Saint Joseph with some 5,000 inhabitants on the east coastline of Barbados. The town has a number of quaint churches; Saint Joseph Anglican Church was built on Horse Hill in the town as early as 1640 but was rebuilt in 1839 …

» Dover

Dover Hotels & Resorts, Barbados

Dover is located on the south coast of Barbados, with lovely sandy beaches. Standing on the southwest shore of Barbados, the Saint Lawrence Gap is nearby with white sandy beaches. The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is also nearby …

» Holetown

Holetown Hotels & Resorts, Barbados

Holetown (formerly St. James Town), is a small town located in the parish of Saint James on the sheltered west coast of the island. In 1625, Holetown was the site of initial English claim of Barbados (although Captain Cataline had previously landed to collect water in 1620) …

» Speightstown

Speightstown Hotels & Resorts, Barbados

Speightstown, also known as Little Bristol, is the second largest town centre of Barbados. It is situated 12 miles (19 km) north of the capital city of Bridgetown, in the northern parish of Saint Peter. The town is named after William Speight, a member of Barbados' first Assembly …

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If you are looking for a particular hotel or location on the Barbados, or prefer to search for your accommodation by category, amenities, traveller ratings and reviews, or location to the towns and attractions on the map (and check out the Google earth options for a really great view), then please click here …

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Take a drive through one of the most historical locations in Barbados, the Garrison Savannah, home to the elegant clock tower of the Main Guard and the citadel of St. Ann's Fort. Visit one of the many hidden treasures of Barbados, the Graeme Hal Nature Sanctuary, the largest inland lake of Barbados …

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Destination BarbadosDestination

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Shopping districts are popular in Barbados, with ample duty-free shopping. There is also a festive night-life in mainly tourist areas such as the Saint Lawrence Gap. Other attractions include wildlife reserves, jewelry stores, scuba diving, helicopter rides, golf, festivals, sightseeing, cave exploration, exotic drinks and fine clothes shopping …

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