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Punta Arenas is a working town, busier with oil, wool, seafood and shipping than the enchanted tourists seeking small boats out into the immaculate wilderness. Its museums and no-nonsense charm have their own appeal, as do its modern amenities, especially after a few days camping in the outback.

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» Magdalena Island

Magdalena Island, Punta Arenas

When Magellan passed through the strait bound for Chile for the first time, he cruised on past the tiny Magdalena Island, famous for its thousands of penguins. Today, travelers make it a point to stop at this scenic island that's northeast of Punta Arenas to explore the rocky shores and get up close to the playful penguins. Visitors can follow well-marked paths to a popular lighthouse for impressive views of the empty island, but it's the friendly penguins that walk side-by-side with travelers that really draw tourists to this natural haven outside of the region's capital …

» Otway Sound & Penguin Reserve

Otway Sound & Penguin Reserve, Punta Arenas

Travelers can find close encounters of the penguin kind on a visit to Otway Sound and Penguin Reserve in Punta Arenas, where wooden walkways wind through the animal's natural habitat. Travelers warn cold winds blow most any time of year. And while visitors have to stay in designated areas, penguins and other wildlife roam close and roam freely, making it a truly unique outdoor experience. Roughly 5,000 warm weather penguins make their way to the shores of the Otway Sound each September and begin laying eggs in October …

» Strait of Magellan

Strait of Magellan, Punta Arenas

Unforgiving winds, a rugged coastline and narrow passageways made the Strait of Magellan one of the most deadly channels for early explorers attempting to navigate by ship. But today, this historic route, which was successfully navigated for the first time by Ferdinand Magellan in 1520, has become a popular spot for adventurers, seamen and travelers looking to experience the treacherous waters of this South American spot. Luckily, new ship technology and expert captains make for a much safer passage …

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The southernmost urban hub in the Americas, Punta Arenas has long been the gateway to Antarctica, though some traffic has shifted to smaller, more southerly towns in recent years. Regardless, this remains the most convenient spot in the hemisphere to see penguins, glaciers and that fantastic Patagonian landscape of ice-carved granite peaks thrusting up through the tenacious green …

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Punta Arenas is a commune and the capital city of Chile's southernmost region, Magallanes and Antartica Chilena. The city was officially renamed Magallanes in 1927, but in 1938 it was changed back to Punta Arenas. It is the largest city south of the 46th parallel south …

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