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The Saronic Gulf or Gulf of Aegina in Greece forms part of the Aegean Sea and defines the eastern side of the isthmus of Corinth. Islands that are lined in the middle of the Gulf are Aegina, Salamis, and Poros along with smaller islands of Patroklou and Vleves.

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• Aegina

Aegina Hotels, Argo Saronic Gulf Greek Islands

Aegina, one of the Saronic Islands of Greece in the Saronic Gulf, 31 miles (50 km) from Athens. Tradition derives the name from Aegina, the mother of Aeacus, who was born in and ruled the island. The capital is the town of Aegina, situated at the northwestern end of the island …

• Angistri

Angistri Hotels, Argo Saronic Gulf Greek Islands

Angistri, also Agistri and Ankistri or Agkistri is a very small island community in the Saronic Gulf in Piraeus Prefecture, Greece. Angistri is a pine-covered island only a few kilometres across. There are only three settlements on Angistri - Milos, Skala and Limenaria …

• Hydra

Hydra Hotels, Argo Saronic Gulf Greek Islands

An island dependent upon tourism, well-to-do Athenians comprise a sizeable segment of Hydra's visitors. Ferries arrive regularly from Piraeus (the port city adjacent to Athens), as well as from the port in Nafplion, which is on the nearby Peloponnese coast …

• Poros

Poros Hotels, Argo Saronic Gulf Greek Islands

Poros is a small Greek island-pair in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf, about 48 km south of Piraeus and separated from the Peloponnese by a 200-metre wide sea channel. Poros consists of two islands: Sphairia, the southern part and Kalaureia, the northern and largest part …

• Spetses

Spetses Hotels, Argo Saronic Gulf Greek Islands

Spetses is an island of Greece, sometimes included as one of the Saronic Islands. In ancient times, it was known as Pityoussa and later as Petses. The town is the only settlement on the island. Ferries and high-speed hydrofoils arrive regularly from Piraeus and Plaka …

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Argo Saronic Island CruiseArgo Saronic Islands Cruise

Argo Saronic Island Cruise

Take a cruise from Athens to the fabulous Greek islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina for a relaxing day on the sea. With all your transport, transfers and lunch organized, you can sit back and enjoy your leisurely cruise with free time on each island to explore. After transferring from Athens to Piraeus by motor coach, you'll set sail for the island of Hydra …

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Destination Argo Saronic Gulf IslandsDestination Saronic Islands

Destination Argo Saronic Gulf Islands

The Argo Saronic Gulf Islands are very close to Athens and Piraeus, making them a popular getaway for Greeks. The Argo Saronic Greek Islands include; Salamina, Aegina, Angistri, Poros, Hydra, and Spetses. These islands are beautiful and are ideal for a one day get-away, or for a few weeks …