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The Aegean Sea lies to the east of Mainland Greece, the Ionian Sea to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Greece is home to the first advanced civilizations in Europe and is considered the birthplace of Western civilization.

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• Athens


Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. It is also known as the birthplace of democracy. Named after goddess Athena, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world with a recorded history of at least 3,000 years …

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» Ancient Mycenae

Ancient Mycenae, Peloponnese

Squeezed between two hills on the arid plains of the northeastern Peloponnese, fortified Mycenae was the major settlement in the powerful Mycenaean civilization that held political and cultural sway over the Eastern Mediterranean from the 15th to the 12th century BC. The Bronze Age city is regarded as the home of the legendary Agamemnon and is UNESCO World Heritage-listed. Covering around 32 hectares and at its peak with a population of around 30,000, the ruins at Mycenae were excavated in 1874 by Heinrich Schliemann, who also worked at Troy …

» Cape Sounion

Cape Sounion

Greek legend says that the king of Athens jumped from a cliff into the water below, forever tying his name - Aegeus - to the Aegean Sea into which he fell. Cape Sounion is where he is said to have jumped. Cape Sounion sits at the southernmost point of mainland Greece outside Athens. In addition to the promontory's legendary importance, there are also ancient ruins you can visit nearby. There is a Temple of Poseidon dating from the 5th century B.C.E., into which the poet Lord Byron reportedly carved his name in 1810 …

» Corinth


The city of Corinth, which lies atop the Peloponnese, conjoining the Greek mainland and the Peloponnesian peninsula, was once a jewel of antiquity, and today remains one of Greece's most significant locations, boosting over 6,000 years worth of history. Although the city today is largely known as an industrial and administrative hub built in the early 20th-century, for the history buff, Corinth is the birthplace of many Greek myths and lore, and with many of its archeological sites and ruins, you are immediately one step closer to the ancients …

» Delphi


Delphi is the second-most important archeological site in Greece (after the Acropolis in Athens). In ancient times Delphi was considered the place where heaven and earth met so the gods were close-by. Established around the 7th century BC, Delphi was a sanctuary to the god Apollo. It was here that the Oracle of Delphi was situated, the most trusted oracle in the ancient world from which the spirit of Apollo gave advice on everything from domestic matters to wars. Delphi had a theatre and temples as well as the oracle …

» Kalambaka


Towered over by the Meteora's otherworldly pinnacles, the Greek town of Kalambaka centers around its main square that's dotted with fountains and surrounded by lively tavernas. A small town of 12,000, the town is fairly new, much of the original having been burned to the ground by the Nazis in WWII. Rebuilt after the end of the war, Kalambaka is busy with visitors to the Meteora all year round. With the town's economy based on tourism, there's a good range of hotels and hostels …

» Katakolon Cruise Port

Katakolon Cruise Port

Your gateway to ancient Olympia and coincidentally, the flame and founding place of the Olympic Games, the recently modernized port at Katakolon is a pleasant way to begin a quiet and majestic tour of this seaside town in western Pyrgos. It is a very small place with not very many inhabitants, but the increasing amount of visitors here will tell you that if a quiet holiday in one of ancient Greece's most important destinations is what you want, this is the place to find it …

» Meteora


Meteora, in central Greece, is a place of natural beauty and man-made wonder. The huge natural rock towers are home to cliff-top monasteries built by Eastern Orthodox hermit monks in the 14th century. The monks settled in the area from the 9th century and began by living in the caves and fissures of the rocks. They built the inaccessible monasteries - 6 of 20 survive - to fend off Turkish invaders. UNESCO has identified the area as having world significance …

» Mikrolimano

Mikrolimano, Athens

Mikrolimano is the harbor area in Piraeus, a short distance away from Athens, Greece. The harbor has plenty of fishing boats and a yacht marina with luxury yachts and smaller pleasure boats, and the area is surrounded by cafes and restaurants. The atmosphere feels a bit like being on one of the islands while still being just a few minutes outside of Athens. Many Greek films have used Mikrolimano due to its beauty and atmosphere. Some people come for the charming harbor itself, but most people come to splurge on a nice seafood dinner …

» Mt Parnassus

Mt Parnassus

Mt. Parnassus is one of the many places in Greece that occupies very real space on the landscape, and is also central to such a number of Greek myths that you might be surprised to learn that the mountain is not a myth of its own. The mountain is in central Greece, just north of Delphi. It is associated with several prominent figures in Greek mythology. Mt. Parnassus was said to be the home of the Muses, sacred to the god Dionysus, sacred also to the god Apollo, home to the winged horse Pegasus, and closely tied with poetry, learning, and music …

» Piraeus Cruise Port

Piraeus Cruise Port

A hugely important historical port in Greece, Piraeus is also one of the largest in the Mediterranean. A full-on city, Piraeus is a great place to go exploring, with traditional European town centers, parks, lovely churches and houses. The tree-lined streets and gorgeous harbor alone warrant strolling rights. The port is one of the chief ways to get to destinations in the Aegean Islands and earshot locations in the Mediterranean …

» Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki is Greece's second city, tucked away on the northeastern coast of the country; the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Turks and Jews all passed through this seaside metropolis, leaving their architectural and cultural mark on today's edgy, 21st-century university city. Stacked with quality shopping, seafood restaurants and a legendary nightlife leading off the seafront promenade, Thessaloniki comes alive at dusk as families and friends step out in their hundreds to take in the air …

» Vouliagmeni Lake

Vouliagmeni Lake, Athens

Vouliagmeni Lake is located approximately 15 miles outside of Athens, Greece. It is an oval-shaped lake with brackish water that is fed by both the sea and underground springs. The lake is only 20 inches above sea level, so it often overflows and is replenished by the underground springs. At the bottom of the lake is a labyrinth of underwater caves with 14 tunnels. The composition of the lake's water consists of various elements and is used as a mineral spa famous for its healing properties. Many people come here to treat various physical ailments …

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