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Hooked on Greece: Naxos
Naxos Our taxi transfer arrived at the Athens hotel right on time the next morning. It was another beautiful day. He dropped us off directly in front of the ferry entrance and we boarded. It would be a six hour trip to Naxos with a stop in Paros on the way.

First order was a tour of the boat. The ferry was much bigger than we had expected - more like a ship in fact.

There were many indoor seats in different rooms and on different levels. There was a bar area serving snacks and drinks and a huge cafeteria-style dining room which served lunch.

We grabbed some coffee and chose to sit outside and enjoy the view. We passed other ferries and many islands. Nothing, however, prepared me for the sight as we pulled into our first port at Paros. The water was so green! The whitewashed houses and small hotels lined the port. It was breath-taking and I kept running from one end of the ferry to another so that I wouldn't miss any of it.

For the rest of the trip, we ate snacks, drank Mythos and enjoyed the sunshine.

Naxos Bougainvillea in Naxos Naxos streets

Our hotel in Naxos was at the southern most end of St. George's beach. It was a fabulous courtyard complex of rooms, in typical white-washed style with archways and flower gardens. The courtyard surrounded a beautiful swimming pool with pool-bar and taverna. Our room had patio doors which opened to our own individual shaded patio with table and chairs. I loved it!

We could hear the waves slowly rolling to shore from our room. Only ten minutes away from the main town (Hora), we could follow a boardwalk along the white sand of St. George's beach, right to town. The beach had umbrellas and sunbeds for rent. This was the Greece I had dreamed of. It was postcard perfect.

We spent our first day getting familiar with the town. For dinner we had chicken souvlaki and tried a local citron liqueur with Sprite. I was hooked!

Ancient Kastro, Hora, Naxos Ancient Kastro, Hora, Naxos

The next day we toured Hora and the amazing areas of Bourgos and Kastro. The winding maze of white-washed alleyways and stairways was a most amazing sight. Getting lost was the easy part. Finding our way back to the port area was by pure chance.

At the north end of St. George's beach there is a wonderful restaurant jutting out on a small peninsula. For the best view of the beach, eat there. We tried the meatballs, little spinach pies and a mushroom and sauce dish which was excellent. We washed this down with some Greek wine. I have to say that the wine in Greece is better than any I have tried at home.

We spent the next day "beach bumming". So far we have had beautiful weather. My tan was progressing wonderfully.

St. Georges Beach, Naxos Karen in Naxos

On our last day in Naxos, we took the city bus to Agio Prokopios and Agia Anna beaches. These beaches are less crowded and beautiful as well. I have heard that the rest of Naxos island is well worth the visit.

Naxos is one of the larger Cyclade islands and we hope to see the rest of it another time.

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