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Sigri, Lesvos

The Secrets of Sigri

The name of Sigri comes from the Latin word 'securo' which means safe harbour or haven.

On first impressions, one may wonder what the small fishing village of Sigri has to offer even the occasional tourist... but scratch the surface and you will find a wealth of offerings. Located on the South West tip of the island, just 26km from Skala Eressos, Sigri is home to a number of natural phenomenon and monuments which should not be missed.

The village itself is built on a jutting peninsular of land with the sea on both sides. As you enter Sigri from the main road, you will pass the hotel Vision with it's own private swimming pool set in the natural countryside surrounding the village. Coming into the village, you will first see the little harbour with it's colourful fishing boats. There is a also a dock for the Ferries which arrive from mainland Greece.

An aerial view of Sigri showing the Turkish Fort Fishing boats at Sigri

Many locals fish here and the restaurants all serve the fresh catch of the day along with various other delicacies such as the local 'Horta' a spinach like vegetable found locally in the mountains. The main square is a raised stone platia with a view over the bay and fishing harbour. Here you will find bars and restaurants to suit all tastes. Further up and to the rear of the village you will find other restaurants, a traditional Soulvaki (Greek kebab shop) supermarket and post office. Sigri has many small cobbled and paved streets and is a joy to wonder around. It is a small haven and barely touched by tourism, definitely a place to enjoy peace and quiet.


The castle is actually a Turkish fort which was built back in the Ottoman occupation of the island. It's main walls stand proud on the edge of the bay of Sigri and whilst inside there is little to see, it really is worth a visit. the battlements are in tact and you can climb up to the top of them to enjoy the most wonderful views of the village, beach and bay

The Turkish Fort (castle) at Sigri shallow slopes into the clean waters

The beach here is wonderful for sunbathing and very safe for children with shallow slopes into the clean waters, and if that wasn't enough an old Turkish fort right on the edge of the peninsular. This is a very well preserved monument and entrance if free. Kids love it... so take them!

Visitors can change money, hire cars, and book ferry tickets through our tourist & shipping agency office located in the village


On the road from Andissa, 4km before the village you will find the incredible Petrified Forest. In the village of Sigri itself there is the new museum dedicated to the forest which hosts a wealth of information as well as some stunning examples of petrified wood. The Museum was established in 1994 to study, research, promote, preserve and conserve the unique Petrified Forest of Lesvos, a designated Protected Natural Monument.


The museum building is a ground floor stone building accessible to the disabled, and covers an area of 1570 square metres. It can be reached by two routes; a stroll through the streets of the village of Sigri, but this is a steep climb and not recommended for wheelchair users, or by the new road which leads directly to the building and is accessed by turning left at the sign for the museum just before entering the village.

Nissiopi Island

Looking out to Sea from the shores of Sigri you will see the small islands which protect the bay and here lies a fascinating wealth of culture and tradition seldom seen or known in the outside world.

The larger of the two islands is Nissiopi, a barren low body of land which serves as a natural protection for the North side of the village and the small domestic harbour where early morning sees the arrival of fishing boats which dock to unload their fresh wares after a night on the open sea.

Nissiopi Island Petrified trees lies on the shore of the island

The island is host to one of the few remaining manned lighthouses, and also to the most natural phenomenon of petrified stones. The fossilised trees lay undisturbed as they fell millions of years ago in the shallow waters surrounding the island. There is a small beach here where you can while away the hours, but do be warned, Nissiopi is without shade and rarely allows visitors. If you wish to see the stones, please ask first.

Where Seagulls go to Die

Sad, but apparently true... and fascinating, the smaller island which hides from view unless looking from the main beach towards the open sea is the place where Seagulls go to die. Nobody really knows why the birds choose this as their final resting place. Perhaps it is the isolation and openness to the seas they spend their lives flying over and feeding from, perhaps it is just a quiet place which remains mostly undisturbed by human or animal for not much could live on this barren land open to the elements.

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