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Museums of Lesvos

The Archeological Museum of Mytilini: There are actually two museums of archeology in Mytilini. The old archeological museum is located close to the statue of liberty at the main harbour and on the corner of Argyri Eftalioti. The museum houses a wonderful collection of significant archeological finds from excavations and sites from the island.

Archaeology Museum, Mytilini, Lesvos There are prehistoric relics from the villages of Andissa, Molyvos and Mytilini itself. Here you will also find examples of beautiful mosaics, inscriptions from island treaties and magnificent gold funeral offerings. In 1980, mosaics found during excavations on the site of a post Roman villa were moved here. They are stunning examples of the fashion of the time and an important addition to the museum collection. Archaeology Museum, Mytilini, Lesvos

The old museum garden is filled with beautiful ancient relics .

The new archeological Museum is located in a new building on Melina Merkouri Street. It houses many temporary temporary exhibitions. In the future we hope to provide a program of forthcoming exhibits, until then the Museum can be contacted on 0030-251-22087.

Byzantine Museum, Mytilini, Lesvos
The Ecclesiastical-Byzantine Museum: Facing the church of Saint Therapon in the ground floor of the Philanthropic Foundation of Mytilini, this museum contains many sacred and valuable icons and other holy relics.

The Folk Art Museum: This is housed in the lovely, refurbished Old Harbor office on the waterfront. There are abundant examples of which express the culture of the island including clay plates from Agiassos with scenes from daily life, bowls. pitchers, wooden mortars, cheese-molds, chests with highly artistic carvings, pistols, scimitars, swords, muskets, lamps, earrings, fabulous hand-towels, local male and female costumes, paintings by Theophilos and more.

Theophilos Museum, Akrotiri, Lesvos Theophilos Museum: In Varia, an affluent suburb of Mytilini, is the site of the Theofilos Museum with works by Greece's best-loved painter Theofilos. The museum was constructed in 1965 by the famous art critic Strati Eleftheriadi, known as Teriade who initiated the financing of the museum and donated it to the Municipality of Mytilini. The museum has five exhibition rooms which house 86 works of the popular painter. Among Theofilos’ finest works are “Limnios Kehagias”, “the gulf of Yera” and “Trata" based on the traditional dance of the same name. The walls are also hung with lithographs from the Great Books by, amongst others Picasso, Matisse and Chagall. The telephone number her is (0251) 41644.

The Teriade Library and Museum of Modern Art The Teriade Library and Museum of Modern Art: In the same region of Vareia, which has been characterized as a landscape of exceptional beauty, Teriade erected at his own expense, a building which houses his publications. It is in a marvelous olive grove where his family home also stands. The contents of the museum consist of twenty-nine rare books by the art critic with hundreds of pictures done by the great artists of our time, Picasso, Matisse, Giacometti, Chagall, Le Corbusier, Miro and others. The books are in special cases and pages are framed on the walls so that one can see and enjoy the inspiration and the modern designs of the great painters who made history in Paris. In the museum-library are also the forty paintings by Theophilos that Teriade presented at the Louvre which made the folk artist known world-wide.

The Museum building has an area of around 1,000 square meters and it's architectural morphology is distinguished by its simplicity. This was Teriade's wish so that the building would harmoniously bond to its surroundings. The Teriade museum-library is unique in the world for it constitutes both a large school of art and a research center for artists and those involved with the arts while still being of interest to ordinary visitors.The museum holds exhibitions of many iminent painters.

The Old Lesvos House: This museum was formed at the initiative of the progressive and diligent Marika Vlachou Molinou, President of the Woman's Association of Lesvos and is in the ground floor of her mansion near the cathedral. It is a revival in complete detail of the island house of 1800-1900 which also gives a complete picture of local folk art, folk artistic feeling and housekeeping.

The Museum of Costume and Embroidery of Lesvos: This is another achievement of the Women's Association of Lesvos. Its rooms, in a building on Komninaki Street ,display the whole spectrum of attire from the past century, male and female.

The Gogo Museum of Vatoussa exhibits different aspects of Village life, with historical photos, clothing, utensils and a gallery of local artists. Located in the village of Vatoussa near the upper platia

You can also visit the Archeological Museums of Eressos and Mithymna which exhibit the ancient past of these city states.

The Leimonos Monastery exhibits many ecclesiastic treasures and notable specimens of folk art.

GREECE Discover Greece Greece Travel Greece Hotels Of Interest Site Map
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